War of Thrones Titles and Merit Guide

War of Thrones Titles and Merit Guide by ric***m

In WoT your Titles are an important asset, it gives you stat bonus, daily wage, weapons, enables you to improve your fate, craft level 60 epic weapons, etc. You’ll need certain amount of merit and referrals to improve your titles. You can buy Referrals at One Per Day in the Shop District at Somerset, Waymarsh or Newkeep for 10000coins and you can only purchase one daily.

*Referrals from One Per Day only goes up to the Captain rank, higher referrals can only be bought with gold at the moment

How to Get Merit
Assassination Quest (Daily)
Making Contribution Quest (Daily)
Instance Quest (Once Only)

You can also use Merit Cert to increase your merit,
Merit Certificate (Private) gives 1 merit per cert
Merit Certificate (Knight) gives 5 merit per cert
Merit Certificate (Captain) gives 10 merit per cert

You can get them from;
Weekly Log in Reward
Online Gift bag/Reward Kits
Exchanging Artifact shards at Chief Magistrate
Arena Treasure Box
Treasure Hunt
Using Goddess Tears
Top Up Promotion

*Merit cannot go above the cap for each rank. Which means if your cap is 200/200, there’s no point in trying to increase them because merit can’t be carried over to the next rank.

Once you gained enough Merit to acquire a promotion, visit the Chief Magistrate in any city and ask him to improve your title.

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