Backyard Monsters Building Good Bases Guide

Backyard Monsters Building Good Bases Guide by Dr.Hax

Since the updates there have not been many guides to making a good base I’m going to teach you some pro’s in making good base =) Now this is going to be long..So relax! ^_^ Now I’m not saying you’ll make a perfect base or bad one…BTW There are 7 main things that make a GOOD yard! Pathing,SDT/THDT,Tower-Placement,DP,NEP,RG-Placement!
Okay now you can follow the guide


Pathing is the most important thing in a yard! Why? It helps you guide monster’s into traps or towers where they meet there death!
There are only 5 monsters that don’t fellow the pathing rules which is (Rocket Dave’s,Womzer,Teratorns,Formor,Bolt’s with transportation,Zafreeti)
Now don’t worry I’ll you how to get rid of these bastards!

Part 1 (What is pathing and how does it help my yard?)

Leveling blocks in VERY important not only dose it make it harder to destroy them but It increases how many blocks monster path…
Wood block=Every – Blocks
Stone Blocks=Every – Blocks
Metal Blocks=Every – Blocks
Gold Blocks=Every – Blocks
Back Diamonds= Every – Blocks

There are many ways of making pathing work. There are also many kinds of pathing. Now with the heavy traps and Booty traps I’ll show you where to place them =) Don’t worry there are going to be enough traps to use in your SDT/THDT!

First Up Tower Pathing!

You may think that there is only pathing for SDT/THDT. Wrong there is pathing for everthing!
Tower Pathing is important because it helps path Tower Monsters into there doom! The only promblem is that there are not enough blocks to path every tower so only path Lasers, Tesla’s,Railgun’s. They’ll be the hardest to destroy because of the traps and there Damage!
Here are some helpful Pictures in making a TDT (Tower death Trap)

Now the good thing about these TDT is that they will kill Zafreeti+Crabs,PX,Daves.. Now the secret to kill’in Dave’s and Zafreeti is to put the traps on top of each other like this
Now don’t worry about the Rocket Dave’s because the Traps how a very long range which will be able to kill or at least take down a Level 3 Rocket Dave with zafreeti!

Path Part 2! (Getting rid of the bastards!)

By “Getting rid of the bastards” I mean getting rid of (Rocket Dave’s,Womzer,Teratorns,Formor,Bolt’s with transportation,Zafreeti)!
Now there are many tricks to getting rid of them. One trick that I like to use to put traps around the building your protecting with your traps (More commonly used in THDT) Now the only bad thing it uses a lot of blocks. (I’ll show you example later) Note: Only works for Wormzers and Bolt’s with transportation. The other trick is to Use Level 5 Dave’s with level 3 rockets in bunkers will get rid of (Teratorns,Formor,Zafreeti). Now if you don’t have level 5 Dave’s with level 3 Rockets! Use ADT to get rid of them or just use Formor! The only simple trick to get rid of Rocket Dave’s is to just UPGRADE towers and make a Super Long Never Ending pathing of chain when doing this Rocket Dave’s will be destroying useless buildings while doing that Towers (Snipers, Tesla’s) will destroy them with there high range and Damage!!
Anti Womzer,Bolts (Use this in the Town Hall!) Let the bolts get rid of Womzers And bolts! They have low attack so It will take time to take down your silos while your towers hit them and they die!
Anti Womzers,Bolts

Anti Teratorns,Formor,Zafreeti!

Anti Rocket Dave’s!

Pathing part 3 Last Part :O (Using it wisely!)

Pathing takes a lot of blocks and you only have 300 blocks. So use them wisely! Use them in Pathing,Baiting Blocks,LOT’s and has many other good uses!
Now having a compact yard is not is bad like people say because of it’s high CF and Pathing which helps get rid of PPX and also Rocket Daves!
Also Spread out Yards are weak because of it’s low CF and low pathing making it weak against Dave’s! Unlike Compact Yards.
Now I’m going to show you how to use pathing to get rid of Crabs,PX and Daves! First ALWAYS have Rocket Dave’s in Bunkers ALWAYS! They are very hard to bait and are anti air with formor they can get rid of other Rocket Dave’s! Now going to show you a tactic I called “Snipe and Die”.
You need Sniper and at least Gold blocks so they path longer!
Got attacked by about 80 crabs and 50 PX! Only got 3 towers down…Without Bunker Monsters! Now look at the pathing.

Picture will show you That I got attacked by about 50 Dave’s and got very low damage! Without the pathing my Base would be doomed!

