SWTOR Can’t Get Hard Flashpoints Quests Solution

SWTOR Can’t Get Hard Flashpoints Quests Solution by chalonverse

We were having a lot of problems trying to get the hard mode to work for Boarding Party yesterday. As a general rule of thumb, if you have the [Flashpoint] quest for a particular flashpoint, you will not be able to acquire do hard mode flashpoints. So you need to drop all of those quests first.

HOWEVER, some of the flashpoints have a pre-requisite that you get another quest before you can access the flashpoint, so you don’t want to drop those quests.

Black Talon, Battle for Ilum, and False Emperor don’t have any pre-requisites. So all you need to do is make sure you don’t have the [Flashpoint] quest, and talk to the droid/alien in front of the zone in for the flashpoint. He should give you an option to pick either Hard or Normal, so pick Hard and you’re good to go. It’s also worth noting that all three of these can be completed, though the 2nd boss in Battle for Ilum, and the last boss for False Emperor are pretty tough on Hard mode. On Black Talon, if you save the captain you will be rewarded with a chest that has level 11 loot, so that’s bugged.

Directive 7 requires you to have a separate quest. You can get this quest from the humanoid droid in the Galactic Trade area, it is called Immediate Vengeance. He will tell you to go talk to a Moff on Ziost Shadow, so go talk to the Moff. Once you complete talking to the Moff, you will now also get a [Flashpoint] quest. If you drop this [Flashpoint] quest, you will then be able to talk to the droid in front of the zone in to get Hard mode. Note that you DON’T want to drop the other Directive 7 quest you got in Galactic Trade. If you drop that you’ll be locked out of the flashpoint altogether. I have heard conflicting reports that the loot chest at the end is bugged here also, but I’m not sure.

Boarding Party requires you to have the Call to Arms quest. Go to White Nova, talk to the astromech droid. It will give you Boarding Party. Then talk to the Moff inside the group phase, and you will get the [Flashpoint] quest. Drop the [Flashpoint] quest (but keep Call to Arms), and you will now be able to talk to the Imperial in front of the instance to select Hard Mode. Currently, Boarding Party is somewhat a waste of time due to the fact that the final bosses’ chest is bugged, and will not open. So if you do this dungeon, just kill the first few bosses, but don’t bother clearing to the last one until they fix the chest.

The Foundry is the only hard flashpoint which requires you to have done another flashpoint. Once you complete Boarding Party (either on normal or hard), your Call to Arms quest will update. Go talk to the Moff inside the Group Phase again, and he will then give you the [Flashpoint] quest for the Foundry. Drop that quest (but keep Call to Arms), and then talk to the person in front of the Foundry phase. You will now also be to do the Foundry on Hard Mode. Most people say that the Foundry is nearly impossible due to a 2 minute enrage timer on the final boss.

As far as I’m aware, none of the other Flashpoints have a hard mode right now.

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