MechQuest Mecha Stats and Builds Guide

MechQuest Mecha Stats and Builds Guide by SoulWing

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Table of Contents:
1. Overview [MSBG1]
2. What do Stats do?
3. How training works
4. Which Stat should I invest my Stat Points in?
5. House Builds
6. Stat Formulas
7. Credits and Thanks

1. Overview [MSBG1]

Welcome to my second guide! This guide addresses a very pivotal mechanic in the game: stats. These can help you in various way like reducing the damage you take or, increasing your chances to dodge a hit. This guide will also help you on how to invest stats , and which stats are preferred to what house. Also, there are over 30 combinations for you to try out and experiment! So, let’s start on the guide!

What do Stats do? [MSBG2]

A very good question! These are what the six stats are and what they do:

[*]Power: This stat increases the damage you do.
[*]Accuracy: This stat increases your chances to hit the enemy.
[*]Efficiency: This stat lowers the amount of energy used on each attack.
[*]Perception: This stat lowers the amount of damage you take.
[*]Reflex: This stat increases your chance to dodge a hit. it also helps you go first in a battle.
[*]Luck: This stat can do a multitude of effects:
[*]Luck increases your chance to do Critical Hits (hits that do Double Damage[:)])
[*]Decreases your chances to be stunned
[*]Helps you go first in a battle more than Reflex does, but you still are not guaranteed to go first in a battle

3. How training works [MSBG3]

You can’t get stats if you don’t train them in class, so here’s how to get to class:
1.First, Go to Gears University.
2.Second, go into the building and talk to Denara.( the Teacher in the Wolfblade Jacket with long, blond hair.)
3.Finally, hit the “Classes” button, then click on “Mecha Piloting 101”. Here, you will be able to train stats.

Here’s how Mecha Piloting 101 works:

[*]In class, click the Red Arrows that point to the right to train a Stat, and you click the Red Arrows that point to the left to cancel out stats you don’t want to train.

[*]Non-Star Captains can train 5 points per level, while Star Captains can train a bonus of 6 points per level. As your level becomes higher, you will have more stats to train and use. For example:

[*]For Non-Star Captains, the very simple formula: (Your Level)*5= The Total Amount of Stat Points you can use at your level. Say for instance, your level is 17. Then, since 17*5=85, that means at level 17, you will have a total of 85 points to use however you feel.

[*]For Star Captains, the Formula: (Your Level)*6= The Total Amount of Stat Points you can use at your level. For example: Your level is 33. Since 33*6=198, then at level 33, you can use 198 Stat Points however you like!

[*]After choosing what stats to invest/un-invest, you will battle a random enemy with the EXACT stat makeup as you.

[*]Oh no!, Did you accidentally train a stat you didn’t want to train? Well, Too Bad!(Just Kidding!) Unlike AdventureQuest, you don’t need to go through a very long quest to find an Un-Trainer to untrain by losing. It’s much more convenient in Mechquest: If you want to un-train a couple stat points, just click the Red Arrows that point to the left to untrain a stats.

[*]Non-Star Captains can only un-train a total of 5 stats while Star Captains can un-train a total of 6 points at a time. But if you want to try a completely new stat make-up, reset all you trained stats by clicking the “Untrain all” button. But, don’t play with that button. You just might accidentally reset all your stats!

And that’s how the stat training & class works!

4. Which Stat should I invest my Stat Points in? [MSBG4]

That’s too, a very good question! Well if you feel like dodging a lot, then choose stats like Reflex and Luck. If you feel like you want to hit VERY hard, choose stats like Luck and Power. Like wise, if you feel like conserving energy, then Efficiency and Perception can turn the tables to your favor. These are just example of just how many ways you can use stats in battle. Really, there is no such thing as a ” Stat Build that totally PWNS all enemies!” The way to invest your stats really comes down to factors like these:

1. “What’s my style of battle?/ What’s my style of battle?”
2. “Do I just kill quickly with ridiculous amounts of attack power, or do I take my time to make the right decisions?”
3. “Do I wait to utterly annihilate the opponent only when the time is right, or do I just finish the battle as soon as possible?”.

