ACE Online Joystick Settings Guide

ACE Online Joystick Settings Guide by Naco3000


First off, I will recommend the joystick only for the I-G, and possibly B-G. I would guess the A-G and most defiantly the M-G need the mouse too much for their skills.

First go into your options, find Joystick Settings in the lower half of the menu.

Hey look cool S**t

So we have 5 options on the at the top

Enable Joystick: Self-explanatory (oh, it only works in flight so don’t go bashing hardware when it doesn’t work in town.)
Select Joystick: If by some fluke of awesomeness you have more than 1 joystick you can select the one you want to use.
Vibration: Force-Feedback? I haven’t seen this in sticks in years.
Sensitivity settings: This will relate to the mouse functions of the bindings. kinda wonky if its anything but zero but zero appears to be a perfect 1:1 ratio.
Import key settings: ACE saves your bindings to a file. you can select that file here.

now for the fun part, bindings. When you press a button or move an axis it will highlight. Click the down arrow buttons to open up a list of functions. keep everything in the Item 1 column. You will want to bind the mouse cursor to the X and Y axis of your stick.

WARNING TECHNO BABBLE: What the game actually does is when you are in flight it will slave the mouse cursor to your stick. When you move the stick from its center the cursor will take the relative position on the screen EG: if the stick is slightly to the upper right of center the cursor will be upper right of center (or lower right if you inverted the mouse Y axis in the options menu.) This functionality (which was in X-Padder but hackshiled doesn’t like it) is why the mouse emulation in joy2key is S**T.

Oh and if you notice the function “change directions”. this refers to the WASD keys. Please don’t bind them to your Y or X axis.

Now for the buttons:

NOTE: cross button refers to the hat switch.

Now I will explain what Items 2-5 are. In essence when I flick my hat up it will start a sequence though the Items. for my binding, slot 6 (Frenzy) slot 7 (Concentration) slot 8 (missile shot) slot 9 (fire shot). It will go though each skill and use it (provided I have enough SP).

Remaining functions are self explanatory.


1. You Cannot use your mouse while you are in-flight or dead (only stopped or on pad or in city) so for the love of all that is holy, bind some to Accept and Decline so you can quickly deal with re spawning and formation invites and the like.

2. ACE imposes a delay on using the skill slots though the stick so for something time sensitive like Turnaround BMM, ABM, GBM stick em to the keyboard. (This is why TA and BMM still occupy the first 2 buttons on my skill bar)

3. Change direction refers to the WASD keys (crappy translation)

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    Masang's joystick option is one pile of crap, don't use it, it will only result in a big dissappointment

    ~SG, Anonymous, what?

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