Crystal Saga Quest and Event Complete Guide

Crystal Saga Quest and Event Complete Guide by qwerty9251

Hi guys,

This is a guide that is meant to show new/existing players all the types of quests and events available in crystal saga… ENJOY =)

As you all know, one of the best ways to level up in mmorpg games is by completing quests that are available throughout the game.
Each level in-game has certain number of quests, complete each quest to receive another one and so on.

There are different types of quests that could be completed in-game, each type gives a special type of reward depending on the nature of the quest.


1.Main Quest:

This is the first series of quests that you receive when you create your character at the start. Its the most important quest chain as it gives you gold and good amount of experience upon completion. Every level has a number of main quests to be completed, each time you finish one quest another main quest automatically appears so that you may finish it. Other than Gold and Experience, this type of quest rewards you with your first MOUNT (turtle) at level 10, a new mount at level 30 (raccoon) and even your own set of wings at level 20!
Main quests should be completed each level and not avoided at all as it helps you progress throughout the game explaining every step of the way including where to spend your skill points, socketing gear, and even at level 50 you receive Sands Of Time which allows your to reset your skill points.

2.Optional Quests:

After progressing through your main quest, you will realize that you may accept quests know as “optional quests” either from your “available quest list” or from the NPC’s themselves. those quests are an extra help beside the main chain quest that reward you handsomely with a good amount of experience and gold.
these quests are not important but are extremely helpful if you find yourself lacking some percentage(%) to level up, and you even receive an optional quest at level 43 to receive the mount “battle stallion” which is required to upgrade to your Bear Mount.

3.Daily Hunt Quests:

Those quests are accepted from the “starglade gate guard” in starglade. You can do up to 20 daily hunt quests each day, which are mostly going to tell you to kill a certain type of monster each time you accept it. It is recommended to do atleast 10 each day because they give you the maximum experience and even a chance to get a morph crystal at the 5th and 10th try. They even reward you with a certain amount of experience based on your characters level. Daily hunts are also another way to receive Guild Contribution and Honor; you get rewarded with 5 Honor and 1 Contribution with every quest done, finish them to increase your honor faster.

4.Guild Quests:

Just like Daily Hunt quests, guild quests reward you with 1 Contribution and 25 Honor with each quest completed. There are certain number of guild quests to do each day and they are available to the entire guild you are in, not just you.. so try to accept the most number of quests you can do whenever the guild quests reset. They even reward you with level-based experience; so try to finish any number of quests you can each day.

5.Guild Resource Battleground Quest:

Everyday, you are allowed to accept this quest ONCE. You can enter to the resource battleground ONLY if you have this quest, otherwise you wont be allowed. You are expected to collect a number of items/resources as stated by the quest, you can peacefully collect them or may have to fight for them.
This quest rewards you extremely handsomely, you get 250 honor points, 10 contribution and 12 bronze honor badges.
You HAVE to finish this quest everyday if you wish to progress properly with your character, as it helps you alot in getting the “savage armor” set.

6.Starglade Tour/A day in Vidalia Quests:

Starting from level 30 and all the way to 39, you are allowed to accept quests from “Natalie” in starglade and receive quests that allow you to explore the city of starglade. The quests are fairly simple, easy and quick; you get rewarded with experience based on your level, 1 coupon to purchase items, 5 honor and 1 contribution. You are allowed to do them 10 times everyday, and with every time you complete the quest, you get rewarded with the previous stated items.
From level 40 and so on, just like starglade tour, players are allowed to accept quests known as “A day in Vidalia” from “Ronna the adventurer” in starglade. you get awarded with level based experience and 1 coupon every time you complete one quest. You are allowed to do them 10 times everyday just like the previous one.

