Final Fantasy XIV Solo Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Solo Guide by Azurymber

Hi, I’m Azury Ariella of Wutai, and I have created this guide to help both new and seasoned players learn to get 8000 – 10,000sp+ an hour solo, and discover the diversity of choice in soloing your sp.

I hope this guide will help improve your game experience and increase your enjoyment when playing :]

Note: This is a dynamic guide and will be updated regularly.

If this guide helps you please post your support so I know if it’s worth making a new one after 1.20 <3
Thank you.

—— This guide will be made up of three parts ——
Part 1: Learning to Solo Efficiently ++
Part 2: List of Solo Camps / Locations ++
Part 3: Helpful links + Other suggestions (duoing and partying tips) ++

Part 1: Learn to Solo Efficiently

1 – What has changed?
2 – How do I solo?
3 – What abilities should I use?
4 – What should I fight?

NOTE: This is somewhat biased towards non-mages. However, mages can use the same strategies here. I hope someone more adept in DoM’s posts a DoM specific solo strategy (which should be slightly more efficient)

— 1. What Has Changed? —
Since auto-attack has been implemented, solo play has changed from spamming the attack key to developing a tactical set of abilities.

With these abilities set, there are two main styles of solo play for efficiency.
1. Targeting fast easy kills and killing without resting for approximately 200sp per kill.
2. Targeting slow hard kills and occasionally resting for 350+sp per kill.

The diversity of choice in abilities and the cross-class system allows for many other styles to be developed, and for individuals to shape their own solo experience.

Also there seems to be a 10 rank cap when soloing. That is to say if you are rank 35, killing a rank 45 mob, 46 mob, and 47 mob, should all give the same SP.

— 2. How Do I Solo? —

You may want to develop your own way to play. Experimenting to find your own style may bring you the most enjoyment. However, this guide will explain the most efficient way to solo.

If you can, you will want to keep certain buffs up at all times. For example if you are a Lancer you will always want Life Surge to be up to help you keep your health at max. If you are relying on mp cures, you may want to always have stygian spikes up to keep your mp high.

Next, you will want to start fights with a tp-generation move if you have one. This will help you out as a safety net.

Now, you just wack away at the mob or cast spells on the mob, and use TP moves strategically.

For example, if you have Bloodbath you might want to save tp for when you need to heal.
Then use damage and accuracy enhancing abilities, bloodbath, and then your best TP move in order to regenerate huge amounts of health.

If you can, save tp so that you can “stun” a mob when it uses its special/tp move with a stun ability like Leg Sweep or Jarring Strike. This will help keep your health up.

When you use weaponskills for damage dealing, you may want to enhance your attack and accuracy with skills like Raging Strike, Ferocity, Hawkes eye, etc.

Heal when you need to with healing abilities like cure, sacrifice, second wind.

If this seems too complicated to you, take a look at this example of a typical Rank 35 Lancer solo fight against a puk:

  • Life Surge Buff for HP drain with each hit (including WS’s)
  • Attack mob
  • Full Thrust for TP generation
  • Normal attacks for TP generation
  • Raging Strike II + Ferocity II To increase attack. Then Bloodbath II + Skewer II to drain approx 600 hp
  • Mob prepares its special attack (watch for special attack animations)
  • Quickly use Leg Sweep to stun
  • Mob is stunned. 1 or 2 normal attacks
  • Mob is dead, Lancer at max or near max health.

Now that fight would have taken about 20-30 seconds and gotten 180ish sp. Once you start fighting mobs without resting you get into a pattern or you learn when to heal and when to use abilities.

For example, you might just use normal attacks for one entire fight, finish at half health and full tp, then start the next fight with the bloodbath combo to regenerate all your hp, and then weaponskill twice to basically finish the mob off in under 3 seconds.

Develop your own style and your own patterns and see how much SP per hour you can achieve. Use the ability list in the next section to help you define your style.

— 3. What Abilities Should I Use? —

A good efficient set of abilities includes:

  • Damage Dealing abilities
  • Enhancement abilities
  • Stunning abilities
  • Healing abilities
  • TP Generation abilities
  • MP Regeneration abilities

The following is a list of -SOME- useful abilities that you may want to use.
Abilities can be used with all classes unless stated otherwise. “II” version of abilities are obviously better, but not listed.

