MechQuest Choosing A House Guide

MechQuest Choosing A House Guide by AoW

Hello, this guide is to help you choose the right house. All houses are supposed to be equal, meaning there should be no best house. Please be aware that I have two characters in each house so I am not leaning towards one house. Remember that this is completely your decision. To get to a certain point in this guide, hold CTRL and F then copy the code to get to that section.

Table of Contents
[h1]Houses: Why are they important?
[h2]What are the houses?
[h3]How to join
[h7]Westion Fire War
[h8]Gears Games 3
[h10] Useful Links
[h11] FAQ
[h12] Credits

[h1]Why are houses important?

Houses are important for three reasons: First, they give different mechs with different strengths and weaknesses. Second, your allegiance affects who you fight for in the Gears Games. The third reason is that you get different weapons.

[h2]What are the houses?
There are three houses that represent classes.
Wolfblade is the warrior house. Their mechs resemble warriors, and their values are honor and courage. Their goal is to gain the wolfblade.
Runehawk is the mage class. Their mechs resemble mages, and their main quality is wisdom. The main goal of Runehawk is to figure out what happened to the dragons.
Mystraven is the rogue class. Their mechs look like assassins, and their qualities are stealth, and, to some extent, immaturity. Mystraven is the house that just goes with the flow. Their goal is to find out what is behind the Mystraven door.

[h3] How to join
To join a house, you have to go through the labyrinth. In this place, you move with the arrow keys and the red things on the screen are enemies. If you run into one, you will have to fight it. As you walk, your energy will be replinished a little bit. At the end, there is a chest that gives you credits equal to your level times 200. Don’t worry too much about it, as it’s easy, but you will need a good mech to beat the minotaur. If you need a mech, the Index of Mecha Bases has all mechs available for all levels. Here is the page for the Labyrinth quest. However, you can avoid fighting the Mino-Ton by simply waiting till it comes out and rushing to the chest. In fact, you don’t need to fight any enemies at all, as they all follow predictable patterns and can be easily avoided.

[h4] Wolfblade

House wolfblade has won all three Gears Games so far. This house’s weapons and mechs are more focused on damage, and the damage ranges are more stable. These mechs have higher Hp and lower Ep for their levels. These are the weapon effects for the standard mecha:

Standard Wolfblade
Fa: Chance of Stun.
Ba: Chance of 50% Extra damage.
Shoulders: Chance of 50% Extra damage
Body: Steals energy (Available only at levels 20 and up).

Here are the weapon specials for the Advanced Wolfblade:

Advanced Wolfblade
Fa: Has a chance of a crit with bonus damage, totaling 225% damage, but for double energy. At levels 35 and 40, it only uses 1.5x more energy).
Ba: A slight increase in critical hit chance and bonus damage.
Shoulders: The first use has a chance of -50 defense for 99 turns. If this activates, the next special will be -20 damage for 99 turns.
Body: Chance for 2-turn stun.
Head: Increases own damage by 18 and nerfs accuracy by 30 for 5 turns.
If SC, it increases your own damage by 10 for 5 turns and decreases your own accuracy by 6 for 5 turns.
At levels 35 and 40, it doesn’t reduce your accuracy. Activates even when missed.

Here are the links to the house, weapons, mechs, uniforms, and house leaders.
Wolfblade Weapons
Wolfblade House
Wolfblade Male
Wolfblade Female

[h5] Mystraven

House mystraven is the middle house. The mechs have average Hp and Ep for their levels. Their damage ranges are very wild. Here are the weapon effects for the standard mecha:

Standard Mystraven
FA: Chance of 6-8 damage DoT.
BA: Chance of 3-turn stun. Quite rare.
Shoulders: Chance of x2 damage. Rarer than WB’s shoulders.
Body: Chance of reduced damage and energy attacking (available only at levels 20 and up).

