Wakfu Newbie Guide

Wakfu Newbie Guide by Tnargear

Greetings from Tnargears. I’m working on writing a few things out to help people get used to playing Wakfu as we don’t have the whole game in English yet, but there’s more than plenty of us willing to play!

One of the first things you need is an account for Wakfu.
Click that giant blue button to start the download and just give it some time to download. After it’s been fully downloaded go ahead and install it, I figure most of you are computer savy, and after a bit it will patch up to the current version.

Now that’s the long drawn out process to getting the first steps going. Once the game is patched go ahead and open it up. It will test some graphics and screen settings so the first time it loads it takes a few minutes, but eventually you’ll reach that login screen. You need to use the account you set up in the last step and login using the same password.

Huzzah Character Creation screen! Now I know you’re excited you’re almost playing this wonderful game, but you’ve still got just a bit to go. It’s important to note that not all the classes are in the game yet, our developers are still working their butts off to get them in game so be patient, but don’t let that stop you from getting to know the world itself.

Classes that you can play: Enirispa

Classes you can’t play yet: Enutrof, Feca, Osamodas, Pandawa, Sadida, Xelor

Now you do get a few options for your character you can change things from Hair, Eyes and Clothing for some. Take your time you don’t want to end up looking like some crazy bwok or something, unless that might be your style of course. No one’s rushing you so experiment! After you’re done making yourself look good type in a name and click the check mark. It will check if that name is available and if it is your new character is ready to enter the world. Just click and click the button and you’ll be on your way into Wakfu!

A small note here: I’m not sure if any of the other English players have been able to get past the tutorial but unfortunately I haven’t. I can’t say it would be useful for English players since the tutorial instructions are in French. I recommend that you bypass it and go strait to choosing your continent.

Currently there is only one major continent Amanka. On the great area of Amanka there are 4 Islands. Sevamor (Where I currently reside), Ohm, Mork, and Emelka. Each has a few features that I’ll go into at another time but aren’t very required for starting to play, though I do recommend Sevamor I find a lot of English speaking people tend to go here.

Now you’ve arrived from the astral plane of existence into the world. Greetings!

Time to cover some basics that you miss since you don’t have an English tutorial yet.
Movement: Performed by left clicking the mouse to where you wish to go. Holding down the left click will move you in the direction you wish to go without multiple clicks and the when the mouse is held down or clicked near the edge of the screen you will run in that direction.

Interaction with objects: This is performed by right clicking. When you Right click an object it bring up buttons for you to interact with the object. This can range from attacking monsters to cutting down trees. If an item can be interacted with the mouse will turn into a set of gears. Make sure to experiment.

Now you have how to move and how to interact you’ve got most of the game down. In reality just a small fraction of the game, but hey it sounds more reassuring that way! But here are a few hotkeys as well:

Numbers 1-8: These refer to the abilities in the lower right. Also when items are set to the bar you can use them by pressing the respective number and it will use the item on yourself, but if you wish to use an item on another, like a resurrection scroll, left click the number from the bar then click who you wish to use it on.

G: Opens the Party Menu
B: Switches between Combat and Non-Combat Bars
M: Opens Map
I: Opens your inventory
C: Opens Friend/Ignore Window
W: Shows your other hotbars to place your skills and items.
S: Opens your skill list. Click and Drag them onto your bar to use them.
D: Opens the Calender
J: Opens Profession Window
P: Opens the Characteristic Screen (Where you spend your level up points!)
F: Attack with your mainhand weapon (In Combat)
Shift + F: Attack with your offhand weapon (In Combat)
Shift+ G: Opens the Guild Menu
Shift + P: Opens the Politics Window
Shift + L: Changes the level of Detail (Grass, Scenery, Etc)
Shift + M: Opens Mini-Map
Shift + C: Opens contact menu

F1: Hotbar 1 Displayed
F2: Hotbar 2 Displayed (Shift Bar)
F3: Hotbar 3 Displayed (Ctrl Bar)
F4: Hotbar 4 Displayed (Alt Bar)

F5-F8: Opens specific inventory Bags
Esc/Insert: Opens Options Menu.
Num Pad +: Zoom In
Num Pad -: Zoom Out
End: Ends your Turn. (In Combat)

Okay, Okay. Now I’m sure you’re all full of reading a wall of text so let’s say we have a bit of fun now. In the starting areas you have small bird-like creatures called Piwi’s. They’re cute and fuzzy, but unfortunately we have kill these small creatures to gain XP to continue to grow in Wakfu. So go ahead and find a single Piwi. Red, Blue, Green, or Babies prefered as the pink ones, cats, and groups may be a bit difficult on your lonesome. Right click to interact with the Piwi then select the sword looking bubble to engage in combat.

In combat all classes have tons of tools available to them. Each class has 3 Elemental affinities that affect their abilities which may fall into the following: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Using abilities from that element will also increase your resistance and damage with that element. Elemental abilities level by using them in combat. At first you start with three and very soon after leveling these abilities you will gain access to the latter abilities of the tree. Abilities are only as strong as their level, which means level them up to make them do more damage! Each class also has support abilities that they gain as the level up. Support abilities only level by using skill points gained at a level up. I highly suggest that you read up in the forums on how these abilities work as to explain each classes may take a bit much compared to how much I intend on writing in the first draft. I will say experiment. This is highly to your advantage to use your abilities to find out if you like that style of play or to help devise what to do when you need strategy.

