Crystal Saga Crystal Ladders Guide

Crystal Saga Crystal Ladders Guide by Harlequin17420

Ladders can be found at the Tree of Life use any Teleporter to get there. Once at the Tree of Life
head over to Adrhon the Guardian. There are gonna be quite a few options when you talk to him
if you never have done Ladders before. He has the option for several different quest involving Ladders.

If Ladders is gonna be a regular thing for you, which I highly suggest the xp can be amazing with a good party, and you want the title go ahead and accept the Crystal Ladders Apprentice quest. To begin Ladders though just select Enter Crystal Ladders.

A few things before I go into some detail about being inside Ladders.

1. Your party and their abilities will make or break you in this. How far you make it up the Ladders and your character level is what determines the xp you get and ladders is all about getting as much xp as possible. You can only do Ladders once a day even as VIP so make sure you are all well prepared in your party to get as far as you can and get the most out of it. When you get into the higher character levels Ladders is one of your best friends for leveling.
2. This guide is just how I do it. There are lots of guides out there on the R2Games forums read them it helps to see all the suggestions. With the party we are using to do Ladders now that our healers are both in their level 40’s we are consistantly making it to level 19, 20 is a bit out of our league still but we are very close to getting it. Have recently been trying it by replacing lower level priest with a mage and adding another rogue to the mix for a 5 member party.
3. Buff! Im awful about this lol I usually remember at level 5 or something silly that we should buff. I dont recommend this lol.
4. Dont let the first couple levels decieve you it definitely gets harder as you go. Dont get discouraged if you can only make it a couple levels to start. When you die you take a small penalty on the xp you get. Now this is how we dealt with that, we got as far as we could once we found a level that owned us we only went to the level before that for awhile until we made improvement on our characters. Then we would test it and see how far we could go. We repeat this and have found we are pretty consistently getting further each time.

Again this is just what worked for my parties build so do some research on it ask questions from people who have done it and are willing to answer them.

OK onto how I do Ladders. The party I go with consist of two priest (healers) a tank and myself (a rogue) as dps. Currently 1 priest is level 40 one is level 43 our tank is level 49 and I am a level 57. Having a second DPS definitely helps. In my opinion a good Crystal Ladder party consist of 2 dps 2 healers and a tank. In my opinion also its super important your healers dont die and your tank doesnt die dps should for the most part be handling themselves while healers focus on the tank and each other unless a dps gets into real trouble. Once you start losing party members it a slippery slope down hill from there.

Upon entering Ladders you will be invisible to the mobs for a short period of time. Healers should enter first and set up auto heal(BUT DO NOT MOVE). Tank and dps follow shortly after. The tank should move first to draw the mobs attention and then the healers should come quickly behind to start auto healing the the tank then dps follows right behind and starts dealing damage. If for some reason the mobs start attacking your healers the dps should get them off of them first before running to help the tank. A good tank with a couple healers on them will be fine but you most definitely dont want to lose one of your priest so dps should jump in and take care of the random monster that might go after them first. Basically all you do is repeat this for every level. Every 10 levels you will hit a boss type fight and for every ten levels you complete you also recieve a soul shard. At around level 15 or mobs will begin dropping Crystal Ladder Gems these are what you need to complete the Crystal Ladder Quest. While in Ladders you cannot use pots or blessed stones you also cannot use mounts, but you can have a pet out and hp orbs will kick in if your life is too low. Generally only our tank and dps use pets since the random priest pet attacking the mob can draw some attention from the mobs to the priest.While in there you will recieve hp and mana regen automatically so when you finish a level give yourself a second to regen all your health and mana before continuing. When you are ready to move on talk to the npc on each level. There will be three options when you talk to them go to the next level of Ladders, call it real and get out, or just leave from talking to the npc. When you decide to leave Ladders or die you will teleport or respawn into the Tree of Life around the teleporter, run back over to Adhron and speak to him again there will now be one more option selection in his dialogue Collect Rewards click that to collect your xp and any soul shards you may have earned.

Tree of Life and where to find Crystal Ladders

Speaking to Adhorn select Enter Crystal Ladders to start your run.

How our priest Auto heal looks

Entering a level you are invisible to the mobs. That protector looking guy towards the top is who you talk to after killing the mobs to move on to the next level or quit why you are ahead.

I hope this helps anyone interested in doing ladders and would appreciate any input from anyone who has done it and would like to add info for a successful Ladder run or throw some ideas around to improve.

One last note on Ladders. Not sure if it’s a glitch or just a part of doing Ladders but there have been quite a few runs we’ve done where one of ourparty gets thrown onto a level alone. If you run into this and somehow the member alone manages to survive the level we have found that they are able to rejoin us on the next if we move on. If say you lose your tank move your priest healing to the most likely party member to be able to psuedo tank, when this happens if it does to you all you can do is try do your best to get through the level and get back to the party being all together.

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