Following the list will be an example of my personal lancer set up (which coincides with the example used in the previous section).

Damage Dealing Abilities

  • Skull Sunder – Learned @ MRD Rank 8 – 500tp, decent damage, good Damage over Time infliction
  • Moonrise – Learned @ LNC Rank 8 – 1000tp – good damage, inhibits targets TP generation
  • Concussive Blow – Learned @ PGL Rank 1 – 1000tp – good damage, reduces targets accuracy and stackable 3 times.
  • Skewer – Learned @ LNC Rank 1 – 1000tp – great damage, inflicts slow, and can damage multiple targets which is very useful on leves.

Enhancement Abilities

  • Ferocity – Learned @ LNC Rank 4 – Increases power of your next attack
  • Raging Strike – Learned @ ARC Rank 4 – Increases power of your next attack
  • Hawk’s Eye – Learned @ ARC Rank 14 – Increases accuracy of your next attack
  • Still Precision – Learned @ GLD Rank 14 – Increases accuracy and decreases evasion. Lasts 90 sec
  • Invigorate – Learned @ LNC Rank 14 – Increases TP Generation. Lasts 60 sec
  • Protect + Shell – Both Learned @ CON Rank 16 – Increases physical and magic defence. Lasts for 5 min.

Stunning Abilities

  • Leg Sweep – Learned @ LNC Rank 16 – Cone damage + Stuns, doesn’t affect flying targets. DoW Only
  • Shock Spikes – Learned @ CON Rank 8 – deals lightning damage to enemies when attacked and can stun them. Lasts 180 sec

Healing Abilities

  • Cure – Learned @ CON Rank 4 – Heals hp, costs 45mp
  • Sacrifice – Learned @ THM Rank 4 – Heals hp and regenerates hp over time, costs 35mp 54hp
  • Second Wind – Learned @ PGL Rank 6 – 250tp – Restores hp. Amount is halved-ish if not PGL
  • Bloodbath – Learned @ MRD Rank 6 – Regenerates 75% of next attack in hp if MRD, 60% if not MRD

TP Generation Abilities

  • Full Thrust – Purchased after completion of Rank 30 LNC quest – deals damage and increases TP by approx 1700 (may be less depending on luck or mobs?). LNC only.
  • Pummel – Purchased at PGL guild – deals damage and increases TP, similar to Full Thrust. PGL Only
  • You can also use any non-ws “clickable” abilities in succession to get quick tp boosts without waiting for auto-attacks. This is useful at the start of fights.

MP Regeneration Abilities

  • Stygian Spikes – Learned @ THM Rank 16 – Regenerates MP when damaged

The Following is an EXAMPLE of a Lancer ability set.
This set allows a 35 LNC to take out mobs 10-15 ranks above it with ease.
It takes up 1 single bar. It is definitely not the ideal set-up, but my personal one.

  1. Full Thrust
  2. Raging Strike II
  3. Ferocity II
  4. Moonrise
  5. Skull Sunder II
  6. Leg Sweep
  7. Sacrifice II
  8. Bloodbath II
  9. Skewer II
  10. Life Surge

— 4. What Should I Fight? —

For the most part if you are experienced and have cross-class abilities you will nearly always want to target mobs 10 ranks above you. Camps will usually be best when you fight mobs 10-13 ranks above because you will always get the highest sp possible from them due to a 10 rank sp cap.

If you are new to the game or lack experience you may want to stick to mobs 5-8 ranks above you until you gain more experience or abilities.

The best two mobs in the game for efficiency seem to be goblins and puks. Both these mobs give good sp, can be killed fairly quickly, and do minimal damage (especially if you stun their weapon skills). If you want to get the fastest SP possible you will want to choose a camp with one or both of these mobs. You then kill them non-stop without resting, and can easily match or come close to the sp you get in some parties. You should be getting 150-200ish sp per kill on these. You will probably want to stay at these camps for 6 to 8 ranks.

You can also choose the more challenging but rewarding beastmen to fight. These are usually situated around the newly designed camps and can be solo’d quite easily. However, these fights tend to be slow and take time. In return, rather than getting the efficient 175sp average with quick-kill mobs, you get 350-450sp per kill.

