World of Midgard Classes Guide

World of Midgard Classes Guide by Morfic

Fighter: “Figher abilites are powered by wrath and fighter has 3 different battle focuses from which one is for tanking. Fighter starts with no wrath and generates wrath both from attack and taking damage. Wrath also power fighters aoe over time support heals. We plan to have reforging recipe to add spikes to high end Fighter gear to help with aggro. Fighter can sacrifice about 15% of health to generate 20 wrath immediately and then 10 more over time with Gorstish Bravado.” ~Admin

Templar: “Templar can use almost any weapons (except ranged and wands).Templar can use most of weapons in the game including weapon/shield combinations. Dual wield does not fit that class. Templar’s do not have duel wielding. This class can wear mail armor can be very good healer but also with different traits path can tank or dps. This class is mean in lore as to portray soldiers of sacred orders who have magical abilities granted by the gods” ~Admin

Mage: “There are 3 traits paths mage can take: – Spirit – Ice – Inferno. In PvE mage can heal anybody including self. In PvP can only heal others. We are not longer sure if we should add healing to Mage, with confessor added it might not be needed. Still debating it. Mage will be able to summon minion but not at release because we need to add combat pet mechanics.” ~Admin

Confessor: “Other then healing/dps spell this class also has “Marionette” spell which allows temporary control of mobs/players. It’s not much usable in PvP because of long cast and controlled player can only auto attack. Confessor will have 2 healing trait paths: for PvE and PvP heals but can mix them to the degree. This is the only class with 2 healing trait paths.” ~Admin

Rogue: “Rogue – power with combo points system. Only rogue will have invisibility at release” ~Admin

***********Upcoming Classes*****************

Ranger: “Ranger will be able to tame pets” ~Admin

Mystic: “Mystic will be shape shifter class. To early to give more details at this time.” ~Admin

Necromancer:“We really don’t want to write much about the class coming in about 16 months mainly because it is still in planning. What I can tell you now is that Necromancer will be a caster class who can summon undead and spirits.” ~Admin

Rune Master: “Rune Master idea is not finished yet but we plan it to have rune stones with different functions, will be healer/range dps but also rune stones could buff party, de-buff enemies, heal for small amount or even damage enemies in range.” ~Admin

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  1. Dreamtailedfox says:

    PS can’t wait for that ranger class

  2. Dreamtailedfox says:

    Keep doing what your doing, I’m liking it, mystic kinda druid like, rune master like shaman I think your really doing well so far like EQ for smartphone… Thanx

  3. cool guy 19 says:

    Make a Draco race so it can be half human and half dragon. And please put hackers and Draco race in the game.

  4. Nick Flanagan says:

    Add a hacker class it could hack in to the enemies brain and make mechanical version’s of it and get into cool areas

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