How to Access Laptop Bios

Key combinations to access Laptop Bios by verf

Acer: – Ctrl+Alt+Esc

ALR PC: (F2) or (Ctrl)(Alt)Esc)

AMI BIOS: (Del), (F1) or (F2)

AST, Advantage, Award, Tandon: – Ctrl + Alt + Esc

ASUS: F2, Ctrl+Alt+Esc to choose boot device

Award BIOS: (Del) or (Ctrl)(Alt)(Esc)

Compaq: (F10) (do this when the cursor is in the upper right corner of the screen blinking)

Dell: – F1 or Del.

Dell: – Some require pressing reset twice

Dell: – Ctrl + Alt + Enter


Gateway 2000: – F1

Hewlett Packard: – F1


* Older Models – In order to get into the configuration of the IBM setup screen (CMOS) screen you need to hold down both mouse buttons during bootup.
* Aptiva – Press F1
* IBM PS/2: (Ctrl)(Alt)(Ins) after (Ctrl)(Alt)(Del)
* IBM PS/2 with reference partition: – Press Ins during boot
* Some PS/2s, such as 75 and 90: – Ctrl Alt ?
* Some PS/2s when pointer at top right of screen: – Ctrl + Ins

NEC: – F2

Packard Bell: – F1 or F2

Phoenix BIOS: (F1), (F2), or (Ctrl)(Alt)(Esc)

Phoenix BIOS: – Ctrl Alt S

Phoenix BIOS: – Ctrl S

Phoenix BIOS: – Ctrl Alt Ins

Sharp Laptop 9020: – F2

Sony: (F3) while you are starting the PC, then (F2) or (F1)

Tandon computers: – Hold down the key after turning on power

Tandon: – Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Toshiba Laptops: – Toshiba Utility

Toshiba: – Press Esc during boot

Toshiba, Phoenix, late model PS/1 Value Point and 330s: – Press F1 during boot

Olivetti PC Pro: – Shift Ctrl Alt + Num Pad Del

Miscellaneous PC’s: – Ctrl + Esc or Ctrl and Alt and +

Zenith: – Ctrl Alt Ins

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