Rose Online King’s and Queen’s Quest

Rose Online King’s and Queen’s Quest by Outrageous

as we all know Kings/Queens’s set is very important for PvP now since it add so much attack power and critical in the same time when you use it as a costume… but we all know that its also hard to farm for and takes a lot of time…

there for i have made a topic that explained how to get your king set easy without much cost … but some people were having hard time finding the mobs and there re-spawn places… etc.

so i decided to make this new topic and delete the other one putting so much effort in this one so it can be simple enf to understand and fallow .

My method is to get 2 of the Grade 5 kings medallions & 3 of the grade 3 kings medallions.

to see the table please check http://rosena-wiki.o…#King.27s_Quest for more information.

so basically all you need to farm for is 2 medallions of the following Kings { Aplysia , Mastyx and Pantharis } & 3 of the following Kings { Grand Goblin king , Tyrant and behemoth }.

Grade 3 Medallions

you need 3 of each king medallions in this Group.

there for starting with theGrand Goblin King which is located in the Goblin Cave B3 in Adventure plains
you need to know that there is
3 Grand Goblin Kings in Goblin cave each and everyone of them re-spawn after 30 min of the time it was killed at

so if you gonna use a level 100 ~ 110 char make sure you have a really good cleric that can help you with healing
best option make a Knight get it to level 100 get all the defense skills first and some reinforced gear make sure you get the first hit with it then you can attack it with your cleric or whatever char you have … works 100% and you still get the drop as long as the knight or the 1st one who hits it is at level 100 ~ 110 and still a live while the king is dead.

as for people who uses Medal of Retrieval you need to act really fast you don’t want to waste your medal so you gonna need to have some movement speed gear on you so you can make the most of the time in a good way.

back to theGrand Goblin King

all the Grand Goblin Kings Spawns at the big rooms in B3

the 1stGrand Goblin King Spawns at X : 5261 Y : 5509 map location
as you can see in the screen shot here

the 2nd Grand Goblin King Spawns at X : 5384 Y : 5290
as you can see in the screen shot here

the 3rd and last Grand Goblin King Spawns at X : 5514 Y : 4945
as you can see in the screen shot here

Hint : if you are using a level 100~110 character to kill the king, you need to pay more attention for the 3rd king because of the Golden mobs around it, it might kill you faster than you think so you might wanna kill some of them with your cleric or so before you send your char inside the room.

after you kill theGrand Goblin King go back to Junon and take the “mother ship” to Planet Luna

if you used a scroll you going to spawn right in the center of the city where you can see the Field Warp
as in the Screen shot here

head for the Field Warp and take option number 2. Arumic Valley ( Southwest )
as in the screen shot here

once you are teleported take a right turn to the first Tyrant King Location
as in the screen shot shows

there is 2 Tyrant King and 1 Elite Tyrant Warship they all drop Medallions so you gonna need to hunt all of them,however…

the 1stTyrant King Spawns at X : 5236 Y : 4744
as the screen shot shows

the 2nd Tyrant King spawns at X : 5235 Y : 4959
as the screen shot shows

HINT : you need to know that each of these Tyrant Kings Re-Spawns every 30 min

the 3rd or the last one is the Elite Tyrant Warship but it still drops Tyrant Medallions.

theElite Tyrant Warship spawns at X : 5336 Y : 5034
as in screen shot shows :

the Elite Tyrant Warship spawns every 2 minutes exactly.

after you kill the Elite Tyrant Warship use a scroll back to Ecur head for the Field warp and go out of the city from the north gate
as in the screen shot shows

after that take a left as the screen shows

after that once you reach the place in the next screen shot take a right turn to enter the Mount Eruca

once you enter Mount Eruca head to north cross the Bridge and take a left
as the screen shot shows

take another left turn to fall down into the place as in screen shot shows

you gonna find there the Elite Behemoth King it drops the Behemoth King Medallion and there is 3 of them once you kill the first one the 2nd one spawns after 2 min once you kill that the 3rd one will spawn after 2.5 min to 3 min if it didn’t spawn after 3 min you gotta use a scroll so you don’t waste more time…
Elite Behemoth King Spawns at X : 5417 T : 4634

Screen shot shows the Elite Behemoth King

after you kill it scroll back to Ecur go to the Field warp one more time
and choose option number 7. Mana Snow Field
like screen shot shows

you gonna find there the 1st Behemoth King
it spawns at X : 5090 Y : 5030

as in screen shot shows

the 2nd one just hit down the hell and just keep going until you see another hill or just head to X : 5477 Y : 4839
you gonna find the 2nd
Behemoth King there
as screen shot shows

Hint : after you kill the 1st Grand Goblin king start a stop watcher or a timer to keep reminding your self how much time you got left for the next re-spawn, make sure you there on time .. you don’t want people ksing you while you on a medal or if you’re not … so take a look at your timer after you kill the last Behemoth King you mostly gonna still have like 10 min so instead of wasting it go back to the Elite Tyrant Warship ans kill it for 3 more times that’s 6 minutes then head back to Adventure Plains get buffed and get ready to do this thing all over again.

