Rose Online City of Muris Guide

Rose Online City of Muris Guide by DocJager

Dear reader,
I made this guide for those too lazy to figure things out themselves. It might not be complete here and there, might have some mistakes, but it should be useful as it contains all locations of the spawns you will need.

1. Vizier’s key (how to get into Muris)
– Walk up to the gate. Now one of Arua’s or Hebarns guys will bother you and you have to kill them. After killing the guy/girl you’ll receive a key. This key is located in your consumables. Just ‘consume’ the key and you’ll receive a quest. This quest will allow you to get into Muris. Walk all the way north of the city and you’ll find Queen Alana. Talk to her and you have finished the quest.

Quest reward:

Passive skill: Vizier’s key. Will allow you to get in and out of the city. Maybe some exp too.. I can’t remember

2. News from Tondro
If possible, I suggest combining this quest with quest #4
– Talk to the Queen to receive another quest. You’ll have to go to the NPC Tondro (he’s located somwhere East of the city). He’ll give you a story about Vietnam and asks you to hunt 10 Mastyx. After hunting 10 Mastyx at the Gates of Muris, go back to Tondro. He’ll ask you to deliver a message to Big hand Jack. He’s the NPC at the shipwreck. So you’ll have to walk all the way south again to Wasteland path, move East through the Golden ring etc.. Deliver the message and go back again to Tondro. After talking to him, go the the Queen and the quest is done.

Quest reward:

Millenium backshield

3. Looking for a mate! (obtainable @ Hafis, lifestock farmer, located south-west in town)
Note: I suggest you do this quest in combination with Territorial dominance quest [see below]
– He’ll ask you to get 3 vials of blood from 3 different kind of mobs.

1. Desert Scavenger

2. Mastyx

3. Crowned Asper: Wasteland WEST

After you’re done, just turn in the vials and you’ve finished the quest. If my memory serves me right, you also had to talk to Galiya at one point. But I can’t really remember, maybe someone can refresh my memory :)

Quest reward:

Zulie and exp?

4. Stolen Goods. (Start at Solara, North in town)
Go to the tavern girl, Sahrazod (reminds me of Charizard somehow :P). Something got stolen, so ofcourse we got to go to Bighand jack again. BUT WAIT, talk to Lynd first. She is south-west in town, close to Hafis. After that, to Bighand jack. Interrogate him and find out he didn’t do it. Just follow the rest of the instructions of the quest as you just need to talk to some NPC.

Quest reward:

Desert Goggles

5. Lure the Scavengers out of town (Check Mate!?) (Start at Hafis)
Just keep running in circles at the Scavengers till all the meat is gone. You don’t have to fight any of em.

After you’re done, you’ll see a scavenger head in your Quest bar. Go to Hafis. He’ll tell you to go get some thread to make your reward. Go North to find the blacksmith Azim. Buy some thread for 2mil and go back to Hafis. Quest done.

Quest reward:

Scavenger Headmount

Territorial dominance quests (Start at Aquila, North-West outside of town)
These quest just require killing, including king. I didn’t need help from allies (party) but it sure is recommended as the bosses are tough. Just kill 20 of every mob and 1 boss (except for the Scorpions, they don’t have a king).
I’ll post the locations of the bosses, the rest you can figure out on your own. Doing these quests in combination with the story quests will save you a bunch of time!

Mastyx- Wasteland SOUTH:
Note: You need to kill the mobs to make this king spawn

Terrasaurus – Gates of Muris:
It’s West, can’t miss it.

Devourer – Wasteland Ruins path/ Wasteland Ruins
There are multiple spawns of this king and its mobs, too lazy to post all of em.

Scorpions – Everywhere
Seriously, you really can’t find scorpions?… Dude…

Snapper – Wasteland Ruins path
Note: You need to kill the mobs to make this boss spawn. It is a small spawn around the cactus.

Crowned Asper – Wasteland Ruins WEST

Vassals Attack! (Start at Kaltet XIV or Satet XIV)
Go outside Muris; Walls of Muris, and PK 10 players. You can only attack players who joined the opposite side.

Quest Reward:

100k zulies! Yay!


  • Q: I can’t do a certain quest
  • A: Make sure you finished all other quests. Including the Orlo quests in my other guide
  • Q: I can’t get into Muris
  • A: You have got to be level 200 minimum
  • Q: I can’t get any proof!!!
  • A: Just keep on trying and double check if you got the quest activated, AND if you don’t need to speak to another NPC first
  • Q: Do I need a party for these quests?
  • A: No
  • Q: I finished the territorial quests but it won’t give me a reward
  • A: Bug, GMs will fix it asap
  • Q: The boss mob really won’t spawn!
  • A: You’re doing something wrong
  • Q: There won’t appear any dialog when walking up to the gates of Muris. Even though I am level 200+
  • A: It is most likely you haven’t finished the fate quest or got a unique skill reset and simply lost your passive fate skill. Don’t ask me where to do the fate quest, someone else probably made a guide about that somewhere here on the forums. If you can get level 200, you should be able to figure these kind of things out by yourself.
  • Q: Is Arua or Hebarn better?
  • A: Doesn’t matter for these quests… but Hebarn kicks Arua’s #$% any time!!!

Special Thanks:

  • TessaNL: Helping me find the Mastyx king
  • iamkyle: pushing me in the right direction for the Giant fiery snapper
  • youichi: correcting an error

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  1. Jodie says:

    You start this explanation with “Walk up to the gate”. What gate? if you mean the locked gate on Orlo, how would have gotten to that gate if I can’t get to Orlo? The only message I get from the transport guys is “you need a Vizer’s key” I am 210 lvl

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