Crime City Advanced Guide

Crime City (iOS) Advanced Guide by Popeye The Sailor Man

Hi guys i was away for awhile now that I’ve returned I’ve decided its about time my guide was published.

Mickey two toes has done well and his guide covers alot of information for new players starting out.

however my guide covers item location PVP loot and building information such as defence and attack.
Another link to the crime city wiki

Firstly although i have been playing this game awhile I’m not an expert and alot of my information is my own so may not be correct if there is anything you don’t agree with just say.

1 – Basics
2 – PVP Loot vs PVE Loot
3 – Items
how to determine an item
PVE Items and locations
PVP Items and list
Cash Items
Respect Items
5)Defense Buildings
6)Money Buildings
7) Attack and Defense Skill
Why are high levels able to attack me
Explosive guide
10) FAQ’s


Right lets get this guide underway…
Pick Tycoon. enough said.

PVP loot vs PVE loot– loot from missions as we all know can be highly overpowered M4A1 and Machine gun, however i believe through reading through various peoples threads and my own experiences are that PVP loot comes at a much faster rate with the added bonus of respect and maybe money.

I personally prefer PVP loot but when i reach a higher level and have no issue with the rate I gain levels i will be farming certain missions for certain loot.

a lot of people post topics on items they wish to know the location of i will tell you the common answer to these questions and also the location of a few popular items will be later on.
Items are located all over the place the way to tell if they are gained from completing a Goal or a mission is simple. Goal items will be single items that cannot be obtained again eg Chefs Cleaver you can tell these items as they are normally average items that may not have a persons name there will only ever be one per person.
common items people want to know there location that are in this category are cars such as the Gaint, Manta Ray, Rampage and the Armored Car.
PVP Items here is a list of the items obtained through fighting other players.
the average rate of getting a PVP item is as follows although the real number is properly a little higher as for various clitches when i first joined the game where item loot wouldn’t always show.

PVE items are normal items that various people with have multiple numbers of the item because they would of been farmed
Here are a few items along with there locations.

Funeral Hall (Graveyard)
Bumper cars (Boardwalk)
State jacket
Atk 3
Def 10
Energy 118

Russian District
Job- Bank
Titanium Guard Armor
Energy 375×6

Stone Hammer Melee
empire university
250 energy
Atk- 10
Def – 7
russian district
Hazmat suit
Atk 2
Def 8
140 Energy

Russian Market
Steal Vodka
SWAT Pistol
Atk 4
Def 8
110 energy

Boardwalk -shooting game
junkyard -blue dumpster
M4 A1
Def- 22

Flattened cars
Devilish Taxi

Car Dealership
Atk- 6
Def- 6
105 Energy

Liberty Park

Lakeside restaurant
Armored truck
Attack 2
Defence 5
Energy 68

China Town
Set up opium trade
Armored Police Truck
atk- 4

PVP items
Like i said the average Chance of getting a loot item is 1 – 8

Micro Uzi Atk
Hunting Rifle –
Colt 45 –
Steyr AUG –
m14 Sniper Rifle –
M4 Shotgun –
m72 Rocket Launcher –
Skull Shotgun –
Bloody AK –

Butterfly Knife –
Nail Bat –
samurai knife –

Army Helmet –
Boxing Trunks –
wrestlers Mask –
Police Armour –

Armoured Police truck –
Pimps Lowrider –

Cash Items

The cash items i recommend to outfit your mafia are…

Gun – Sniper Rifle A11 D 5 cost $150,000
Melee – Steel Garrote A 10 D 5 cost $53,000
Armor – Swat Helmet A 4 D 8 cost $18,000
Expolsive – N/A
Vehicle – 69 Camaro A 5 D 4 Cost $35,000

Total – A 30 D 23 Cost per mafia – $254,000 cost per 5 mafia $1.250,000

Comparable to

Gun – Tommy Gun A 10 D 6 Respect 100
Melee – Columbian Knife A 11 D 9 Respect 200
Armor – combat boots A 5 D 8 Respect 50
Expolsive – N/A
Vehicle – mustang A 6 D 4 Respect 125

Total A 32 D 27 Cost per Mafia – Respect 475 cost per 5 mafia Respect 1250


Whats the best thing to do with respect?
Personally i would spend it. what ever you do with it its important that you understand the gain you will receive from buying that item and the “real value” that item has for instance a tommy gun is worse then a sniper rifle which costs $150,000 and combat boots are basically the same as a swat helmet at $18,000.
I nearly always buy cars with my respect in order to max my attack and defense.

To get the most respect points for your stamina rob buildings such as meat factories, Clothing store, Lofts, and warehouses.
Attack pillage and rob to your hearts content but remember for every action there is a reaction!