Grade 5 Medallions

you need 2 of each King Medallion in this Group.

Starting withMastyx King : Location Orlo Western land {South}
there is only 2
Mastyx Kings takes 30 min for each one of them to re-spawns once it killed

the 1st Mastyx King spawns at X : 5205 Y : 5287
as the screen shows

the 2nd Mastyx King Spawns at X : 5077 Y : 5284

once you get your 2 Medallions go to Eldeon to start farming for the :

Pantharis and Aplysia‘s Kings.

Location : Eldeon : Sikuku Ruins

as soon as you enter the Sikuku Ruins just make sure you in the same party as your Cleric because its a PvP zone in case you didn’t know that already.

so head for theAplysia King at once even if you saw the Pantharis Kings… because Alysia King Medallions are really hard to find

the first Aplysia King is gonna be hard to find if you don’t really know your way around ruins
but anyhow it spawns at X : 5350 y : 5051
like is screen shots shows

after you kill this one you gonna find the 2nd Aplysia King at X : 5372 Y : 5144 which gonna be really close

like screen shot shows

Hint : Most of the time you gonna find many people already hunting it or just waiting for it… there is no rule for Aplysia King so you just ks and try as much as you can to get the 1st or the last hit and always stay right beneath the king and just spam pick up the item you might get it.

Pantharis Kings:

there is 4 of the Pantharis kings but there is a trick in order to make the 4 of them spawns because the 2nd Pantharis king spawns every 2 hours once if you killed all of them at the same time, so if you would like to bug the 2nd one so it spawns the 4 kings always here is what you need to do
as soon as you get to the 1st
Aplysia king look behind you, and you gonna find the 4th Pantharis King kill it then head for the Aplysia once you done with both of them go kill the others the time gap between the 4th and the 2nd King and that’s how the bug works.

anyhow …

the 1stPantharis King spawns near the last Spiders spot under the bridge at X : 5483 Y : 4539
as you can see in the screen shot

after killing the 1st one go to the 2nd one

the 2nd Pantharis King spawns at X : 5405 Y : 4552
like screen shots shows

after killing the 2nd head for the 3rd Pantharis King

the 3rd Pantharis King Spawns at X : 5211 Y : 5645

like screen shows

after killing this one if you haven’t killed the 4th Pantharis king go for it, it spawns at X : 5348 Y : 4981

after that you just do it all over again

and that’s about it… once you get all of your Medallions
2 Aplysia King Medallions.
2 Mastyx King Medallions.
2 Pantharis King Medallions.
3 Grand Goblin King Medallions.
3 Behemoth King Medallions.
3 Tyrant King Medallions.

you can go talk to [Akram Ambassador] in Junon
trade the 5th Grade Medallions for the
Cape and the Robe first.
then trade the 3rd Grade Medallions for the rest.

any Question you want to ask me just post it in the comments below and i will be checking it constantly.

if i forget anything about this topic i will be adding it as soon as i remember but i am pretty sure i got most of it.

1 last Advice it gonna be way too much better for you to get the 3rd Grade Medallions if you used your main character using a Medal of Retrieval and Medal of Fortune and whatever medallion you get as a left over you can sell and i grantee you,you will be making a lot of Zulie back i sell theBehemoth for 150 ~ 250 mill each , Tyrant 100 ~ 125 mill , Grand Goblin King 150 ~ 300 mill each so you gonna be making a good Zulie if you really luck.. it might take 2 of each Medals just to get the full 3rd Grade Medallions.

Last but not Least what ever i just typed and all the basic Information was giving to me by ROSEKiller he is a really good friend and i owe him great respect so thanks for you bro once again and i couldn’t have done this without you.

Don’t forget to Rate and comment on the Topic… your Feedback helps me to make this topic a lot better.

and Good luck to you all.

In My Topic
Purple Colored Kings drops Medallions really hard.
Red Colored Kings drops Medallions Hard.
Orange Colored Kings drops Medallions okay.
Green Colored Kings Drops Medallions easy.
Yellow Colored Kings are the Elite Ones


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