Final Fantasy XIV Weaponskills and Magic Combo Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Weaponskills and Magic Combo Guide by Zel

Combo are simple enough to do. To start a combo you only need enough TP for the first weaponskill, and when the criteria is meet from using the first weaponskill/spell. The weaponskill/spell that follows the first weaponskill/spell will glow purple around it. While it is glowing purple you have about 10 secs to activate it to complete the combo. Now if the mob after starting the combo and the weaponskills/spell is still glowing purple you have the same 10 sec to continue the combo onto a new target.

A combo icon will appear when a combo is trigger.

*After the First Weaponskills all combo Weaponskills that follow will waived all TP and make them free to use

**If a weaponskill in the combo says it gain somthing from doing a action from a specific directions you must do the same to also trigger or continue a combo. (example:Vorpal Thrust “stand behind mob” → Impulse Drive “left or right of the mob” → Chaos Thrust “should activate” )

***If you miss during a combo eps. the three weaponskills combo the combo will fail or not activate, or use a incorrect weaponskill/spell during the combo it fails and need to be restarted.

Example: PGL Pummel → Concussive Blow → Simian Thrust = Increased Damage

Pummel Delivers a melee attack. Damage increased when executed from in front of the target.
TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10sec.
(Any weaponskill that has a specific position for bonus effect will be the spot you need to stand for combo trigger)

So standing at mob front i get my 1k TP and hit the weaponskill and this should happen when combo has been triggered.

Aura Pulse and Concussive Blow are now glowing Purple cause they both can be used in a combo, but i will use Concussive Blow as it does a three weaponskill combo.

Concussive Blow Delivers a melee attack. Chance to inflict Blind when executed from the right or left of the target.
Combo Action: Pummel
Combo Bonus: Increased damage.
TP: 1500 / Recast Time: 30sec.

As the weaponskill says left or right, i move to either side within the 12 seconds you have before combo fails. Now my action bar looks like this after doing the weaponskill.

Now Simian Thrust is glowing purple and is the last weaponskill of the combo.

Simian Thrust Delivers a ninefold melee attack with low damage.
Combo Action: Concussive Blow
Combo Bonus: Increased damage.
TP: 2000 / Recast Time: 80sec.

If no direction is listed on the weaponskill that means you can activate it any spot around the mob.

Weaponskill & Spells Combo List


Pummel → Aura Pulse = Chance to inflict Slow

Pummel → Concussive Blow = Increased Damage

Pummel → Concussive Blow → Simian Thrust = Increased Damage

Pounce → Sucker Punch = Chance to increase absorb MP effect

Pounce → Demolish = Dispels an effect

Pounce → Demolish → Howling Fist = Increased Damage

Pummel: TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10sec.
Pounce: TP: 1500 / Recast Time: 20sec.


Fast Blade → Flat Blade = Increased enmity

Fast Blade → Savage Blade = Increased damage

Fast Blade → Savage Blade → Goring Blade = Increased Bleed damage

Riot Blade → Rage of Halone = Increased accuracy

Fast Blade: TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10sec.
Riot Blade: TP: 2000 / Recast Time: 80sec.


Heavy Swing → Skull Sunder = Increased enmity

Path of the Storm → Whirlwind = consume TP to increase damage when you are below 50% HP

Brutal Swing → Maim = Increased accuracy

Brutal Swing → Maim → Godsbane = Increased critical rate

Heavy Swing: TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10sec.
Brutal Swing: TP: 1500 / Recast Time: 20sec.


Heavy Shot → Quick Nock = Fivefold attack and coversion to single target

Heavy Shot → Leaden Arrow = Increased heavy duration

Heavy Shot → Leaden Arrow → Wide Volley = Increased accuracy

Piercing Arrow → Shadowbind = Increased bind duration

Piercing Arrow → Gloom Arrow = Chance to inflict blind

Piercing Arrow → Gloom Arrow → Bloodletter = Inflicts additional damage when bleed fades

Heavy Shot: TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10sec.
Piercing Arrow: TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 20sec.


Vorpal Thrust → Impulse Drive = Increased critical rate

Vorpal Thrust → Impulse Drive → Chaos Thrust = Increased critical rate

True Thrust → Heavy Thrust = Increased stun duration

True Thrust → Leg Sweep = chance to inflicts stun

True Thrust → Leg Sweep → Doom Spike = Increased accuracy

True Thrust: TP: 1000 / Recast Time: 10sec.
Vorpal Thrust: TP: 1500 / Recast Time: 20sec.


Stone → Stonera = Increased damage and conversion to single target

Aero → Aerora = Increased accuracy and conversion to single target


Thunder → Thundara = Increased damage and reduced recast time when Stun is not inflicted

Thunder → Thundara → Thundaga = Increased critical damage

Fire → Fira = Reduced cast time

Fire → Fira → Firaga = Reduced cast time

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