Rose Online Orlo Quests Tips

Rose Online Orlo Quests Tips by DocJager

After getting to Orlo, which is already a pain, it’s a pain to get through the quests. However the quests are fun and worth it. So here’s some help.
I figured the quests out and hopefully I can help out some others to finish it more quickly.

Note: All monsters on Orlo are strong. I advice you party friends… or play your raider/scout and stealth your way through the maps.
That being said. Here’s how to get through the first quests.
Note2: I am on HEBARN side. I do not know if the quests are the same for Arua. However if you’re new to Orlo, I think it might be a decent overall guide :)
Note3: You NEED to have a Hebarn or Arua fate passive skill to activate and finish these quests.

Quest guide
Right after you reach Orlo. Talk to the NPC awaiting you. She’ll tell you to go to Dread captain Bruise.
Double check you got the quest and simply go west (…that would be left, for you brainiacs out there).

You should end up in the map called Wreckage of the blinding mist. Walk north and you’ll find 3 NPCs, after that you’ll see a crashed airship and on the other side is Captain Bruise.
Talk to Captain Bruise to get the quest In need of supplies
He doesn’t trust you and will only trust you if his crew likes you. So you’ll have to finish 3 quests of the crewmembers. You will have to get all these quest to be able to enter the Wasteland map!!

1. Big Hand jack- In need of food
You only need to kill 3 types of monsters.
– Desert Asper -> Should reward you 12 proofs and 5 meats.
– Hooded Asper -> 12 proofs and 5 skins.
– Crowned Asper -> 12 proofs.

The desert asper and hooded ones can be found everywhere. However the crowned are ‘hard’ to find. But not with my help!! :D
Just keep walking WEST, through the Golden ring map. You’ll cross a map without snake monsters, wasteland ruins path. Just keep moving west and you’ll find 2 entrances. Both lead to wasteland maps. Both are different maps, but contain the same mobs. You’ll find crowned aspers here.

Just get your proofs and you’re done. Easiest quest of all :)
Move East to get back.

2. Dr. Ega- In need of repairs
Most annoying quest of all. Before we even start, here’s a tip.
If no one is around. DROP your nets (they are in your inventory/consumable tab). Talk to Ega and tell her you need more nets. She’ll give you 10.
Pick up the other nets and you’ll have 15 nets. You might need it :)

This quest has 2 parts.
1. Catch 3 of those snakes.
2. Gather salvageable EQ.

We’ll start catching venomous hooded aspers. Go to the map south from the wreckage.
After that, keep walking south again. Here’s a pic of the coordinates and how the thing looks like.

DO NOT FIGHT. Just throw a net. It took me 10 nets before I got my first proof. So it’ll take patience.
You just need 3 snakes and the first part is done.

Salvageable EQ gathering
Keep moving west to end up in wasteland ruins path. From here you can go to TWO wasteland maps.
The south map contains 2 EQ.
The west map contains 4 EQ.
You need a total of 6 EQ.

It might take a while before you receive the quest item. Just keep walking around and keep trying. I know it’s a pain.
Locations are shown below.

Wasteland South

Wasteland West

NOTE: There are 2 space ship looking thingies at #4. You need the one with the King guarding it (left/west side). So the most difficult one :P
After getting these items. Head back to Dr. Ega and you’re finished.

3. Skully- In need of water
Not too hard. Just have to keep walking around in the Golden Ring maps. Find 3 cacti to give you the items.
Special thanks to Rawr for making this picture containing all locations :)

After getting 3 of these things. You’re done.

In need of supplies
After finishing all 3 quests. Head back to the captain. He’ll say he’ll trust you now and will reward you with 8mil exp and about 1mil zulies. You will also receive a special PASSIVE SKILL.
However I’m not going to spoil what that passive skill is.

Tips/hints & FAQ

corvettefreak – 12/27/2009 9:06 PM

There are 3 quests.

1. In need of food
2. In need of repairs
3. In need of water

I did only asked 1. In need of food
I COULDNT enter Wasteland Ruins Path!

When i asked the other 2 quest I COULD

So u MUST ask all 3 quests to be able to get to Wasteland Ruins Path!

Sinsholian – 1/1/2010 3:26 AM

Hey Jager,

I’ve done all the quests and all I get now are recurring quests, like the karkian darkness etc. I’ve already done them all twice, is there any other quests?

Errm… not at Blinding mist anymore.
You could try the blackbear quests. There is a blackbear NPC in the 1st map, the one you arrived. Although I don’t believe that quest gives you anything but exp. Can’t remember exactly.
Other than that there is another quest at the Shrine. The foodseller there will give a certain quest that’s only available at day or night (or so I heard). This should be the quest that will reward you those shiny new wings :)

These are all the quests on Orlo I know of.

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