So, as a general, the way you arrange your stats really just depends on your style of battle. But, here are some reasons on what stats might possibly be right for you:

1. Power, if you like a small, permanent increased passive damage in your attacks.
2. Reflex, if you like to dodge a lot, and have a small chance to go first in a battle.
3. Perception, if you like to suffer minimal damage from atacks.
4. Luck, if you like random side effects. (look at section “What do Stats do?” for info on luck)
5. Efficiency, if you like to save energy when using a move.
6. Accuracy, if you like to make sure your hits, well, hit. XD!

Note: Don’t spread out your stats on all areas, as you will get bonuses, but the bonuses are so tiny, that it will hinder you more than help you.

Here are a couple examples of builds and stats you should have by level 33:

The Lucky Dodger : I use this build Myself. It provides good dodging Support and a supply of critical hits.
[*]Reflex: Half your current amount of Stat Points
[*]Luck: The other half of your total Stat Points

Pure Power Build: This Build Focuses on pure power. It does Great amounts of damage and Critical Hits, but it can be hindered by the lack of Accuracy.
[*]Power: 50% of your stat points
[*]Luck: The rest of your remaining Stat Points

The Survival Tank: This build focuses on using less energy and taking in less-than-normal damage, good for long battles.
[*]Perception: 100 Stat Points
[*]Efficiency: The rest of your remaining Stat Points

The Turbo Reflex Build: This build is focused ENTIRELY on dodging hits that the opponent, making it hard to make the opponent hit you, saving you HP.
[*]Reflex: All of your Stat Points.

Reflexive Luckatron Build: This build can help because you get very nice benefits (See section “What do Stats do?”) from the Luck Stat, while good dodging support from the Reflex Stat.
[*]Luck: 80%
[*]Reflex: 20%

The Unhitter Hitter: This build can hit a lot while dodging a whole lot too!
[*]Reflex : 50% of your SP
[*]Accurracy : 50% of your SP

There are many combinations of builds to try as I said before. One thing: Keep in mind that you shouldn’t spread your Stat Points to more than 3 Stats as they are a Jack-of-all-Trades build, but they don’t have any real benefits. And don’t feel limited to these examples; there are over 40 combinations of Stat Makeups, so feel free to make up your stat build to however you desire for what’s right for you!

5. House Builds [MSBG5]

Can you believe how useful these stats can be when used right? They are so versatile, they even apply to the style of the house your in! For example:

[*] Wolfblade: Strong and Powerful. Low Energy, Fixed damage Range, can convert energy into big attacks that overwhelm the enemy. Accuracy and Power fit perfectly for Wolfblade.
[*] Mystraven: Lucky Criticals and Reflexes. Random Damages that can hit both High and Low. Reflex and Luck fit perfectly for house Mystraven’s style.
[*] Runehawk: Multiple Effects, After-Effects, and Damage Reduction. All Runehawk Mechas have high energy. Runehawk’s ideal stats are Luck and Power.

For Wolfblade:, I suggest a nice serving of Power, for high damage and that Wolfblade’s weapons have a fixed damage range, so you noticeably hit stronger, Accuracy, to make sure your hits don’t miss, or optionally, Luck, for those Big critical hits when you’re lucky. The General Stat Build is that you do ridiculous amounts of damage that don’t miss, causing BIG trouble for your enemy. Also this house has a specialty for stunning, and turning energy into power or draining energy, such as the Advanced Wolfblade’s Mega Annihilation special when the damage is multiplied by 2.5 for double the energy cost, and the Standard Wolfblade’s ability to drain EP and give it to you. Here’s what your stats should generally be invested in for house Wolfblade by level 33 (so many choices!):

Accurate Hitter:
[*]Power: 85-100 Stat Points
[*]Accuracy: 85-100 Stat Points

A Wolfblade’s mecha packs the Strength but it’s shortcoming is the Accuracy, so this build will help cover that weakness up while hitting very hard.

Power Hitter
[*]Luck: 85-100
[*]Power: 85-100

A very good build because, Power increases damage, while Luck gives a bigger chance to do critical hits, so this is a Pure damage build, but can be rendered useless by Accuracy Reduction.

but wait, the Lucky Hitter build works just fine too!

[*]Luck: 85-100
[*]Accuracy: 85-100

This is a good build because you can score Critical Hits, while not worrying that they’ll miss, causing you to have the edge in battle, not your enemy.

Power Saver
[*]Power: 85-100
[*]Efficiency: 85-100

This is a good build for Wolfblade because you save energy while hitting hard with the damage boost from the Power Stat. Also note this is a viable option because Wolfblade Standard and Advanced Version Mechs have the lowest energy capacity of all the House Mechas.

