Glory Destiny Online Server Clock Time Guide

Glory Destiny Online Server Clock Time Guide by 好人

1. Hope this will reduce the amount of people who keep asking “when”.
2. This is only for Winblows 7 and Vista.
3. For Linux users, PM me to know how to. We settle it LIKE A GEEK.


I) Click on your clock on the bottom of the taskbar.

II) Click on the “Change date and time settings”

III) This thing appears. Click on the “Additional Clocks” tab

IV) Pay attention to these:
a) Tick the “Show this clock”
b) Set the timezone to “UTC +8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore”
c) Name the clock to “Glory Destiny”

V) Finally, you will see like this.

Now there’s no need for you to bother with Server time anymore. Unless you’re born with some mental illness, you won’t find any trouble getting the right time. Good luck.

ps: Don’t bother with my main clock, I’m on the same country and timezone as server so, figured.

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    plaese bring us drop list sigil from any monsters in GDO.

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