War of Thrones Support Skills Guide

War of Thrones Support Skills Guide by Dk-Zippo

As we see … we got 3 support skill that:
1.)defense skill
2.) poison skill
3.)Healling skill


And u see .. we got 4 skill slot.. and i suggest 1 for combat skill , 1 trading skill and 2 support skill

And the better support skill should be take is defense skill and Healling skill

How to train Support skill?
u can keep press it when u using it at:


2.)In town




4.)autoquest and set support

When can we using it?
1.)before PVP with people
2.)In instance
3.)Buff friend def
4.)regen friend hp

And last is poison skill … i dont think this is skill is usefull except the lv25 skill Dark Vortex that can burn enemy Ep


that all my guilde… any question can post at here.. i will reply ASAP

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