Accurate Saver
[*]Efficiency: 85-100
[*]Accuracy: 85-100
Very good for two reasons: You save Energy while having all your attacks connect, so you can focus on your enemy instead of worrying that you’ll lose the battle.

Advanced General
[*]Power: 70-90
[*]Perception: 60-80
The Advanced General has high perception to take little damage and lots of strength to deal lots.

For Mystraven, I suggest a helping of Reflex and Luck, as that’s is the typical bonuses of house Mystraven. You could also optionally choose Accuracy, to make sure that those juicy Criticals hit. I would avoid Power because Mystraven’s damage range is just too random to do and real change, but some extra damage doesn’t hurt. The General way here is to land many Critical hits , while if you have an Advanced House Mecha, you make it excessively hard of them to hit you (because of Reflex), while you hammer away at the enemy’s HP. Here’s what your builds and stats should generally be invested in for house Mystraven by level 33:

Lucky Shenanigans:
[*]Reflex: 85-100
[*]Luck: 85-100

Mystraven’s Specialties: Luck and Reflex. The idea is to dodge a lot while packing Critical Hits left and Right, so you’ll hammer away at your enemy’s HP while they’re scaping all their resources to try to hit you.

Power Dodger:
[*]Reflex: 85-100
[*]Power: 85-100

Dodge+Power= Huge advantage. Why, because While you’re dodging a lot, you’ll get a power boost from the Power Stat and annihilate your enemy to pieces from massive damages.

For Runehawk, I recommend a hearty course of Power, and Luck. Power, because it powers up your moves , and Luck, for an extra “Ting” on your specials, plus Critical Hits are nice too. Efficiency is optional as you save vital energy in your reserves. But, I wouldn’t choose Perception because, even if Runehawk Mechas have low Health, their after effects, plus Mana Shields make Perception useless. The Way this works is that Power compensates for the lack of damage boosting capabilities while Luck gives you an extra boost on specials and Critical Hits. Here’s what your stats should generally be invested in for house Runehawk by level 33:

Power Summoner:
[*]Power: 85-100
[*]Luck: 85-100

Runehawk is not so hot when it comes to Power and hitting hard, so this build will help you change that because you’ll get more damage from your attacks, while Critical Hits from the Luck Stat increases your damage even further while doing more other useful effects.

Luck Saver
[*]Luck: 85-100
[*]Efficiency: 85-100

With those new Mana Drain Specials and Mana Shields (if you Have the Advanced Hawk Version) you need to save all the energy, while still hitting hard. Fortunately, Efficiency is the answer to that problem, so this build helps you save energy while still keeping up the ability to hit hard with damage and After-Effects.

Power Saver
[*]Power: 85-100
[*]Efficiency: 85-100

The ol’ Drill: Hit hard while saving energy, and you’ll prosper in your battle by survivability. This is one of the most common builds I’ve seem Runehawk Players use, so this is a good build to surely use.

Shielded Battlemage:
[*]Luck: 85-100
[*]Perception: 80-100

This is a pretty good build for Runehawk because one, Perception decreases the damage you take (Combine it with Mana Shield for ultimate results), and Luck to still hit hard. With this build, you’ll laugh behind your computer monitor as your opponent struggles to even nick your health while you finish them off in the process.

Stats, when used right for the appropriate House, can make you a force to be reckoned with.

6. Stat Formulas: [MSBG6]

Lately, I’ve seen many topics regarding what the Stat Formulas are. The Stat Formula is a special equation coded in the game to determine how much of a bonus you get from each stat. An example of the Power Stat Formula could possibly* be (possibly, because the real formulas have not been released to the general public): Your Power/20= Damage Boost, so: If your power was 80, then 80 (your power)/20=4%, meaning for all attacks, you will get a permanent, passive boost of 4% extra damage per attack. Again, the Real Formulas for each stat have not been released to the general public, so there is no way to show how to estimate the true blue bonuses of each stat. But who knows, maybe the Stat Formulas might be released to the General Gaming Public one day!

7. Credits and Thanks [MSBG7]

This guide couldn’t have been possible without the help of these generous people: New, Zeke50100, MechaMistMage, Wat Tambor, Zebac64,1337 Ch0C01473, Hauntar, and The Game

I would like to thank Venturer90 for entrusting me with another guide of his. Thank you Venturer, and good luck!

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