Wakfu Enutrof Basic Guide

Wakfu Enutrof Basic Guide by Aellia

I’m going to keep this basic and only focus on elemental specific builds. While I am sure there might be some very effective hybrid specs.
This guide will be covering the basics that I have learned from the Enutrof in 0.303.
If you feel there is something I could add to it, by all means post and worthy information will be amended to the first post.

Earth Branch/Drhellzerker

The main focus of the Earth branch is combining it with the Drhellzerker to become an unstoppable killing machine. (maybe.) You must always bear in mind that you must attack every turn or you’ll lose your transformation. You can only use earth spells in the Drhellzerker form, which makes things simple in terms of gear bonuses.

The Drhellzerker transformation converts your current AP into MP. Your total MP for the whole transformation is based on the AP you had when you transformed.
For example if a Xelor takes -2 AP from you so that you only have 4AP when you transform… Your MP for that transformation will be 7 for the rest of the battle or until you lose the transformation.
Likewise if you gain a positive AP buff, for example a Xelor buffs you +2 AP, then you transform with 8 AP, You would have +11 MP for the rest of the battle or until you lose that Drhellzerker transformation.

Shovel Kiss, Ruel’s signature move. While it has a minimum range of 2. It has a 15%-70% chance to give you an additional MP point. Excellent for a chance to squeeze in an extra Shovel Kiss while in Drhellzerker form.

Shovel Shaker
is your heaviest hit, but to deal it’s full potential you must position your pet so that it is standing at the end of the Tremor (the square after). Your pet will then deflect the attack back to you and deal a second attack… It’s a bit like tennis.
In Drhellerzerker form the cost to cast Shovel Shaker changes from 4 ap and 1 Wakfu to 6 mp.

While boosting support skills there are three main ones you’ll wish to focus on and a possible forth.

Phone a Frhend increases the Rank of the Drhellzerker buff, the exact effects of higher rank transformation are currently unknown. Increased MP for your Drheller, helps when positioning your Drheller for Shovel Shaker.

Combat training gives several bonuses to your Drheller and helps turn it into a combat pet when combined with Phone a Friend.
Each rank unlocks the following bonuses in this order:
Drheller’s Claw; your Drheller’s only attack,
your Drheller gains+25% hp of your Enutrof’s health points,
chance Drheller’s Claw will reduce movement points on the target
and +25% damage and resistance for your Drheller.

Drhellzerker doesn’t give your form any additional strength or bonuses, however it does reduce the cost to transform. Going from 3 AP and 3 Wakfu to 1AP and 1 Wakfu at maximum level.
This would allow you to use Drhellzerker 3 times in battle when combined with the cost of summoning your Drheller.

Finally the Prime of Life. This has two elements to it, the first part is chance to turn MP loss, into MP gain. For example when the enemy uses a slowing skill on you.
The second is a chance to gain MP when you take damage.
This covers the Drhellzerkers greatest weakness, having their MP reduced so they cannot attack during a turn and lose their transformation.

Water Branch/Thief

Water Enutrofs are all about the loot, but sadly lack the kind of support bonuses that flavour the other two builds. Of its 5 spells, 3 of them have a chance to cause a bag of loot to drop from the enemy. This can be looted by anyone including the monsters. If a friendly person loots the bag, they gain an additional damage buff of 5% for a small bag and 10% for a large bag.

Loot bags can be picked up by Drhellers who have a specific skill for doing so, costing 4 AP. When a Drheller picks up a loot bag the Enutrof still gains the buff.

The spell purge has the ability to turn small bags of loot into large ones, which increases the rarity of the item inside. However purge can also cause the bag to explode, dealing water damage to each adjacent square.

Upon dropping the item the enemy is debuffed with “Broke”. Which prevents it from dropping another item and allows your Tax spell to deal more damage.

Your fifth spell, Refinement is your heavy hitter and the Enutrof’s strongest single target skill of all three branches. At player level 10 and skill level 8 with 31% water bonus it hits for about 40 damage. On the downside it destroys an item the monster could have dropped in battle and gives you the “Broke” debuff, which prevents you from causing the enemy to drop items with your other skills.

For support there isn’t really much you can focus on, however there are some nice bonuses.
Treasure tracker: Gain bonus damage from your prospecting, 4% bonus damage for rank 1 and 2% bonus damage for each additional rank after the first.

Phone a friend gives your Drheller additional movement points, which allows you to use your pet to retrieve a loot bag easier.

Geology can add some bonuses to combat if you get a lucky placement at the start of the match, but isn’t really essential.

It has been suggested that stacking Prospecting could be the way to go for a water Enutrof but lacks testing.

Fire Branch/Miner with added explosions

The fire Enutrof is entirely based around dealing your damage on Mine squares in order to gain additional damage or effects. This requires you to carefully plan your attacks, placement and mining spots. This means your main focus for support is Geology and Mine Mover.

Of the fire spells, 4 out of the 5 gain additional effects when cast on a mining square.

Meteor is weak but has a low cost, when cast on a mine it deals damage in a 3×3 area.

Ember is short range but on a mine it has a 100% chance to cause Immolation on the target.

Firedamp Explosion deals damage in a plus shape. When cast on a mine square, the zone is extended. It has the longest range of all fire spells.

Hot Magma is the fire Enutrofs heavy hitter. The skill has a range of 1-3 and hits for 3 squares in a line. If one of those hits a mine square it transforms that square into a Volcano barraging a large area around it with fire.

Geology shows more Mine nodes on the battlefield the more ranks you have in it. Thus reducing the amount of placement you may have to do during the battle.

Mine Mover at full rank allows you to move a mine you are standing on up to 7 squares away. This skill lets you to move the mines on the battlefield in a way that will best allow you to fully utilize your fire spells bonus effects. Rank 0 allows you to move it by 1 square. Rank 1 by 1-3. Rank 2 by 1-5 and Rank 3 by 1-7.

Additional Support Skill Information
Faking it is a skill that lets you pretend to be K.O’d temporarily. It is a passive that has a 10-50% chance of triggering when you are below 5% health. To players this will cause you to appear as if you are K.O’d allowing for a surprise attack when they turn their back. Sadly this is a highly situational skill and costs a lot of points for quite an unreliable ability.

God Enutrof’s Blessing essentially increases the loot drop rate for you and you alone by 2% for the first rank, then 1% for each additional rank up to a maximum of 5%.

Mass Clumsiness removes 1 MP from all units on the battlefield, friend or foe, and in exchange gives the Enutrof a stackable buff of +10 dodge and increases in +10 increments to +40 dodge. At rank 3 its casting cost is reduced to 3 ability points and 2 wakfu, meaning it can be cast in combat more than once. When used twice in one turn; +80 dodge can be highly useful to get away from an an enemy and sometimes -2mp can cripple an enemies movement just enough to force it to remain at range for a turn.

Phone a Friend rank bonuses:

The HP is based on your Enutrof’s maximum HP.

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