Money buildings
Thanks to Tramp stamp the genius

…. there is a list of the income buildings along with there income per hour this was before the tycoon class was released but you get to see the basic idea of cost and POI.

My personal play style allows me to collect once every 3 hours as i have a young child who needs feeding every 3 hours and at work I’m able to check in my breaks.
I’ve recently invested in the 12 hour buildings cinema and loft were to good to turn down personally. Im trying to get to $50k per hour this means ill be earning just over £1,000,000 a day. which is my aim to be able to outfit my mafia well enough to compete later on.

Defence Buildings
Again here is another spreadsheet

People often dont bother with defense buildings however this is one of the reasons i win all the robbieries against me.
If you buy gold for anything buy bodyguard agencies these give 350 defence per one at level 7 i just brought 10 in the sale…. they offer much more bang for your buck then items.

Mod Mark once said that when you are robbed only half the defense of equipment is used however the full amount of defense from buildings is. therefore i have invested in alot of defense i have roughly 2500 at my level 55 with a mafia size of 150 this makes me virtually unattackable. yeah of corse with this game there is the random element where some people that have brought gold items can randomly beat me but thats fine with me.

The attack and defense skill

This is a direct quote from mark himself Fight defense looks like this:

Total item defense + Building defense + (contribution from defense skill calculation) +/- (random element)

Rob defense looks like this:

1/2 total item defense + Building defense + (contribution from defense skill calculation) +/- (random element)

Why are high levels attacking me?

When you reach level 75 there has been an issue on this game where the dynamic of being able to see people that are around your level chances instead as well as this high levels with similar mafia sizes may be able to see you as well. This will continue to be an issue until there are more people in and around the same level.

Explosive guide
explosives are a good idea… it just doesn’t work at the moment the rate in which the consumables are consumed doesnt make them cost effective, especially if they are defensive ones as they are Halved when you are robbed.

quote from mark “Templar, explosives contribute the exact same way other items do. The same rules apply to them. Different explosives have different chances of being destroyed.” apparently they are writing a guide on them myself ill update this when i know more.


What’s the disadvantage of too many mafia??
The disadvantage is that when your a higher level the scope of people that can see you that have similar mafia sizes even tho you are not close in terms of levels. besides whats the advantages of having more that you need or can outfit? there are many more negatives then positives for having a high mafia.

What should i spend my gold on?
you should spend gold on what makes you happy… bare in mind that that by purchasing a gold building it would take a lifetime for some of the buildings to earn as much as a gold item of similar value would add to your attack.

Does selling a gold building return 50% of purchase price back?
No it gives half of what the building would of cost you if you brought it with cash …. which isnt as much as you think.

Where is the Femme Fatal
Its a gold limited item enough already.

How am i doing for my level?
my guide is… look at other players what are there stats? are they better then yours? Are you losing fights. Even if you are thinking this improve on what you have you can never have enough.

The same person keeps attacking me how can i make them stop
One way… DO NOT ATTACK THEM BACK doing this will give them a direct link back to your wall be careful who you attack you give them links… i hate when people do it to me but if you spam there wall about 30 times it gets rid of the link if the guy is really annoying you and you want to get them back.

Is Madhatter good.
No he’s some trolling noob who is about 10 never listen to him.

How many M4A1’s should i farm.
400ISH by then you should have at least 100 better items.

How to spend skills points?

do what you wish there yours. mine I’ve spent most on attack and defence and stamia I’m not a energy man as no matter how many you have they come back at the same rate depends on how often you play my 570 does me fine.

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6 Responses

  1. What I dont get is my defence is 3600 and my attack is 880 with a mob of 65, but I am getting attacked by players and losing with approx 1500 attack not even half my defence (my defence is mainly from my buildings I have hardly any cars or weapons)
    Why oh why are they still winning?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Farm? Only been playing a week. What's farming?

  3. MajorOffensive says:

    No, and it gets worse. Better buildings take days (up to about a week) to upgrade. But that's time you should be saving for another big upgrade. I recommend leveling with PvP attacks for the loot items until you get to a decent farming item. You can build the better options that become available and work your way up to a Nightclub just to watch your income erupt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Question for you – I am only at level 30 and it takes 18 – 36 HOURS to upgrade any of my buildings anymore. Plus I cannot upgrade more than one building at a time…this has taken all the fun out of the game, and though I am addicted to it now, I am seriously considering quitting the whole thing. Is there some way to upgrade more than one building at a time? Or at least to not have it take a day and a half?! Thanks for any suggestions. I appreciate it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this. Some parts didn't make sense (a few confused sentences and jumbled words), but some helpful thoughts here. Appreciate you putting the time in to write it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lil good stuff BUT one mistake u want about 2400 energy that's a days worth ;-)
    Thanks gun

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