Rose Online Orlo Quest Guide

Rose Online Orlo Quest Guide by DocJager

– Fate skill [Arua or Hebarn]
– Finished the Royals of Oblivion quest
– Level 180+

This quest should be obtainable at Wandering rifter Nimbo, located in the Orlean portal map at planet Orlo. The quest is obtainable after finishing another quest called ‘In need of water’. Read my guide ‘In need of supplies’ if you need help with this quest. The venomous snake spawn location is incorrect, finding the right spawn however shouldn’t be difficult. This being said, good luck with the quest.

Note: When you have to press certain sequences, I will write which option and the number of that certain option (e.g. [2,1,1] would be option 2, 1 and 1).


1. The NPC is located east from temple. Talk to him and he’ll send you to NPC Nova. She is right in front of the temple, same map. Ask her about the Blackbears. She’ll tell you a story about good (arua) and evil (hebarn) Blackbears. Later in this quest this will be of importance!!!

2. Bah, downhill again to Nimbo. Just read a bit and click the right options.

3. Nimbo says he’s noob and wants you to talk to another blackbear. It’s the NPC you did the ‘In need of water’ quest at: Deckhand Skully.
– Tell him you don’t want to bother him [2,1,1,1 etc.]

This is the first part. There isn’t much to mess up till here. From here on, be carefull. The NPC you have to go to depends on your fate. Going to the wrong NPC will result into the quest to end and you will not receive a reward. Since the reward is quite valuable, make sure to read carefully.

The Lojala caretakers [Arua] or Fidelulo Caretakers [Hebarn]

1. Deliver the letter to the right blackbear.
For Arua that would be Skualo [Lojala], located in Oasis Shrine.
For Hebarn that would be Fulmo [Fidelulo], located in Wasteland Ruins Path.
Read the quest description carefuly. Tell him you came to bring a letter [2,1,1]. You’ll get some snapper stew.

Talk to him again to continue the quest.
The previous part would be true for Hebarn supporters. As Arua supporter, you have to go to the same guy as the Hebarn guys.
– Talk to Fulmo in Wasteland path
– Arua [1,2]
– Hebarn [1,2,2,1,1]
You should now receive the Little information quest. Go spy on Skualo in Oasis.

It was already important not to talk to the wrong guy. Now it’s important to say the exact right things. Saying the wrong things will mess up the quest. I will post what to say an which number it is. If you mess up or I made a mistake in my guide, please notify and don’t be pissed ;p

Little information is a dangerous thing
Alright, here are the NPCs and options:

– Skualo: [1,1,2,1]
Skully sent me here to get a status report on the camp
It’s to gauge what supplies he’ll have to try to obtain
That’s right! Tondro asked about a large order of water, which skully needs
Thank you. I’ll include it in my report

– Ventego, storage keeper [3,1,2,1,1,1,1]
I was sent by Skully to ask about the status of the camp
Skualo asked me to speak with everyone within the camp
I am not a spy!
I respect the importance of the secrecy of your battle plans
Aren’t both sides fighting for the same reason?
If the Fidelelo have been attacking often, then your supplies must be low
Thank you for your report

– Brizo, lojala trader [2,2,2,1,1,1,1]
Skualo sent me here to ask about the conditions of your supplies
Why do you question the request of your peer?
I was just instructed to follow a request and you’re not helping
It was an urgent request from Skully regarding an order from Tondro
It was a strange order from Tondro and that’s why skully sent me urgently
It’s about a large order of water. Skully sounded urgent
Thank you for your report, I’ll be on my way

– Ekblovo, Lojala smith [4,2,2,2,1,1]
I was sent by skully to ask about how you were doing
Skully was given an unusual order by Tondro and sent me to take care of it
Just that his usual order on provision was much higher than usual
Skully was most concerned about that issue
There was no mention of any weapons…
Thank you for the report about the situation here

After gathering this information you go to Skualo [Arua] or Fulmo [Hebarn] to finish the quest.

Quest reward:
Spiritual stone of Oro (1)

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