Yeesh the more I type this the more longwinded it sounds. So combat takes place in turns. The Player or Enemy with the highest initiative value goes first, and in some case twice if it’s high enough. Each round is 30 seconds, which means you have to do all your moving and attacks in that amount of time. It’s plenty of time so take as much as you need, but if you can complete all your actions within 10 seconds you get a bonus to damage.

So assuming you’re as awesome as I know you are you’ve won your combat and maybe won an item or two. Also to note are sometimes if you’re lucky enough from combat you’ll find items on the ground after combat as an extra bonus to how awesome you are. Some items you can equip and some items are for crafting. If you got an item you can equip and met the prerequisites put it on as you’re probably not wearing much other than, well whatever you wearing. So open your inventory (Press the I Key) and hover over the item. It should tell you what level it requires, sometimes though you may come across that it requires X amount of Stasis or Wakfu.

Stasis is gained by harming the environment. How to get Stasis:
Planting Trees, Cultures, or Flowers where not needed
Killing Creatures that are too few in number
Removing Trees, Cultures, or Flowers where needed

Wakfu is gained by helping the environment. How to Gain Wakfu:
Planting Trees, Cultures, or Flowers where needed
Killing Creatures that are too many in number
Removing Trees, Cultures, or Flowers where not needed

You can view the Ecosystem by clicking the bubble in the top left marked with a “W”.

Wow I’ve covered a lot I think thus far, still very very basic though so I do apologize a bit if this guide isn’t for you. Now I’m sure after a bit of killing a few guys or collecting a few items you may want to know what you could do with that Beak you got from that Piwi. In each Island there are two crafting houses as I like to call them. They are located in your village by a mark on the map, which remember you open that with the M key, by what appears to be small sign like objects and gears. Outside the houses are two intractable objects for the tools needed for harvesting professions and inside each of the houses are three objects that you can interact with to begin crafting.

All tools are found outside the crafting houses. To start gathering, which you need to do for most professions, simply right click the object you wish to interact with and you will automatically equip the required tool for the job as long as you have it in your inventory. After the little bar that appears above your head empties out you’ll be rewarded XP towards that gathering skill and a few items that you tore off the poor little creature, or old willow tree, or well you get the idea. Ideally you should always gather then remove an object to get the most XP from it. Should you find yourself lacking the tree or plant you need but have the seeds double click the seed in your inventory and simply click a spot on the ground to start planting. Green means you can probably plant it, red means it will fail. You can also plant multiple objects at a time by simply clicking on cells after you start planting the first, but if you want to back up a step or stop planting simply right click.

Current Harvesting Professions:
Farming: Requires a Scythe
Woodcutting: Requires a Axe
Mining: Requires a Pick
Hunting: Requires a Hunter’s Manual
Herbalism: Nothing!

Crafting Professions are each divided into 4 categories. I plan on writing a more detail explanation on them later so for now the basics. When wish to start crafting right click one of the tables inside and it opens another window. Objects that are highlighted with a green border means you can gain skill from crafting them, highlighted with a red border means you can’t, and highlighted with with means you gain no additional skill towards that section of the profession. Skills also have individual XP bars which allow you to craft better versions as you gain higher amounts of XP. Skill-ups in one tree spill over into other parts of the profession. So if you can’t seem to get skill in one try another tree! Each item when moused over will show you the required items for crafting. When you have materials click on the object you want to craft and then click on the check mark in the lower right of the profession window. Above the check is a box that you can enter a number of the objects you want to make and a “Max” button to set it to automatically put the maximum number you can make in.

Current Crafting Professions:
Woodworking: Create wooden objects like shelfs for selling, planks, and weapons
Forging: Create metal objects like swords, hammers, and bars
Sewing: Create clothing, boots, belts, and cloth
Alchemy: Create potions, scrolls, poisons, and alchemical materials
Accessory Making: Create decorations, rings, amulets, and accessories
Cooking: Cook amazing cuisines and drinks

Okay just about to wrap this up as the first version. Now you’ve done some combat and a bit of crafting, but you find yourself with some items you may not want. Well if you right click yourself you have the option of entering your haversac! This extra dimensional space is your own personal home. It’s a bit bare to start as you only have one small bazaar to sell from, but I’m sure you’ll be making it amazing in no time at all. New Rooms for your Handy Haversac come from a rare drop known as a Gem. These can drop from anything from the smallest Piwi to the largest Gobball with about the same result. There are a few gems that currently function which include: Merchant, used for setting up shelves to sell things, Garden, allowing you to plant trees and plants inside for your own personal use with harming the environment, and Decoration, which are used for making a living area similar to a home for you to rest away from the world. Two Gem types I have seen but have not used are Guild and Artisan. Both of these gems I’ve been told do not function as of yet. I haven’t been lucky enough to get one myself. Since there are no NPCS in this game if you want to make some Kamas when you’re offline log out in your bag and it will stick around after you’ve logged, but it won’t be there if you change characters. Also if you have something you really, really want to keep, make sure to set the price to max to dissuade others from buying it.

Thanks for reading my wall of text. I hope you find a few answers you were looking for. I’ll probably revise it a bit more when I get some feedback, but if anything welcome to Wakfu!

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