Crystal Saga Knight Level 80 Guide

Crystal Saga Knight Level 80 Guide by XGAZX

This Guide is simple but specific to make sure you don’t waste any of your time/money!

This is not your usual Hybrid Tank Guide: This is 100% Tank with 100% DPS.
This Tank will level FAST and CHEAP, Solo Vaults AND be a PVP King/Queen!

Step 1 – 3x STR Per lvl. **Until 90 BASE STR** (Take off all your armor to get base).
Strength will help us level up quickly at the start and we don’t need epic Defense and HP until a little later.

Step 2 – 1x STR 2x END Per lvl. **FOR EVER**
This will keep us strong while putting a lot of points in to our HP and Defense.

This is IMPORTANT, do everything you can to get more honor.
Honor is much easier to get on newer servers! Honor Guide here!


WHY!!?? As you have probably noticed with the skills in CS; There’s not much difference in leveling most skills from 1-5. So why bother making them 5? With this build you have the benefit or EVERY SKILL and we can spam ALL of them, giving us all available techniques and MAX DPS!

If you want to solo Hard/Nightmare Vault right at 40 I would recommend waiting to put points into Taunt and Backbreaker until lvl. 42/44 and max out Improved Earths Blessing right at lvl. 40! If you are planning to Vault in a party you will want to get Taunt to keep Agro.

At lvl. 60 you have 5x Attacking skills: Improved Fierce attack, Improved Slayers Swipe, Vanity Slash(I still use this it gives more chance to Crit), Sabre Slash and Crucify.
You will also have Reckoning: Full status debuff, Backbreaker: An automatic 5% chance to reduce target speed by 25% for 6 seconds, Shield Breaker, ability to Daze for 1.5 seconds AND Dragon Hook for when people try to run from you.. The possibilities are endless!

~For those counting up the stat points you are right, there are 41! which means you wont have one spare for one of the lvl. 80 skills until they up the lvl. cap. Skip Master Shield Barrier~

Until you can get full savage, get as many Damage reduction items as you can!
Then: Savage. Every character gets Savage gear in this game, see Honor.

I like to have 2x pets depending on what I am doing: Grinding = Physical. Vaults/Dungeon Support or Defensive.
The all-round best pet that’s not too hard to get is the Morphed Bear Cub, most Knight guides will mention this: Decent damage, Charm(1minute cool-down unfortunately) and up to 29% damage absorb. The Bear Cub is up to 25% absorption and much easier to find!
Another good free option is the Vulture which can heal you.
For crystals you can try for a Teeka for decent healing/damage and pure damage with a demon/super demon.

AFK Mode:
I use all attacking skills in AFK mode and Sword of Spring. You should NEVER have to use a HP potion while grinding because of Sword of Spring.
Set HP potions at 30%(try not to use/waste HP Orbs until Dungeons/Vaults!) and set MP potions at 10%. (You can get away with using the cheapest Mana pots available!). Do not include Taunt and Shield Strike while in AFK(Except for Bosses).

AFK Mode for bosses with the best HP Potions for your lvl set for less that 90%. Use an Orb for Vault(Not needed for Indigo). Keep MP potions at 10%.
If partied include Taunt, Shield Strike and Wave for Agro.

TIP: After level 60 the only way to Gold Medals is by $pending money on Dragon Coins. I recommend staying at level 60 and farming them! Please pass this information to your friends!

~The best build in the game? I’ll let you decide!~

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