World of Midgard Classes Spells Guide

World of Midgard Classes Spells Guide by WoM

Mage spells up to level 10

Lvl 1: Blazing Barrage, Elderspirit, Shimmershard Guard
Lvl 4: Create Ethersea, Shimmershock
Lvl 6: Create Staples, Infernal Dispersion, Blazing Barrage (next level)
Lvl 8: Eldershock Bolts, Fulsome Shift (not sure if we will be ready with this one), Shimmershock (next level)
Lvl 10: Create Ethersea (next level), Shimmershard Guard (next level)

1. Shimmershard Guard – This is 30 min mage self buff. Increases mage armor (more for each spell level). Enemy striking mage may be slowed down for 29-31% and their attacks slowed 25% for 4-6 second.

2. Create Ethersea – creates different ehtersea infused drinks. When characters drink ehtersea infused drink it regenerates fast X mana over Y seconds depending on created drink. Mage can create stronger drinks with higher level of the spell.

Can be used only out of combat and character can’t move while drinking or effect will be broken.

I am not sure if it is finished (but should be).

Check your inventory if you see drink. Also after that check spell screen/items button to see if you have it there. If yes drag/drop to action bar. After that when you have drink in inventory you touch action button to use. I suggest to put it on 2nd or 3rd 8 action buttons since you can’t use it in combat and can’t move while regenerating mana fast.

Useful to use between fight to shorten wait for mana regen.

After we add trade you will be able to give it to other characters like confessor or templar.

2. Create Staples works like Ethersea but created magic food to regenerate health

3. Infernal Dispersion in instant cast spell from inferno magic school. It has 7-9 second cool down. This spell can be cast while moving.

4. Blazing Barrage has current wrong FX effect. This is spell with 1.5-1.7 casting time. Moving stops casting. It send flame cloud to target. It have has both initial damage and DoT. Useful to to cast on rogue if you suspect rogue to use Breath-in-the-Wind to enter creep while in combat (rogue have long CD on it). DoT will bring rogue back to being visible.

Rogue spells up to level 10

Lvl 1: Covert Ballast, Disembowel, Hurl, Creep
Lvl 4: Luxurious Lift, Nefarious Turn
Lvl 6: Stick-and-Twist, Covert Ballast (next level)
Lvl 8: Disembowel (next level), Edged Ascent, Divert
Lvl 10: Steal Force, Sped Heel

Fighter spells up to level 10

Lvl 1: Venture Vaunt, Call to Arms
Lvl 4: Full Assault, Dismember
Lvl 6: Heavenly Rumble, Deflect, Surety Strike
Lvl 8: Impede Progress, Venture Vaunt (next level)
Lvl 10: Dismember (next level), Gorstish Bravado

For those who don’t know that we have inter-beta testing group of players testing game right now.

Since classes discussion makes sense to make public I moved this tread from inter-beta hidden forum to this this forum.

Dismember – damage over time. Target is wounded for 14 to 16 seconds. While used on target above 70 % of health does 30% more damage. Secret formula for damage with big part of damage bases on weapon damage.

Heavenly Rumble: Aoe attack

Full Assault – charge type of spell, closing distance to target, stunning and generating some wrath

Confessor spells up to level 10

Lvl1: Fell, Slight Alleviate, Incantation: Constitution,
Lvl4: Slight Alleviate (next level), Dread Incantation: Agony
Lvl6: Incantation: Guard, Fell (next level)
Lvl8: Reloop, Dispel, Neural Assault, Dread Incantation: Agony (next rank)
Lvl10: Slight Alleviate (next level), Life Imbue

Templar spells up to level 10

Lvl 1: Gilt Star’s Affect, Glimmer of the Alliant, Elghic Acolyte
Lvl 4: Alliance Empowerment , Celestial Verdict
Lvl 6: Glimmer of the Alliant (next level), Shorelight Defense
Lvl 8: Deflect, Gilded Fist, Elucidate
lvl 10: Touch of Mahida, Elghic Acolyte (next level), Elghic Fortitude

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