If you just want to have fun, you can basically fight -anything- you want. You should have no problem taking out things up to 10 ranks above you. You can try Hippocerfs, Raptors, Wolves, Antlions, Diremites and many other mobs. Maybe you will even find better spots to solo than in this guide.

Part 2: List of Solo Camps and Locations

Note: These are not the only viable camps. You should explore and discover other camps for yourself. If you already know of other camps or find other camps, it would be awesome if you could post them in this thread. Thank You ^-^


Suggested Rank: 1-20
Ranks 1-20 should be fairly easy. Just go from the first camp, to the rank 10 camp, to the rank 20 camp, in any area. You can pretty well kill any mobs because they all give more SP than they do post-20. If you’re really stuck in these early levels post a request and I will find some nice camps.


Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea
Camp Bearded Rock

Suggested Rank: 1 – 14
Location: the entire area south of 25-37
Mobs to Kill:
Lost Lamb: Rank 1-4
Lost Wether: Rank 1-9
Lost Ewe: Rank 5-9

Notes: Turn your sound off, sooo depressing when you hear them go “baa”. Can farm sheepskin which sell decently


Gridania – The Black Shroud
Emerald Moss

Suggested Rank: 5 – 14
Location: 24-12 just north of Hyrstmill
Mobs to Kill:
Young Galago: Rank 15-18 or 20-13

Notes: 8 spawn at 15-18 all close to each other. They aren’t too hard to take down but can knock you back. Ranged jobs are fairly strong against them (arc, conj, thm). Not the best camp but not a horrible camp and something different than the norm. If you go to 20-13 they are more spread out but there are also marmots nearby that are rank 13ish in case you kill Galagos too fast.


Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Camp Horizon

Suggested Rank: 6 – 13
Location: 12-32 southwest of horizon and the surrounding areas
Mobs to Kill:
Thistletail Marmot: Rank 15-19

Notes: TONS of these around, if you run around the surrounding square you should never run out of them.


Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea
Camp Bloodshore

Suggested Rank: 10 – 15
Location: 41-17, to get here go through a cave at 39-18
Mobs to Kill:
Bloodshore Bell: Rank 20-24

Notes: These can hit hard so this is prob best for jobs that can nuke fast like archers or mages


Gridania – The Black Shroud
Camp Tranquil **EFFICIENT**

Suggested Rank: 10 – 20
Location: 36-48 (The clearing just north-west of Camp Tranquil)
Mobs to Kill:
Oilbug: Rank 17-19 (420 sp on a R18 at rank 11)
Canopy Galago: 20-23

Notes: If you have a good skill set and a physical level over 20 you should be fine here at rank 10. If you’re new to the game and just ranking up jobs for abilities, you may want to wait until 15 to come here. Fight Oilbugs and if you can handle them, add in Galagos when you run out. This is a great duo spot so if you’re competing with someone just join together. Also an NPC pops here every so often. If you speak to it you can join into an imperial battle (like a behest). They take about 15 minutes and you should be rank 25-30+ to be able to solo the mobs.


Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea
Camp Bloodshore

Suggested Rank: 11 – 15
Location: around Gullperch Tower (southeast of Bloodshore)
Mobs to Kill:
puk: Rank 21 – 23 (approx)

Notes: footpads around rank 27 spawn here as well so watch out. Not the greatest camp, but not horrible. If you run out of puks go north a bit along the path and some spawn there as well


Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea

Suggested Rank: 15 – 20
Location: 32-28
Mobs to Kill:
Sea Puk: Rank 25-28

Notes: There are other Sea Puks in the area.


