Final Fantasy XIV Party Recruitment and Search Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Party Recruitment and Search Guide by Volsung

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the party search feature, and even a thread that was replied to slightly missing the point by the local team. A big issue right now is it seems the exp system was redone, and I’m sure it will be again and again in the future.

With that said I’d like to discuss and explain the current party building/searching system.

Party Forming! and recruiting

If you have a buddy you’d like to start a party with invite them. If you are by yourself proceed to the next paragraph. Target your friend, open the menu and clicking invite to party. If they are not near you type “/pcmd add Name Here” where name here is where their full name goes.

Now proceed to the next part once you have formed up or if you are by yourself. Open the menu and click the party option. A window will open with Recruit and search funtions. Recruit is for looking for members for a party and search is looking for parties already started.

Click on Recruit. Here you can set your purpose and location. At this point you probably will not want to set a location or purpose but if you really know what you want then go for it.

Now go to set conditions. Here you can look for classes, ranks, and how many of a particular one you want. Once you have at least one grouping set, a message command will open and this will let you set a message that describes your party.

Looking for already formed parties! (that are recruiting)

Open the menu and go again to the party option and click. Now click on search this time. Set a purpose or no purpose and this will let all parties forming show up in your results. Then select one of your classes from the list. if your classes matches what the party is looking for their group will show up. Click on the group to view their message and you can join or send leader a message, I would personally send a message.

Seeking an invite!

This is the new function and works a little different. Basically what this will do is let people who go to search find you, by yourself, and see that you are seeking an invite with a message that you set.

Open the menu and go to recruit. now set seek invite, your class, message and begin.

Looking for single players that are seeking invite!

Whether you are by yourself, or leading a party you can open the menu and click the party option. Now go to search. You HAVE to set purpose to seek invite because it functions differently atm and people on seek invite will not show up if you set purpose to none. Then set a class, and anyone on that class, seeking invite will show up with their message.

That concludes the guide. I know that atm, on my server of fabul, this function is rarely used by anyone including the Japanese. But I think our population is a bit lower.

A tip I have if this becomes popular, would be that if you are looking for a group, set up your seek invite using recruit, and then every so often search and look for a party that is recruiting. But atm, I still think its not widely used enough

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