SWTOR Black Talon Vette Affection Light Side Guide

SWTOR Black Talon Vette Affection Light Side Guide by Genko

So this is just a short little map out of the chat options if you want to gain max affection with Vette. You would just do Black Talon over and over using the following chat options. I got curious and decided to sit here and see how much affection I could get for her in one run. (not in a group, did this once I could easily solo BT)

If you want Light Side points then this is a good way to do it. If you wan’t dark side points you’ll need someone to map that one out instead as it plays out a little differently. I may map it out later, but not right now.

For those that don’t know, affection will increase the speed at which your companions finish crew skill missions and crafting deployments.

The following work is credited to Malthrin (from EJ), he found the formula to determine the relationship between affection and the time it takes to complete a mission. He found that 0-450 affection provides a 1% decrease in time required to complete a mission with break points every 750 affection providing an additional 1% decrease in time.

The following shows how the percent of time it takes to complete a mission.

98% – 450 affection
97% – 1,200 affection
96% – 1,950 affection
95% – 2,700 affection
94% – 3,450 affection
93% – 4,200 affection
92% – 4,950 affection
91% – 5,700 affection
90% – 6,450 affection
89% – 7,200 affection
88% – 7,950 affection
87% – 8,700 affection
86% – 9,450 affection
85% – 10,200 affection (unobtainable)

Black Talon Vette Affection Guide

Lt Sylas:
This is my welcome?
You’re very lucky…
Third Option does not matter

Why should I?
Well, aren’t you ugly?
#3 does not matter
NOT I’ll do that

Imperial Lietenant:
For your sake, stand aside!
I’ll move.

NR-02/Captain Orzik (Bridge):
We need to aid the wounded.
Very Admirable.
This won’t be suicide. (LS)
We need your help.
This is for the best.
I’ll deal with it.

NR-02/Captain Orzik (Bridge) pt2:
Yes, and?
You honor me master.
All I want is one man.
You’re still talking?
Prepared to be amazed!
That should help.

NR-02 & Brukarra:
Reinforcements are pointless.
Quiet, machine!

Door & Padawan Yadira Ban:
You’re nothing.
Can’t we talk?

The General: (This conversation has no gains, just possible losses)
NOT I could kill you.
NOT You served the sith.
#3 does not matter.
#4 LS vs DS option – Vette will lose affection for the DS one.

Captain Orzik (Holo-communication):
NOT More to kill.

NR-02/Captain Orzik (Bridge) (Final):
#1 doesn’t matter
You’re choice Captain.
There’s not much to say.
Make sure I get credit.

Total Points: +200 Light Side Points, +455 Vette Affection Gain

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