War of Thrones Saving Gold Guide

War of Thrones Saving Gold Guide by SeanChua

For some, gold is hard to come by. Here are some tips on how to make the best PROFIT out of your gold.
Something which i didn’t know when i first started playing the game and thus, i overspent by 1200g

How to use your first recharge (Top Up)
You can view the gifts you can get from the first recharge at the “Buy gold” icon on your 2nd last-bottom right part of your screen-icon

First Time Top-up Gift Package Details:
Top-up Gold >= 200, Greater Study Guide x 2
Top-up Gold >= 500, Study Mastery x 2
Top-up Gold >= 1000, Study Mastery x 2, High-grade Smart Beans x 1, Pet Training Guide x 10, Greater Relic Essence x 1, Identification Scroll x 10
Top-up Gold >= 2000, Satin Bag x 1, Study Mastery x 2, High-grade Smart Beans x 2, Pet Training Guide x 25, Greater Relic Essence x 2, Identification Scroll x 25

You will also receive a special mount – Heroic Steed – when you top up

The first time recharge event is a PERMANENT event.

I would recommend to take the top up gold of >=2000 gold.
The gifts which you will receive is definitely worthwhile and the main plus point here is that you receive a free
Satin Bag (16slots-inventory slots)(450g in cash shop)

There are several ways you can top up gold and these are the exchange rates for;

Top-up via Paypal:

US$5 – 500g
US$10 – 1000g
US$ 20 – 2000g
US$50 – 5000g
US$100 – 10000g

Top-up via MOL or Offgamers:

RM10 – 300g
RM20 – 600g
RM50 – 1500g
RM100 – 3000g
RM250 – 7500g


Now this is the saving part.

For those of you who have chosen to get 2000g as the first top-up, here is how you can make the BEST out of your gold.
If you follow this guide, you will receive; ONE cash shop pet. ONE cash shop mount and TWO Cash shop relic with just 2000g for FOUR cash shop items

By the time we reach level 10 – we would have already received our free pet Tibbar, mount White Steed and Relic Book of Knowledge

By equipping the free items, you will notice on your RIGHT side of your screen at the Active tab – there will be 3 new quests right at the top in this color.

Click on the highlighted quests and a small window will requesting you to *Upgrade* your Tibbar / White Steed / Book of Knowledge (3 different quests)

Each quest will use 400g to upgrade your items and once upgraded, you and right click and use the items in exchange for ONE of the Cash Shop’s Pets / Mount / Relic (3 different items)
After exchanging the items – you will have a balance of 800g.
You may now purchase another relic from the cash shop for 800g.

*At normal price, you would have to pay is 800g for each pet / mount / relic which totals to 3200 for the FOUR cash shop items

With this method, you will save a whooping 1200g

Other GOLD savers

This is additional information for those who doesn’t know it.

If you have a spare 960g laying around and you don’t know what to do with it.
At current point in server 3 (13th Dec 2011), there is a New Player VIP Kit which is on sale for 960g original price 1200g

This Pack will give you;

VIP (30days) – 750g
Satin Bag – 450g

FULL LEGENDARY LEVEL 1 SET (Helm / Shoulder / Body / Neck / Charm / Rings)
ALL class level 1 weapons (One Handed / Two Handed / Dual wielder / Pole Arm)

As you can see above, you are receiving items worth MORE THAN 1200g for the price of 960g

*More to come as more discounts appear*

-PS; Another good way of saving gold is waiting for discounts to be offered. That way, you can save alot of gold!-


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