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Glory Destiny Online Frequently Asked Questions by lostgirl

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server: glory destiny online s1 english

Normal Questions

1. Where is the auction house?
Its located on the Frost Forest map on the map it looks liek an outdoor stall vendor icon. NPC named
GS Middleman – 253, 513

2. Where do I find the blue materials for my crafting?
Most blue crafting items are located in the dungeons and dropped by the mobs or boss. Example: level 29 dungeon drops light-swallowing black jade and rainbow canceling crystal, Level 34 dungeon drops Kallaite.

3. Where do I find the boss from the drill sergent quest?
When you get the quest you talk to him again and he will teleport you inside to fight the boss 1 on 1.

4. How do I talk on world chat?
You need a world horn, from the level up gift set (magical beast jade) or cash shop.;=217&extra;=page%3D1

5. I have no more quests to do how can I level now?
Take your time to join a clan then purchase guild quests from GS: Clan manager on maps with a flag icon, higher level than frost forest.

6. How do I use a sigil?
Remove the gear you want to put it on if you are wearing it. Right click the sigil then click your gear. Make sure the sigil is the right type for it, so weapon to weapon, hand to hand, and so on. You can only place 1 sigil per equipment.

7. How do you auto route?
Right click the quest part you want to go to from the quest tracking list. Or open the quest list and click the pink lolipop it looks like.

8. I’m sick of clicking, how do I hit without clicking?;=105&extra;=page%3D2
turn your camera angle to 1 or 3 and then point at mob, right click hold, left click hold, release right, release left. Move your mouse as you please over the mobs you want to attack.

9. What does aggression mean?
Its how strong your pull of the mob’s focus is. So the tank should have all the aggression, you want the mob to attack only the tank. Tank = more aggression = good good. We don’t want the priest to have aggression that would be bad bad =^.^=!

10. How do I leave a party?
Right click your self in the upper left corner and you will see an option to leave party. Make sure you click around your name.

11. How do I reset a dungeon?
The same way you leave a party. Right around your name on the upper left corner you will see “reset instance”.

12. How do I use the pet stable?
Can’t be the pet you use to fight or merged with, recall it or unmerge if you want to put that one in.
Click the picture part of their area once and let go.
You should see the picture attacked to your pointer now.
Move it to the other side and click again.

Seasonal Event Questions:

1. How come I can’t open the quest from Mr. Wang’s New Year quest?
Stand next to him to open the quest item and make sure you have 3 slots open.

2. Why can’t I turn in my quest after I walked the animal for Mr. Wang.
It is a timed quests that gives you a 10 minute buff. If you do not complete it in that time you have failed. Abandon the quest and retake it.

3. What do I do with the tickets that say silver*2 or 3 or 4 or whatever number?
sell it to the npc for money

4. How do I do the nian clues?
Carry 1 nian fur, horn, claw and talk to pami next to Mr Wang. Talk to her about clues and she will give you a buff and maybe even an item (random might not get anything). I got a fireworks back piece that gives 5% crit.

5. How do I catch a baby nian?
Get a buff from pami where you turn in 1 nian claw, horn, and fur (not 100% sure this is necessary but do it anyways). I then proceeded to look for a Yellow ki on different channels which only spawns for a total of 10 min. You can auto route to the spot on the map going to yellow ki or red flame or green shi. I found one and then I said on world chat and everyone came running to kill it. You will need to do this cuz its hard to kill with a few people. After it died a bunch of baby yellow kyrin pets spawned. Turn off your pet attack mode if it is on. Then start hitting an hp below 50% then use your dumpling on it. I hotkey mine and then I pressed the hotkey and clicked the pet. Don’t accidentally kill it. It seems like it only will let you try 1 dumpling per mob or it takes a while for it to let you try again on same mob. So it took me like 1 out of 4 tries to get a yellow. The person in my party got 2 green but I dunno how many tries he took. Once it failed on a pet I moved on to the next one. Pray that no jerk hits the mob and kills it while you are doing it cuz you have to start over again on a new one.
After checking afterwards as well the dumplings do not seem to work if they are random mobs long after the boss has died. It seems like it has to be mobs spawned from the mound that are produced from when the boss died (unconfirmed) or it may just be they are catchable right after the boss dies. Also catchable if you use a noisy firecracker to spawn them (posted by Rob below). The ones that are spawned by hitting the mound don’t seem to be useable with the dumpling.

6. Where can I get the chung li type costume hat?
After killing a nian: the yellow ki, green shi, or red flame there will be a chest in your mail. It is very similar to the invasion. You don’t have to be the first person to hit but you need to hit it once (hit it once posted by rob). When you open it you could get a costume piece or a level 55 gem or something else.

Glory Destiny FAQ by GloryD

Important Date

Question: When is the Close Beta?
Answer:Official Close Beta Test is on 3rd January 2012 2pm(GMT+8), the character data will be clear after CB end.

Question:When is the Open Beta?
Answer:Please check our announcement on Official Website for more Open Beta news.

About Login

Question:The launcher is too large, i cant press the login button.
Answer:Please hide your task bar to press login button. We will settle the issue ASAP.

Question:I had click Start Gaem button, but it still don’t has any respond, what should I do?
Answer:Please Dowload the following patch, place it on the GDOnline Folder, run it. Restart your PC and try to login again. If you still face same problem, please contact our MSN Customer Service

dll repair.bat (41 Bytes, Downloads: 61)

About Game

Question: How to change the perspective?

Answer:We have three type or perspective control in

1. Angle Lock: You may not change view angle in this mode.。
2. Control perspective with [Q]and [E] key
3. Control perspective with mouse.

Question: How to send private message?
Answer: Type: /ttarget nicknamecontent

Question:Why the level of my pet never go up?
Answer:  There are two situations;
1. Your pet’s level same as yours.
2. You are attacking the monters that level lower than you 5 or above.

Question:I had complete all my mission, what should i do?
Answer:Click “L”, Check whether it still have undo mission. If no, Up level and check again.

Question:How to send letter to other players?
Answer:Look at the Mini Map, there are a letter icon there. Open it and send your message.

Question:How to split item?
Answer:Press and hold Shift key, left click the item and then key in th amount you want, place the item at empty slot.

Question:Are the equipment bound?
Answer:All the equipment bound after

Question:Can I dye my equipment?
Answer:Yes, you can. Buy the item at items shop.

Question:Do this game has autorun system?
Answer:Yes, you may use it at mission log or mission tracking.

Question:How to make a Sweet heart?
Answer:Declare your love when you press on your target, right click at the target name above screen.

Question:Why the hotkey for my left click doesn’t work?
Answer:You must double click left click or press and hold Alt key to use left click skill.

Question:How to take photo?
Answer:Press Print Screen key on your keybaord and capture what you want! Press Alt+H to hide other log.

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