7.Redemption Quests:

Starting from level 40, you are allowed to buy 3 scrolls from “High Priest Epauch” in starglade. When u accept the quest from the scroll (double click on the scroll :P) u automatically get a quest that tells you to kill any monster but on a specified range. For example, if your level 40 and accept the quest, u are expected to kill any creature from level 40 to 44. After killing the creature, u receive a random book with a random name of a Boss you have to kill in order to complete the quest. Double click on the book so that it tells you where should the boss be summoned (IT CAN ONLY BE SUMMONED IN A SPECIFIC PLACE). Kill the boss and then hand it the quest back to the priest. You get rewarded with level-based experience, 80 honor and refining capsules which are required in the delivery quest.
Note: The Boss that will be summoned will be accompanied with 2 body guard, it is very hard to solo him so a full party is recommended.

Other than the quests mentioned above, similar task like quests are available, such as:

1.Delivery, Plunder, Escort quests: Where you can either deliver a crystaloid and receive gold, Plunder a delivery character and steal his crystaloid or escort a delivery character and protect him from plunderers.

2.Salary Pick-up: Each day, you can go to King Valcory in starglade, and receive a number of coupons based on your HONOR ranking NOT level ranking. It starts at captain, receiving 5 coupons each time and goes up every rank of honor you increase.

3.Nimbus Crystal: Everyday at a certain time(specified in events menu in-game) you can run to the Quarry on L2 in Kaymo mountains (ONLY IF YOUR GUILD OWNS THE QUARRY) and receive a nimbus crystal that you deliver to the guild management officer and receive 5 contribution points.

4.Daily Sign-in: Visit the Event master in starglade and accept the daily sign-in so that you receive a reward after a certain number of days. the first gift you receive is at 3 days sign-in, then 6,9,11 and 15. Gifts may vary from orbs to 2x exp tokens and so on.

5.Sengolia battlegrounds: Once you hit level 30, you will be allowed to PVP each other in the Sengolia battlegrounds in order to destroy opposing team crystal. The winning team will receive 240 honor and the losing team will receive 80 honor, Each team also receives a certain number of badges. Sengolia happens twice everyday, so don’t miss out on it!

Small Tips:

-In order to ease the completion of quests, an auto-path system has been implemented in this game. In order to accept a quest or finish one, u don’t have to manually click and move to the designated NPC, instead; u can just click on the Underlined Text which is usually blue/white or orange depending on the status of the quest. Once you click on it, your character will automatically move to that area/NPC and all you have to do now is accept the quest or kill the monsters

-If you find killing monsters during quests very boring, an AFK-bot system has also been implemented. by pressing the dot “.” on your keyboard, your character will automatically start fighting surrounding monsters without you doing anything, it will keep doing so until you disable the AFK-mode by clicking the dot key again or pressing on the Joystick picture on the bottom of your screen.

-To look at the quests that you have accepted/completed/trying to finish; press the LETTER “T” and a list will appear.
On the top you will notice two tabs, one with “Current” and other with “Available”, current is the quests that you have already accepted and are doing, available are the quests that you have at that certain level and any quests you haven’t completed before. Optional quests are found in this tab, and if you lost your main quest, you will find it right here.

-If you lose any quest item, or don’t receive a quest item after killing a certain monster, or even if another player kills the monster you where supposed to kill for a quest and didn’t finish it, don’t panic; just abandon the quest and re-take it from the same NPC.

I Hope you guys enjoyed reading this guide and i hope it helped you with any problems or concerns about certain aspects of the game.

Its my first guide and i’m not very familiar with posting pictures and so, but i believe that you could understand it since i mentioned names of the npc’s, etc in quotations to help you out, so you could just relate with them in-game , if you guys got any comments/changes to include — i’m all ears, but please no flaming =)

Thanks All !

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Press 'T' for the shortcut to Quests,select the quest you messed up and click abandon quest. You should then be able to reaccept the quest again.
    But since it's the dragon sword quest,I'm not so sure. Good luck though! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wanted to steal the dragon sword from king valcroy, while i was in the quest in some sort of dungeon so i used my teleportation scroll and damn i lost the dragon sword but the quest was unfinished and i cant retake it. T.T how do i cancel the quest ?

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