Repulse Common Problems and Solutions

Repulse Common Problems and Solutions by marksteele

Since most of the threads here are the same issue over and over again I figured I would make this master list that directs you to the right location.

Gameguard detects hacking software:

This means that something on your computer is conflicting with gameguard try the fix here:

If this fix does not work then use the following guide to submit your .ERL files to aeria so they can attempt to fix the issue.

You get an error message along the lines of “Repulse has stopped working….”

Try the following (credit goes to the WT sage team)

1) Disable your Firewall, Anti-Virus and Windows Defender. *
2) Make sure that your DirectX and Graphics Card Drivers ( nVidia Geforce ), ( ATI Radeon ) are up to date.
3) Make sure that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed.

I can’t get the aeria downloader to work!!!!!

Try the method mentioned here:

if you cannot see the Akamai Netsession Inteface Control Panel you can use this download which will download Akamai. There’s a second part to the download that makes you open a file called “Open 10MB.bin” which is unnecessary and when you get to this part you can just cancel. Also, don’t forget you need to restart the installer to get it to work.

If nether of these work then use one of the unofficial mirrors located here

I can get in game but its laggy and unplayable

This generally means that your system does not meet the minimum requirments, check them here

If your computer meets all the requirements try the steps located here to speed up your network and hardware:

Another major issue is that the akamai downloader operates on a “peer to peer” basis and even when you have finished downloading the game it will still use your computer to upload the files. Uninstalling it will reduce the load on your internet.

When I launch the game I get a message that says “failed to execute the game client”

Make sure you are launching the game from the shortcut the game installs. If you are not then navigate to the folder where you installed the game (default c:aeriagamesrepulse) and run “R_Launcher.exe”. DO NOT run “Repulse.exe” as this will return the exact error message you are seeing.

When I try to login I get a message that my account is already logged in

There is no known fix for this situation, however it is known to resolve itself over time. You can also send in a contact us ticket to

The Akamai Problem by maxai123

Hi guys, here is the solution for the Akami problem with the download.

Go to Control Panel
Search for Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel
Go to Advanced (or preferences) (the second tab)
At Services, click on Start.
[If it’s already on Start, click stop and start again]

Can’t find it?
Download it at (thanks to ehbaybay)
I will expand this list as more solutions become available

Common issues and Questions by GMDropkick

Q: I received a special promotion code. How do I redeem it?
A: Make sure that you have already created a character in Repulse. If you have not, you will not receive the promotional items. Copy the code into the stated redemption box linked from the partner website. Log into Repulse and open “Storage”. Acquire your items.

Q: I tried to redeem my redemption code BEFORE I made a character. Now I am receiving an error message when I try to redeem my items again.
A: Please use “contact us” and state your problem. You will then receive further instructions based on your promotion code.

Q: I keep getting a “Hacked detected” message and removed from the game. I do not hack and I have not downloaded any illegal third party software.
A: Please take the following steps: Completely uninstall and reinstall Repulse. Make sure you do not add any additional files into the Repulse directory. Disable your firewall and anti-virus Software. Turn off any script or macros that may be on your computer. Additionally, please review this Thread for more information about troubleshooting gameguard:

Q: I received the following message when downloading the Repulse client:
“Cannot install Akamai. You must run as administrator or enable User Account Control on your computer.”

A: Please take the following steps: Go to your Control Panel. Search for Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel. Go to advanced (or preferences) (the second tab). At Services, click on Start.
For more discussion about this matter, please review the forum thread here:

Additionally, please use “contact us” if you would like to speak to Aeria Customer Service.

Q: Will my character be deleted after Closed Beta?
A: Yes – all progress in Repulse will be deleted after Closed beta has ended in preparation of Open beta and then Release.

Q: I have found a bug. How do I report it?
A: Please feel free to fill out our bug form here:

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