NEPC (Never Ending Path of Chain) Saved my life. The snipers where attacking the Dave’s while the Dave’s attacked the Useless buildings! XD
This is why NEPC is very helpful. And why you should make one..And also it is very useful upgrading your towers making them get larger range and attack making your attackers attacks useless! Now if you want more Pathing examples here are some They are not very good against Womzers or flying monsters or even Rocket Dave’s! But are great for the other monsters remember the longer they path the faster they die!

You can see the tower monsters will trigger the traps making the monsters hopeless! If they are PPX they will stall with the pathing and the laser is the last thing to go! Here are some more pathing examples (Credits to Pokeyslayer)!


What is SDT/THDT?

The silo death traps and town hall death traps are the MOST important of making a base! WHY? It is the last stand of protecting your base when your towers are down…. How can you make it better? Want to make it anti Wormzers and bolts? Want to make flying monsters useless when attacking your SDT/THDT? Want to make a super maze with your SDT/THDT using as little blocks as possible? Then read the this!

Making of it…
You’ll want to use as many traps as possible!
Use as little blocks as possible!
Now after some of the useless updates
People think that SDT/THDT is now useless… WRONG…
Just because wormzers and bolts don’t touch the walls does not mean they can’t get killed by traps..
Also flying monsters is a piece of Cake! All you need is good pathing and traps!

Making your SDT/THDT anti Wormzers and Bolts

Now people think putting walls around the silos and Town Hall and making little halls with traps in them they are safe WRONG!
People now use Wormzers and Bolts more often as a looting wave! What can you do about it?
Instead of putting walls around them put a 1 layer of traps, Then the walls just like what I said before! Now the bolts and wormzers will still trigger the traps! You’ll get DP after that failed looting wave! XD Now if you want you can use two layers of JUST booty traps making it extra safe! But there will not be enough to use in tower pathing or Town Hall! Which is bad! But don’t worry when we get to DP there will be no looting wave! Why? You’ll get DP in the attacking Wave! XD

Making your SDT/THDT Anti Air!

Okay we know that Teratorn’s have become useless because of Heavy Booty traps ADT and Dave’s Rockets! But there are other flying monsters which are a pain in the butt! Now what I’m about to show you will change your yard into PRO yard! Now you’ll need all the anti air defenses!!! ALL OF THEM !!! (Rocket Dave’s,ADT’s,Formor) Now you don’t have to get Formor but if you have it Your in good luck for choosing him!
Here is the secret to making your SDT/THDT anti air
Have ADT NEAR not INSIDE the SDT/THDT! Next step in to make your Silo’s as spread as possible making Teratorns/Formor/Zafreeti
Take longer to get to there target Now they have LOW ATTACK which is an advantage! If you have level 10 silos! Now if you have Rocket Dave’s use them in your bunkers please if you don’t have them FARM and upgrade silo’s to at least get level 2 rocket Dave’s! Now if you have ANY heavy booty traps left use them! They get 5000 damage to air monsters with long range which is very good Verse Zafreeti+Monster!
You can also make little halls at least use 2 heavy traps to kill level 5 Zafreeti+it’s monster!

Tower Placement Part 1 Knowing the Towers

Towers is the only thing standing between the attacker and the resources. If you don’t but the towers wisely you’ll get the towers destroyed and the looting wave is there’s… Now there are many way’s to out the towers.. I’m going to show you the BEST spot to put them in. Making them useful spot’s. Now there is also one more way people mess up there yards. It’s catapult-able which means your towers can get knocked out by 10 million Pebbles and 5 million Twigs! But I’m going to show you so non of this happen’s Before you I show you how Let’s meet the towers

Con’s and Pro’s about Sniper Tower!
The advantages of Snipers is there range and damage doing the best against Flying Monsters and Monsters in small packs!
* High Damage
* Anti Air
* Best used with NEPC
* Very High Range
* Good against Rocket Dave’s
The disadvantages are the pokey bombs Snipers are not the best against bombs
*Weak against bombs
*No splash damage
*Slow re-loader’s

Con’s and Pro’s about Cannon Tower!
The advantages are it’s splash damage doing heavy damage against Looters,Bombs,Packs
*High Splash Damage
*Good against Looters
*Good damage against packs,bombs
The disadvantages of Cannon Tower is the low range and attack
*Low attack
*Weak against Tanks/Teratorn’s
*Low Range

Con’s and Pro’s about Monster Bunker!
The advantages of the monster bunker is that it can house Rocket Dave’s which makes it anti Air and Ground!
*High Range
*Stalls PPX
*Houses Rocket Dave’s
*Houses Bandito’s (Whirlwind)
The disadvantages of the Monster Bunker is the monsters space taking!
*High Range means more bait-able
*Takes to much Space
*Limited defending monsters

