Wakfu Crafting and Harvesting XP Table Guide

Wakfu Crafting and Harvesting XP Table Guide by Autoexecbat

So, I decided to make a small guide regarding professions xp (complete with tables and all) to help my fellow wakfu crafters and gatherers. Here it goes.

Experience in general

All professions start at level 0. In order to gain levels, you must need experience. You gain this by harvesting resources for gatherers and crafting items for artisans. Each level requires you a certain amount of xp to level up. The following table shows how much xp you need to reach each level:

Experience per lvl:
…and so on.

Basically, this means that in order to reach level1, you must gain 100xp. Sometimes, you gain more xp than the remaining xp necessary to reach the next level. In this case, the excess xp gained is carried over to the following level. You can see that each level requires 200xp more than the previous level.

The formula to get the amount of xp required for the next level is simply (2x – 1) * 100, where x is the following level. For example, to get from level9 to level10: ( 2(10) – 1) * 100 = 1900xp. And getting from 59 to 60: ( 2(60) – 1) * 100 = 11900xp.

Another thing: The total xp needed for the first 10lvls is 10000xp. Then 30000xp for 10-20, 50000xp for 20-30. And so on. (Or if you want, 20000xp for 5-15, 40000xp for 15-25) You get the idea.

The following table shows how much xp you will gain when harvesting a resource. This is also same for planting seeds.

Harvesting xp:

If you look at the table, this means that TOWARDS lvl21 (while you’re at lvl20), you will gain 50xp for harvesting a lvl0 resource. It is NOT ‘you will gain 50xp when you’re at lvl21’. Keep that in mind.

But how bout harvesting piwi meat (lvl5 resource) when im a lvl20 trapper, how much xp will I receive?
The important thing here is the DIFFERENCE between your profession level and the level of the resource you’re harvesting. Given the example, you simply subtract the resource lvl to your profession lvl: 20 – 5 = 15. So it is like harvesting a lvl0 resource at lvl15. Therefore, going to 16, you’ll earn 85xp.

You should know though that you won’t gain any more experience when the lvl difference is greater than 30. Also note that you have 11lvls to gain full experience (100xp) before the xp starts going down.

Also, other than the trapper profession, harvesting professions can also craft items on their respective workshops (like making planks for lumberjacks, and polishing for miners). Experience received from these crafts also follow the table above.

Harvesting exception: While Lumberjacks follow the above table when harvesting cuttings and planting, they receive twice the amount of xp when chopping trees. The xp cap is still 30lvls, though.


Now for crafting professions, this is the table they follow.

Crafting xp:

For crafting items, you get 200 base xp instead. The rule is similar to harvesting xp. Crafting a lvl0 recipe at lvl14 with give you 181xp towards lvl15. Just compute the level difference when crafting higher lvl items.

Also, when you try to craft an item that has less than 100% success rate, you will gain extra xp if you succeed depending on your current percentage. I think the extra xp you gain is the same as your failure rate. For example: if you successfully craft an item at 20%, you’ll gain 200 + 80xp. I’m not so sure about this though.

Exceptions: Professions like Baker and Chef do not follow this table. They’re base xp per craft is 100, so they follow the harvesting xp table instead. On the other hand, Handymen receive greater amount of xp and use the following table:

Handyman xp:

Now, these tables should be able to help you determine the number of crafts to reach a certain level. Here are a few tips based on my experience:

  • It takes (241) lvl0 crafts to reach lvl20.
  • Sometimes, leveling on a cheap recipe for 100-150xp is better than gaining 200xp on recipes with hard to get materials or recipes with more mats necessary. That way, I could save the mats for the next 5lvls or so.
  • If you’re torn between a low-xp recipe and a recipe with harder than usual mats, use the table to find out the total number of crafts and materials each recipe with require you. This should help you decide.
  • Getting the total xp for every 5 levels is easy. Just multiply the starting lvl by 1000 then add either 2500 (for lower half), or 7500 (for upper half). For example: lvl35-40 is 37500xp, and lvl40-45 is 42500xp. (Which has a total of 80000xp. Equivalent to 400 schling rings for jewelers : p ).

Well that’s it. Thanks for reading : D Hope it helps.

IGN: Auto

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  1. Matt says:

    After the crafting revamp the formula changed:

    to get from level9 to level10: ( 2(10) – 1) * 75 = 1425xp.
    And getting from 59 to 60: ( 2(60) – 1) * 75 = 8925xp.

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