Crystal Saga Power Grinding Leveling Guide

Crystal Saga Power Grinding Leveling Guide by Alexmancer


I’ve taken a short break from my Unconventional Guides due to lack of ideas. If anyone has any ideas for themes, please PM me. Thanks! This guide is out of the normal for me. I’ve seen some very minimal guides about leveling up. They have very little information, and there’s so many things I’ve wanted to add to it that it’s been driving me crazy. Because of that, I’ve decided to put together my own guide.

In this guide, I will talk about Power Grinding and Leveling in detail. This will take advantage of Coupons to be used for AFK grinding. Starting off, using AFK Mode for grinding really doesn’t matter. You will level up very quickly without much help out of the Main and Optional Quests. When the quests become less useful in leveling, that is the point in which my guide will become most useful. The cool thing about grinding is, it actually get’s EASIER! That’s right, it is in fact easier to grind at higher levels than lower… up to a certain point of course. The amount of EXP needed to gain higher levels does get very high, however, you will gain more EXP from things. So it almost balances out other than a little more time needed.

When you get to the point where Main and Optional quests are not helping you level up and your still a low level, that’s where Daily Quests come in! Daily Quests like Starglade Tour, Daily Hunt, and a little later A Day in Vidalia are very helpful. The rewards for such are coupons, EXP based on level, and for Daily Hunt you can get Honor and Guild Contribution. Also, the event Blessed Bath is very helpful in leveling. There have been quite a few guides made about Blessed Bath. I will link to good guides for further reading at the end of this guide. You need to be level 30 to start doing these, so continue reading to get more information on how to get to level 30 fast!

When I first started playing, I had a lot of trouble leveling up. I was very unsure of what to do, and since pretty much everyone around me was a newbie too, we were all really learning together. At some point, I lost my internet connection, and was unable to play for about a month or so. After that, I came back and was able to advance about 15 levels in the span of a little under two weeks, leveling up a level a more a day.

Please note, that this is my experience with leveling. It may not be the best for every class, but it should be a helpful general tool for anyone that wants a bit of a boost to leveling up when they are unsure of what to do next.

Special Information

AFK Mode

AFK grinding is going to be important when leveling up. This is because your character will auto attack monsters around him or her without you having to take aim at them (which saves some time). This is especially useful for people that want to let their character fight, while they look over items they want to pick up, saving on time as stated, or they are on a non-Windows computer like me, and the ~ button does not work for auto targeting.

To obtain AFK time, you will need to purchase AFK tokens from the shop by clicking on the cart on the top right of the screen. They cost 10 Coupons under the coupon section (which is great for newbies because you get 2 coupons free per hour online). After that go to your inventory and double click on the blue card. It will give you an hour of AFK time.

You then need to click on the AFK Mode button at the bottom of the screen.

For more information about AFK mode, check out Gazuntai’s guide.


Pets are an important part in character development. They are a companion to travel with and can provide support or greater damage to targets. Unfortunitely, I have been having a hard time finding a good guide about pets. Please PM me if you know of a good guide, or have created one. I WILL link to it here! For more information about pets, please refer to this guide.


Torches are incredibly useful in leveling up. I will not be talking about torches in this guide, but if you would like more information about them and the awesome boost they give to leveling up, please refer to this guide. It has a similar title/idea to my guide, but it seems to be completely about torches. Take a look!

Daily Quests

Gotten to the point in the main quest where you have to level up before you can continue on? Well no fear! Daily Quests are here! Daily quests come in the form of Starglade Tour, Daily Hunt, and a little later A Day in Vidalia, etc. You must be level 30 to start doing these. Simply click on the button that looks like a flag next to the mini map. There are a few different sections of things you can do. Make sure you check them all out, because there are other things you can do besides the Daily Quests that are very helpful in leveling up. Blessed Bath, for instance, under the Event tab is extremely beneficial to EXP gain. Also, don’t overlook the Special tab! This tab will have special events that are only offered for a limited time, including Daily Check-In, which can be completed every day for 15 days.

For a guide to all this quest related, please look here. For a guide about Blessed Bath, please take a look at this guide or this one.

Leveling up helps you unlock new quests and content in the game. This is in the form of Main and Optional quests and Dungeons. Also, if you are in certain zones and collect certain items, you can unlock special quests. At some point, I will make a guide that goes into detail about “secret” quests. If you have any information about these, please PM me. I have some information already, however, I don’t know all the details.