Con’s and Pro’s about Aerial Defense Tower!
Advantages of the ADT is it’s anti air!
*Makes Teratorn,Formor,Zafreeti useless!
*High Range
*High Attack
*Multi Bullets
*Splash Damage
The disadvantages are it can’t hit ground monsters!
*Low heath
*Can’t hit ground monsters

Con’s and Pro’s about RailGun Tower!
The advantages of RailGun Tower is it’s high range and attack!
*High Damage
*High Range
*Good against monsters that stack
The disadvantages is it’s low reloading time (Reloads twice as any other tower)
*Can’t hit air monsters
*Very long reloading time

Con’s and Pro’s about Laser Tower!
The advantages about the laser tower is it’s high damage!
*Good against packs
*High Damage
*Fast Reloading time
The disadvantages about the laser tower is it’s low range!
*Can’t hit Air Monsters
*Weak against Rocket Dave’s
*Low Range

Con’s and Pro’s about Tesla Tower!
The advantage of Tesla tower is it’s high range!
*Good against Flying Monsters
*Very high Range
*High Attack
The disadvantage of the Tesla tower is it’s reloading time
*Long Reloading time
*Weak against packs,Bombs

Tower Placement Part 2 (Placing the towers)

Now they we know the towers. Lets place them. Since the Sniper Tower has long range and damage and is also good anti air we put it out. Since the cannons have short range and is highly good against looters and bombs we should put them near the Sniper for when the sniper gets attacked by a huge group of pokeys! But not to close it will make it catapult-able! But you could put them near each other and put lots of RG’s next to them making DP come faster how? (Tell you later) Here is example of what I’m talking about look at the TDT Note: The Snipers are out and Cannons are in and how I have RG’s around them. (For getting DP faster) So place Snipers out of your yard and a cannon nearby (On the back of the sniper tower (With RG’s) Keeping Anti Air and Anti Bombing! Just this makes a great base! Look at the pictures below for examples!

Note: Always keep Anti Air Towers surrounded with anti ground monsters (For Pokey bombs) Like in this Picture!

Note:Look at the RG’s around the towers!
Now in the Next Picture I keep the storngest tower safe from Air Monsters! Look at the pathing,Traps,RG’s!

Now that you know where to place Snipers and Cannons Where does the Laser,Tesla,ADT, and RGT go?
Keep these towers NEAR your SDT/THDT as they are the strongest of all towers! I’ll show you examples of where they should go!

You can see where the laser is and some of you will say this “Tower Monsters destroy the SDT!” Wrong! Since the laser kill’s the looters because they have no health at all! They are piece of pie to laser! The traps are there to kill off (Octo-Ooze,Ichies) While the Crabs can be killed by the traps! And the PX can be killed off by the snipers! Rocket Dave’s don’t stand a chance against Snipers and laser’s and my other rocket Dave’s in my bunkers! Look at the trap section, And look at the Sniper! It attracts the tower+Anything monster to trigger the deathly traps don’t worry about zafreeti the heavy traps hit air monster! Take note:Remember! TEST YOUR PATHING!

Now for the ADT placement!

Always make ADT un-catapult-able! Make it very very very very Hard to them to catapult them! See look at the ADT even if they are catapulted the attacker will hit the silo’s taking loot away and maybe just maybe not knocking down the ADT!
Also always keep ADT safe from Rocket Daves,Bombs,Packs!
Back= Defending Towers
Red= ADT’s
* Snipers+Tesla+Bunkers keep Rocket Dave’s at there knees along with MY Rocket Dave’s!
* Cannons+Laser’s stop packs and bombs!
Try to keep the towers even! From Air+ Ground monsters! If you don’t you’ll get farmed with Dave’s and Zafreeti’s!
Always keep ADT in a safe place inside the blocks! WHY? It keeps Teratorns,Zafreeti,Formor at peace! That’s all for ADT placement!

Now for the RGT placement!

Railgun is by far the hardest building to place! But I’ll show you where and why to place it in certain area’s of your yard!
Finding a good place to place! Place the RGT in a hard place to catapult! NEAR silo’s for looters making a long narrow hallway with diamond blocks Aka LOT makes a good strategy! But it wastes to many blocks and the pathing route may fail and is also weak to air monsters and wormzers! Keep note to keep snipers near not next to the railguns for flying monsters and rockets!

Now placing thy Tesla!

