Fantasy Tennis Stats Advanced Guide

Fantasy Tennis Stats Advanced Guide by BeatBoxerTR

Hello guys, Welcome to our new forums,
I am BeatBoxerTR, yours TR/EN mod =) most of you know me as SlimShotTR in game so ^^
i was writen a detailed guide in past but seems i wrote somethings wrong so i edited once more time and re-worked on it… here comes more accurate knowlage database writen for everyone ^^

You gotta know every stat takes effect as every 3 points you have and you get extra when u reach every 10 stat.
for example:
3 stat = 1 point

for more easy understanding:
every 3 STA you will get +1 def
every 3 STR you will get +1 damage
3 = +1 def
6 = +2 def
9 = +3 def
*** All stats use same formula on being effective ***

lately i noticed i got wil damage bonus at 80th and 91th … not quite sure why… but i am pretty sure its 3 stat = +1 point untill 72 or so… i also noticed 94->97 given +2 bonus damage, so at high amount of stats i think there are some bonuses but still 1 point per 3 stat is most accurate theory untill now.

Knowlage of stats:
Basic mode: increases ball shooting speed
Battle mode: increases your Magic’s damage power
uses same formula which i have wrote at up.+3 point = 1 power/damage
as i said in beggining at higher amounts like 80-90+ this can get some bonuses (not tested)

Helping you to charge ur racket faster so you can shoot charge shots in shorter charging time. (slowly gets shorter time needed to do can be very seenable between 5 dex and 60 dex)
Basic mode: increases your running speed very seenable after reaching 30 DEX, running speed will increase lower then usual but will increase even if its very hard to see by eyes it will be the saver when it comes to pixels running =)…
Battle mode: giving bonus casting speed in battle mode
you also get bonus meteor & green soul count for 30th 40th 50th 60th DEX.
0-29 = normal cast
30-39 = +1 green soul count and +1 meteor count falling from sky
40-49 = +2 green soul and +2 meteor count falling from sky
50-59 = +3 green soul and +3 meteor count falling from sky
AS LAST 60 dex = +4 green soul (5 souls per cast) and +4 meteor count falling from sky
60-100 = same as 60, +4 count… no count bonus.

you still get faster cast and faster running by slightly better ratio but not casting count bonus. most people try to find balance between DEX and STR for battle modes.

Helps you to charge your skill shot bar faster. for example if 15 sta person charge skill bar after 10x Charge shots, 100 sta person fills the bar in 3-4 charge shot. (counts ar symbolic and not real values)

Basic mode: effects oppenent’s ball return speed (not tested but almost everyone talks about). for example:
when enemy hits you a very fast shot, even if you simply tap S without charge shot, you reflect ball with speed bonus you get from his shot. once more time repeating , its not tested.

Battle mode: gives extra def to reduce ur recieving magic damage. higher STA you have will make enemy damage less to you with MAGICS. Ball damage will not be reduced with sta!
as i said in beggining at higher amounts like 80-90+ this can get some bonuses (not tested)

Basic mode: it provides curve to ur shots which can be extremely tricky when you have high WIL & knowing how to use it. Some says this is one of the rare ways you can score to good players.

Battle mode: it does give you extra damage per ball score for example:
when u shoot ball and you score both enemy gets 23 damage?
when you add +3 more WIL then what you have right now is: they get 24 damage
another +3 makes 25 damage and so on
as i said in beggining at higher amounts like 80-90+ this can get some bonuses (not tested)

Most important of this is:
even if ur enemy has 90 STA point and taking only 1 damage from All kind magics you will still hit same damage when u score ball which is 25 or higher depending to ur WIL stat..
some people says this is only way to kill strong defensed high levels in the battle mode.

hope this guide will help ^^
(This guide is just experienced part by normal playings… not a script exploit, so dont think i am giving out all mathematical structure of game, dont ask me because i dont know too… i just could go up to 97 stats and sharing my 18 months experience on stats)

Have a nice day!

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