Leveling Packs

Level xx Starter Pack and other packs are obtained when you start playing the game. The pack can be opened when you level up to a level that is a multiple of 10; I.E.: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. You will not receive another starting pack after you hit level 50. Starting at level 40, you will receive and Uber Leveler Pack every time you level up. The packs contain special goodies that will help you as you advance in the game, and the Epic Level ones have a chance to open to one item (some are pretty good!). These are just some of the things to look forward to when leveling up.

Other Ways to Gain EXP and Tips

Remember when I told you to check out all the tabs when looking at the Daily Quests? Well those provide ways to gain EXP too. I’m not going to go into incredible detail about where you get EXP where, since this has mostly been covered in the guide about all quests that I linked you to in that section, however here are a few things to keep in mind when doing some of the quests here. Also, here are some other tips that didn’t really fit into the main portion of the guide that may help out a bit when trying to gain more EXP. For more information about Events and Daily quests including Crystal Ladder and Training Grounds, please refer to the link in my Daily Quests section.

Sengolia is one of the two PvP events and takes place twice a day. The times that it takes place vary from server to server. You can see the rewards for entering Sengolia by clicking on it in your Events box. You may not have noticed, however, that every time someone destroys a tower, EVERYONE on that person’s team gains EXP based on their level. Check it out!

Elite monsters. You gain EXP every time you kill any monster in the game, however, when you kill an elite monster, you gain more EXP than you would from a normal monster of it’s type.

Dungeon Mobs of your level give EXP similar to Elite bosses of your level. Also, fighting dungeon mobs is a great way to level up your pet!

2x EXP Tokens can be purchased from the shop for 55 Crystal or obtained from Dragon Hunt. You can also get 1.5x EXP Tokens from the shop for 8 coupons. These will give a boost to your EXP gain.

Server-Wide 2x EXP, Guild 2x EXP can be activated at any time during the day. For Server-wide, the guild leader of the guild controlling the land is the only one that can activate it, however, your Guild master can activate 2x EXP for all members of their guild as well. Guild masters tend to try and activate the Guild EXP at the same time as the Server-wide since this gives a large boost to your EXP gain. Take advantage of it by grinding or doing Training!

Offline EXP Tokens can be used to gain EXP when you log back on after being off for an extended period of time. You can get 1x, 2x, and 4x tokens and will need one per hour spent offline to gain EXP

The Nimbus Crystal is similar to a torch in that being in proximity to it will gain you EXP. A Nimbus Crystal can only be spawned by a guild master of a guild that owns land. It can be spawned once per day assuming the guild has enough resource funds.

Grinding Spots

As stated in my intro, starting off leveling up is pretty much as easy as doing Main and Optional Quests. However, when that’s simply not enough, you’ll need a decent grind spot. You won’t really need to do much grinding, but the best place for grinding is where monsters are your level to about 5 levels higher. Preferably 3 levels higher than you.

Getting to Level 20

At level 10, these guys are probably bet. These are Rift Watchers. They are level 15 melee strikers that will run right up to you to attack. Don’t worry, they don’t attack on sight. They are located in Cragstone, just north of Starglade. Note that up until level 30, you will likely get most of your EXP from doing the main quest, so there will be little need for grinding.

Traveling Tip! To go to a zone on the map that you cannot see from where you are, click on the M button on the
top right of your screen. From there, click on the World Map button on the window that pops up. Then just click on
the zone you wish to travel to and your character will start navigating to the zone.

At level 16 Plains Bowman are your best bet. They are located in the Glimmering Plains just south of Starglade. They are level 21 ranged strikers. I also suggest fighting the Barbarians in this zone too. They are melee strikers. Same as the last section, up until level 30, you will get most of your EXP from main quests, so very little grinding is really needed.

Getting to Level 30

From level 20 until level 25, monsters in the Kaspaya Beach zone are best. The Dragon Hatchlings and Great Bears are terrific target practice for you!

From level 25 until level 30, monsters in Kamyo Mountain are a good level. Go for Pickpockets and Stormchasers and as you approach level 30, move into the Twilight Caverns and kill the monsters there. Undead Guardians and Corpswalkers have pretty good spawn rates. Ice Puppets are at lvl 33 in the Tundra. Try going after them at some point too. Beware though, like the Corpswalkers and other undead in Twilight Caverns, the Ice Puppets will attack you on sight.

