Crystal Saga Choosing a Pet Guide

Crystal Saga Choosing a Pet Guide by Shallesh

This is a guide on how to choose a pet for your specific class.

With so many pets in the game it can be difficult to choose a pet. Many times you may see a pet and think, “Wow, that looks cool, I want that pet!” One thing to keep in mind is that certain pets are better for different classes. So before we go into the particulars let’s look at pets and how they work.

Pet Variations
To start with I will not be talking about all the pets available, only the ones that are good for different classes. Mostly we will be talking about morphed pets. Pets come in a few variations, there are Baby pets, Normal pets, and Morphed pets. There are also Senior pets some of which do not come in baby or morphed forms. The Senior pets can only be obtained through special events or from the in game store where they can be bought for crystal. You can also purchase these pets from people who have bought them from the store and are selling them for gold.

The regular pets can be tamed from Monster Island in the game, speak to any Beastmaster to be teleported there. To tame a pet first lower its hit points by attacking it and then try to tame, the lower the hp the better chance you have to tame it. To get a morphed version of the pet you will need luck and patience. Morphed pets randomly appear when a tamable pet respawns. The best way to get a morphed pet is to go on a killing spree on monster island until the morphed pet appears. This can take a long time and you may not tame it right away, so have lots of taming scrolls available and have some time set aside.

Baby pets are similar to morphed in that they randomly spawn, baby pets start at level 1 and do not have the ability to morph with a morph crystal. However, baby pets do have higher maturity and aptitudes than normal pets.

Morphed pets look different than normal pets, and have a higher maturity and aptitudes than normal pets, they also level faster. Normal pets can be made into morphed pets through morph crystals.

Pet Types
Pets come in different types, Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Balanced, each of these types offer a different style of support from the pet. For this guide we will be focusing on these only for gender of pet. The gender of the pet effects how the pet receives attribute points, Female pets get better attribute bonuses for support skills, Male pets get better attribute bonuses for damage skills. So if you are wanting a pet to support you with heals then you want a female, if you want your pet to help you dish damage you want a male.

Pictured below are the pets we will be talking about, I have shown the normal version of each pet along with the morphed version. Please note that the Teeka, Boxing Bear, Baby Angel and Baby Demon are all Senior pets. The Boxing Bear can be obtained from an event while the Teeka, Baby Angel and Baby Demon can be purchased in the store. The Teeka and Boxing Bear do not have morph forms. The Baby Angel and Baby Demon have two morph forms, with the Burning Angel and Demon King being created by merging a Fire Lord with the Super version of each.

One thing to keep in mind, some of these pets are pricy, which is why I have included the best pet available for those on a budget. To identify which are which I will have a $$ before those that cost a good amount of gold/crystal to obtain, and $ for those that can be self tamed.
Now onto the classes:

Protection (Tank) – $$ Morphed Demon, Morphed Angel, $$ Teeka, $ Boxing Bear (Male) or $ Morphed Bear Cub (Male), or $ Morphed Clan Warrior (Male)
Retribution (DPS) – $$ Morphed Demon or $$ Teeka, $ Morphed Archers (Male), $ Morphed Spectre (Female), $ Morphed Ogre Snowtosser (Male)

Holy – $$ Teeka, $$ Angel (more morphs the better), $$ Demon (same as angel), $ Baby Vulture/Morphed Vulture (Female)
Blood – $$ Angel (same as above), $ Morphed Bear Cub (Male), or $ Morphed Vulture (Female)
Hybrid – $$ Teeka, $$ Angel, $Morphed Vulture (Female)

All Builds – $$ Teeka or $$ Demon or $ Morphed Spectre (Female)

Ice – $$ Teeka, $$Demon, $$Angel/Burning Angel, $ Morphed Vulture (Female)
Fire – $$ Burning Angel, $ Angel, $ Morphed Bear Cub (Male),

Nature – $$ Teeka, $$ Firelord, $ Morphed Vulture (Female), or $ Morphed Bear Cub (Male) or $ Morphed Clan Warrior (Male)
Anti-Mage – $$ Teeka, $$ Angel, $$ Demon, $ Baby Vulture/Morphed Vulture (Female)

As a disclaimer, I have not played each class with each build to see which pet works best; instead I have polled different classes to find which are the preferred pets for each class and build. If you have differing ideas or thoughts on how I can improve this guide please feel free to leave a comment below.

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