Camp Glory

Suggested Rank:15 – 25
Location: -everywhere- around camp glory and all the way east to Owl’s Nest
Mobs to Kill:
Arbor Squirrel: Rank 25-29
Antelope Doe: Rank 25-29
Dread Wolf : Rank 25-29
Plains Footpad: Rank 25-29

Notes: If you want a challenge come here at rank 15, but if not start around 18. Start with squirrels and does and if you can handle them go to dread wolfs (which are through the small pass to the east nearer to Owl’s Nest. You can also kill Plains Footpad in the tunnel to Owl’s Nest (they drop buffalo leather +3 which sells very well). I wouldn’t say this is the best camp but it works, and it’s a great alternative if you can’t handle puks.
Thank you Mishow / Kuroi Kaze of Saronia


Camp Glory **EFFICIENT**

Suggested Rank: 15 – 30
Location: Southwest of Thordan’s March
Mobs to Kill:
Saltspray Pteroc (puk): Rank 22-29 (Loctation: east and north side of Ixali encampment)
Goblin Thug: Rank 32-35ish (Location: west side of Ixali encampment) Note: somewhat slow respawn rate.

Notes: I would come here around rank 18 and stay here till rank 27ish. The puks go down easy and give good sp, and the goblins give -great- sp. This is honestly my favourite camp in the game. You can just run in circles around the ixali camp killing them. If there is competition team up and kill hippocerfs west of Ishgard.


Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Nanawa Mines **EFFICIENT**

Suggested Rank: 20 – 30+
Location: 5-3, 6-4, 4-6
Mobs to kill:
Cellar Puk: Rank 30-34 (will o’ the wykes can spawn in place of them rarely, drops coral +3 for crab bow)

Notes: If you are fighting around the edges and not on the middle platforms watch out for the skeletons in the small rooms.


Camp Dragonhead **EFFICIENT**

Suggested Rank: 25 – 35
Location: South of Camp Dragonhead along and to the sides of the path
Mobs to kill:
Pteroc Matron (puk): Rank 35-39 (200ish sp per kill at rank 30)

Notes: Just keep killing the Pteroc Matrons, with a good skill set you shouldn’t really ever need to rest. Maybe once every 20 or 30 min if you don’t pay much attention. This camp is great up to rank 35 since there are so many of the puks that even if you only get 100sp per kill you end up killing them so fast it averages out to great sp.

Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Copperbell Mines

Suggested Rank: 30 – 38+
Location: Nophica’s Wells entrance and throughout the mines.
Mobs to Kill:
Heliodor Doblyn: Rank 41-44 (200 sp on a 44 at rank 35)

Notes: In a group at the entrance so can you can kill them quickly with minimal running around. Takes longer to kill than puks however. Watch your multi-hit/aoe attacks.


Gridania – The Black Shroud
Tam-Tara Deepcroft **EFFICIENT**

Suggested Rank : 30 – 40+
Location: Right @ Entrance
Mobs to kill:
Spiny Dormouse: Rank 45-49 (180ish sp at rank 35)
Sordes (puk): Rank 40-44 (140ish sp at rank 35)
Goblin Freesword: Rank 45-49 (300sp on a r45 one at rank 35) (POS: 4-4). Note: 40ish gnats can spawn here in place of goblins.

Notes: You can come do Sordes here at rank 30 but I’d suggest waiting until rank 33 so if you kill off all the Sordes you can substitute spiny dormouse and goblins.
Goblins by far are the best sp. They are easy and fast to kill, and give the best SP rewards.
Sordes come in second, they are fast to kill and give decent sp.


Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Camp Broken Water

Suggested Rank: 30 – 40
Location: 38-38 and the entire area there
Mobs to Kill:
Quartz Doblyn: Rank 41-44

Notes: not the greatest camp. Best to come here around rank 33ish where you get about 200sp per kill. They are also pretty far apart so don’t expect fast sp. Fairly quick respawn times though.


Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Camp Broken Water

Suggested Rank: 30 – 40+
Location: 45-41 (the lil pond southeast of broken water)
Mobs to Kill:
Amalj’aa Drubber: Rank 40-42 (300sp on a R40 at rank 35)

Notes: Slow kills, more challenging fights. Should prob avoid this till at least 33 or 34 unless you want some serious challenges.


Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Camp Broken water

Suggested Rank: 33 – 48+
Location: 45-39 and surrounding area
Mobs to kill:
Amalj’aa Drubber: Rank 43-46 (450sp on a R46 at rank 35)

Notes: quite slow kills, challenging fights. You may want to go to the 45-41 Drubber camp first, before graduating to these higher level Drubbers.


Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea
Camp Iron Lake

Suggested Rank: 34 – 40
Location: 19-6, 27-9
Mobs to Kill:
Young Raptors: Rank 40 – 41, (400ish xp per kill @ R36)

Notes: when they are down to 50% avoid firebreath by strafing to the side. This is a -CHALLENGE-. It’s a much better idea to duo these. But if you want a challenge, they are fun.
Thank you Zdenka / Soldate Alastia of Cornelia


Camp Riversmeet

Suggested Rank 35 – 40
Location: South of the river
Mobs To Kill:
Wild Hog: Rank 40-42 (200sp on a r40 at rank 35)

Notes: kind of slow kills but you can farm hog skins for Leatherworking.


Camp Glory

Suggested Rank: 35 – 45
Location: Ixali Encampment
Mobs to Kill:
Ixali Fencer: Rank 44-49 (420 sp on a R44 at rank 35)

Notes: These are not easy or fast fights. But the SP does pay off. And they do agro. So it’s a challenge but if you like a slower more rewarding fight it’s great. I’d go at rank 36.


Gridania – The Black Shroud
Silent Arbor

Suggested Rank: 36 – 45
Location: 44-45
Mobs to Kill:
Lemur: Rank 45 – 49

Notes: Not the best camp but not horrible. This area is just north of Quarrymill. They spawn in a group in a hallway and aren’t overly hard to take down. A fun alternative if you get bored of the norm . Not the -best- sp though.


Limsa Lominsa – La Noscea
Camp Iron Lake

Suggested Rank: 39 – 46
Location: 19-10, 27-10
Mobs to Kill:
Young Raptors: Rank 45 – 46

Notes: when they are down to 50% avoid firebreath by strafing to the side. This is a -CHALLENGE-. It’s a much better idea to duo these. But if you want a challenge, they are fun.
Thank you Zdenka / Soldate Alastia of Cornelia


Camp Riversmeet

Suggested Rank:40 – 50
Location: 16/17-24 and surrounding area
Mobs to Kill:
Bandit Spearman: Rank 46-49

Notes: Not the best sp and a bit of a challenge but a fun alternative where you actually get to fight people .


Ul’Dah – Thanalan
Cactus Basin / East of Ul’Dah

Suggested Rank: 43 – 50
Location: the lake at 30/31-36 and northwest and northeast. They are -ALL- over the place so you should never run out.
Mobs to Kill:
Sphene Doblyn: Rank 55-59 (150 sp on a R55 @ rank 50)

Notes: Not the best SP ever but not horrible and near town, so you can go there if you lack anima or randomly get bored. Can also use them to farm silver ore if you don’t want to spend gil or rank up mining.

Part 3: Other Information

How to Macro Ability Sets

You might get annoyed constantly having to change your ability sets when you switch jobs. Luckily, you can create macros so that you can save your favourite sets.

Step one: Open the menu in game. Go to Configuration > Macros
Step two: Pick where you want your macro to be and name it
Step three: fill out the lines with the following
/eaction # “Ability”
So if you want to set multishot as your 1st ability on the 1st bar:
/eaction 1 “Multishot”
If you want to set Skull Sunder II as your 1st ability on the 2nd bar:
/eaction 11 “Skull Sunder II”

NOTE: Make sure that the ability is exactly what it is in the game. That means check to see if its properly capitalized and the spacing is correct.

You can set 10 abilities per macro. So you can have 1-10 in your first macro for the first bar, 11-20 in another macro for the second bar and 21-30 in another macro for the third bar.

How to Use this Guide to Duo

So maybe you want to play this game with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband or wife, or maybe just a cute transgendered cat you met in game.

Well don’t worry, it’s really easy.

You can use every camp listed in this guide. If you go to camps that have mobs less than 10 levels higher than you, you will probably kill fairly quickly. So make sure you go to one with lots of mobs. Duo’ing won’t hurt SP very much.

If you go to a camp with mobs 11+ levels higher than the highest person in the party, you should both be getting the approximate same amount of SP you would get if you solo’d.

For example, If I can solo a mob 11 ranks higher for 400SP, then join up with a MRD 1 rank below me. I will still get the -exact- same SP from that mob regardless of killing it in half the time.

I hope this guide has helped you. If you have any suggestions, things to add, tips for other players, or want to contribute in any way,
please post ^-^

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