Getting to Level 40

From level 30 until level 35, move on to the Tundra to kill Ice Puppets until you are lvl 31 and move on to Great Icebirds. When I was grinding at this level, I really liked the Blackpaw Grizzly. The bottom center of the map is a great place to go after them! If you have any AoEs, I suggest rounding up a few and using that if you think you can handle it!

Lycanmarsh has some good ones, I suggest Spirit Whisperers. Note that killing 50 of them will get you the achievement “Master Whisperer”, so if you are like me and think that achievements are fun, go after them! They are level 36 and to the lower right side of the map. They also have a pretty good spawn rate too, so they are ideal here.

From level 35 until level 40, monsters in the Aquatic Crypts are just the right level, but very quickly you will want to move on to Fallen Star Bluffs and the Celestial Palace. Staring at level 39, you’ll want to move into the Celestial Palace and begin killing Palace Pixies. The best spot is the center of the LvL 3 map.

Getting to Level 50

Continue with Palace Pixies until you are around level 42, and move on to Palace Slaves on level 5. These are melee strikers, so they’ll come right up to you. If you have AOE attacks or spells, try rounding a couple up in the same spot!

From level 45 until level 50, monsters at Whisperwind Beach (I suggest Whisperwind Oak right outside Bloodfang Village at first), Soul Snipers and Soul Catchers in Shrine of Kithara, Woodland Hunters or Rock Golems in the Wilterlands, Elite Rock Golems or Deadwood Protectors in Molten Highlands (I’ve chosen all these specifically because of how many there are and their spawn rate).

You’ll want to be killing monsters in the Sacrificial Lobby when you are nearing level 50. I liked going after Phoenixes and Cursed Ones myself, because of the location and how many their are.

Getting to Level 60

If you want, move in to the Sacrificial Gallery and kill Demonic Prophets and Enchanted Werewolves too. While the Demonic Profits and Enchanted Werewolves do give a good amount of EXP when you are about level 52 or 53, being in the Sacrificial Gallery is a bit of a pain because not many span in the area you go to, and you end up with nothing to fight very quickly and have to wait for them to respawn.

Expect to be setting yourself up to AFK grind overnight while you are sleeping, you will probably need the boost in EXP gain considering you will need a LOT more to level up, and you’re only going to need more.

At level 54 and 55, I like Sanguine Valley. The bears are alright at first, but I move a little further in to about the middle of the map and kill all the monsters around me there. Unlike Sacrificial Gallery, the spawn rate is much nicer, so you’ll get a lot more kills. Here, I wouldn’t be worried about what you kill as long as you’re killing. I also like the Shadow Mages in Sacrificial Plaza. Good spot is pretty much right in the middle of this map. You’ll probably want to fight some Lava Guards too. They are level 59.

At level 58 and 59, and I find that Lycanthi Sharpshooters and Warriors in Void Encampment and Rinulka Peninsula are great. I prefer the Warriors though because they can easily be rounded up and spammed with AoE.

Getting to Level 70

Leveling gets tougher when you hit 60. Keep in mind to do daily baths and training (taking advantage of any extra EXP boosts, guild or server-wide). I didn’t do a lot of traditional grinding, however, I did every daily hunt I could do, which helped out a lot. There are a lot of nice spawns in the Void area, and it has been suggested that Blade Dancers in Cheurna Gorge are good. They can be located near the level 65 dungeon NPC.

At this point, torches are a great help. Try finding a mob that you are confident you can easily kill. By this point, you should know how quickly you can kill certain monsters. Ignore the EXP gain (or lack of) from them and hope for torches. The faster you can kill them, the better the chance you will spawn a torch, also, set screen to 1 on afk menu. If you keep your focus tight, you are more likely to get torches. Keep at it!

For level 60-65, go for Blade Dancers in Cheurna Gorge, right by the entrance to Killer’s Den. I also liked going after the werewolves there, but it’s your choice. After you hit 66-67, you’ll want to be going after tougher monsters. I suggest the Sukemo Dragons (lvl 70) at Sukemo Bluff. This is just past the Shrine of Ariel near the Tree of Life. Try X:103 Y:36, and set screen to 3 on your afk menu.

Originally Posted by Simma:
and i just can’t find anything i like in aquatic crypts 2-3 to do 75-80 on so i’m going back to lavaguards and will ignore mob xp and just watch for torchs

The Final Stretch! Getting to Level 80

Will be adding more to this soon! Please be on the lookout!

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