And the specs for the Advanced MR:

FA: Chance of stun and chance of DoT.
BA: Chance of lowering defense by number of hits connected (4 total) times 10.
Shoulders: Chance of a critical hit.
Body: Will boost damage by 10 and do DoT.
If SC, nerfs opponent’s hit chance by 50 and boosts damage by 30 for 5 turns.
Head: Chance of -30 hit. If the SC Smokescreen is active, it cannot activate.

These are MR-related links.
Mystraven Weapons
Mystraven Male
Mystraven Female
Standard Mystraven
Advanced Mystraven

[h6] Runehawk

Runehawk is the final house. The mechs have low Hp and high Ep for their levels, and damage that is less stable than WB but less wild than MR. The specials for the standard mecha:

Standard Runehawk
FA: Chance of 6-8 DoT, +10% damage for that hit, 3-turn stun, or healing 1/2 of total HP.
BA: Chance of 8-12 DoT.
Shoulders: Chance of +50% damage.
Body: Chance of using extra energy to deal extra damage that cannot miss (available only for levels 20+).

And the

Advanced RH
FA: Chance for halting energy regen.
BA: Chance of DoT, EDoT, or boosted critical hit chance.
Shoulders: Chance of doing EDoT to your enemy while healing your HP. At levels 35 and 40, they stack.
Body: Activates a reflect shield, which reflects damage back to your opponent and boosts defense by 5.
If SC, 60% of enemy damage will be redirected into your energy. WARNING: There’s a bug where DoTs will do extra damage to your energy but heal your HP. Be careful around DoT-based enemies.
Head: Against equippable enemies, it has a chance of forcing 1 of their weapons to have +2 cooldown.
Against unequippable enemies, it has a chance of lowering damage by 50% for 2 turns.

Runehawk Links
Runehawk Male
Runehawk Female

Also, at higher levels, all the Advanced House Mecha have a higher special activation rate, and a variety of buffs.

[h7] Westion Fire War
SPOILER ALERT! The following will spoil the story.

A while ago, there was a fire war on westion. The House Leaders came to Westion because of the house artifacts. Unfortunately, when they landed they crashed, so you have to rescue the leaders in a quest. After you rescue your leader (Xaria for WB, Casca for MR, Jaania for RH), they tell you that, if you beat Pyras, they will get closer to unlocking a house artifact. After you beat Pyras, you go into a cave and get something for your house leader.
If you’re in WB, you get a sword to fill one of the slots around the main blade. Currently, the slot being filled is not coded in.
Runehawk gets a rune for their cube.
Mystraven acquires a key for their door.

[h8] Gears Games 3
A small note: At the end of the third Gears Game, Xaria was kidnapped by the Shadowscythe and Anastasia became the person you talk to at the wolfblade house.

[h9] Abbreviations
Hp = Hit Points
Ep = Energy Points
Wb = Wolfblade
Rh = Runehawk
Mr = Mystraven
DoT = Damage over Time
Fa = Front Arm
Ba = Back Arm

[h10] Useful Links
Advice and Tips for New Players (or not so new players)
Runehawk House Board
Mystraven House Board
Wolfblade House Board
Mecha Stats & Stat Builds Guide

[h11] FAQ

Q: How many houses can you join? A: You can only join 1 house.

Q: Can you change houses? A: Not whenever you want. You can only change houses during a Gears Game by betraying that house. A Gear Games usually happens every year.

Q: What happens if you betray a house? A: You can only go back if you betray the other two houses. If you use that house’s mech, it will have 10 Hp and 1 Ep. You can’t acess any of your old house’s shops and you can’t wear its uniform.

[h12] Credits

Thanks very much AE for creating a great game
Thanks to PD for the stat guide
Thanks to Vampire Fexy for the index of mecha bases and to everyone who helped make the entries for the mechs
Thanks to Karika for the guide
Thanks to Kuld for the abbreviations from the Abbreviations guide
Thanks very much Sheriff Duncan and Forumlogin for the information and suggestions
Thanks to Dudu Master for final corrections

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