Crystal Saga Soul Development Guide

Crystal Saga Soul Development Guide by Wenrizzle

Q: What is soul development?
A: Soul development can give a great boost to all attributes.

Q: What materials are required?
A: The materials required to develop soul system are Purified Crystal, Soul Shard, Ice Shard, Brilliance Shard, Void Shard, Heart Shard and Light Shard. Each time you upgrade your soul you will also need varying amounts of crystal essence and gold.

Q: How do I get the materials?
A: Let’s look at each item one by one:

Purified Crystal: dungeons.
Soul Shard: Receive 1 Soul Shard for every 10 levels of the Crystal Ladder you complete. Alternatively, visit the Ranger Elder in Tree of Life (X91,Y40) to fuse 10 Soul Root Crystals into 1 Soul Shard. Soul Root Crystal can be obtained from the Blessed Bath or by disenchanting purple equipment.
Ice Shard: Randomly dropped by Vega the Mad in Revenant’s Vault.
Brilliance Shard: Randomly dropped by Vicelot in Blood Coliseum
Void Shard: Randomly dropped by Zabuga in the Sacrificial Relic.
Heart Shard: Randomly dropped by Princess Hitomi in Psychodelica.
Light Shard: Randomly dropped by the Chancellor in Killer’s Den.

Q: How do I develop my soul?
A: There are 6 main Soul Spirits that have corresponding numbers of associated Soul Skills. Once you reach level 30 you can begin developing your Spirit of Ice. There are certain rules of soul development:

  1. There are 6 Spirits are as follows: Spirit of Ice, Spirit of Brilliance, Spirit of Void, Spirit of Heart, Spirit of Light and Spirit of Immortality. The spirits do not offer any attribute, but they must be activated in order to develop other soul skills that do offer attribute boots. Each spirit must be upgraded to level 5 before the following spirit can be activated. The development sequence is Spirit of Ice–>Spirit of Brilliance–>Spirit of Void–>Spirit of Light–>Spirit of Heart. The Spirit of Immortality is unique in that all other spirits must be level 10 before it can be unlocked.
  2. After you unlock and upgrade the soul spirits, you can activate soul skills in varying order based on how each skill is connected. See below:
As you can see, I have Preciousness Lv2 and am about to activate Stability Lv. 1
It offers awesome attribute increases to my physical defense and also reduces incoming physical damage. Activating this skill will help me to become a better tank, I certainly want this soul skill’s level as high as possible.
Oops, it says Preciousness Lv3 is required, so I can only get as high as previous one. All of the various Soul Skills are interconnected so be sure to pay attention to the specific requirements.

Q: Do I need them all?
A: No, each one has a different focus so you can pick and choose which skills to activate based on your class or role. Spirit of Ice is primarily for defense, Spirit of Brilliance is primarily for offense, Spirit of Void is primarily for agility & critical strike rate, Spirit of Light is primarily for intellect & healing, Spirit of Heart is primarily for defense. Spirit of Immortality is the sum of 5 spirits, it allows you to improve upon the 5 spirits and provides attribute increases mostly based on percentages.

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