Tesla has the longest duration of attacking make Dave’s heath go to half in a few seconds! But has a slow reloading time! It’s also good against flying monsters! I strongly suggest to upgrade these towers first to level 5! Trust me! You want the Tesla near a few cannon’s making the it anti air and ground! XD But it’s a good idea to keep these towers safe inside blocks and use good pathing for it! As seen here! (Always keep RG’s next to towers ALWAYS!)

Damage Protection!

(Better Understanding)

Now what is DP and why is it important? Well DP (Damage Protection) is when your yard takes a high amount of damage from a attacker or a attacker attacks you 4 times and fails! Well I’m going to teach you have to get a HUGE advantage from DP! Making you get DP in the first Wave! Which is good! You don’t want your whole yard leveled do you? Now how to get DP In the first wave without getting leveled? Ha! Easily! I’ll teach you but before that We need the DP rules!
You’ll get DP if you!
*Get attacked 4 times
*Get 50 percent of more of damage!

(Taking advantage of DP)

Remember when I tell you to always keep RG’s near the towers?! Well when people catapult your towers they will hit the RG’s not taking loot alway from them but if you DP faster! So imagine if they use 10 million pebbles on knocking your sniper+cannon up and you have 2-4 RG’s there you’ll get DP faster Destroying all your RG’s if you DP but also having NEC also gives DP but not much but it is still VERY HELPFUL having it! Having upgraded towers and RG’s give even MORE DP which is very good and is anther reason why to upgrade things! If you don’t fellow these DP tactic’s your yard would be ALWAYS leveled! Trust me follow these tricks very helpful!
This stops you from being leveled,farmed, laughed that ^_^ So remember the higer the building’s level the faster DP which is very good!
If you are asking a level 10 RG get’s the same DP as it was destroyed if it get’s 70-75% or higher damage! Which is good =)
I’ll bring the percent of DP building’s give when I finish downloading some data! And Pic’s later!
How to get DP with the lowest amount of damage?
*Upgrade buildings (RG’s and Towers)
*Try to compact the RG’s with the towers! (For higher chance of hitting RG’s)
*Make a NEC! ( NEC does give DP but dose not give much so UPGRADE)
*Use towers NEAR not IN the SDT (Give’s a attacker a choice catapult the tower but get the silo’s destroyed and risk giving DP in first wave or don’t catapult and makes the attack a fail!) XD

NEC (What can it do?)

As I have said before NEC is just a big big circle of just useless building’s! You may just say “It’s useless” “Space taking” WRONG! There are so many uses of the NEC which is a IMPORTANT thing to do! Why?
Here are some things on why NEC are important
*Stalls Anything Monsters (Poky,Fink,Bandito,Fangs,Teratorn,Wormzer’s,Dave’s )
*Stalls Champion Monsters!
*Brings some DP if destroyed!
*Makes bomb’s useless
*Hard to get through!
Many other things!

Now with the NEC it’s like a shield helping you defend against the bomb’s and rocket dave’s! While the anything monster chew through it the snipers or cannons may pick them off while the anything monsters go through the NEC making the attack for sure a fail!
Anything Monster pathing! Look at the defending towers they would pick them off while the monsters destroy the NEC!

Here is pathing of a Dave! Why NEC is so important! Look at the defending Towers how they can pick them off!

RG-Placement (Where to place and why)

RG’s is what generates resources I guess you can call it farming! But you think you got just put the RG’s like this
Which you are allowed to call a farm! You can just send bolt’s and brain’s to loot it! But there are many uses of RG’s!
Which is key element to making a very good base! When I say put the RG’s near the towers I don’t mean like this

There are 3 ways to place RG’s one is placing them near towers to give DP fast if catapulted Like this
It’s a very good strategy to not get farmed or catapulted and also get DP very very fast!! So use it often

The other way you got place RG’s is in NEC liked placement or a shield which stops looting waves like in this yard!
Will stop looting wave’s and bombs! But pathing can change so Bolt’s and Brains could path the Town Hall first! But from the other sides it’s anti Looting!
So when the brains and bolt’s start looting from the RG’s the Defending towers kill them off very fast due to the looting monster’s low heath! But the flaws of having this is makes your tower’s catapult-able! As you can see now!

The last RG placement is using RG’s to path the monster to the SDT which will kill them because of the traps!
You can start this by putting them in road kind of placement to the SDT while the Looting wave’s path to the SDT if you have any towers reminding they may take them off.. Safe’s some traps for anther wave! Looting Wave example!

Now having high level RG’s means it stalls PPX if all your Tower’s are destroy it also stalls champion monsters and Dave’s which is good if you have many remaining towers they may pick the monsters off!

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