CastleVille Tips and Tricks

CastleVille Tips and Tricks by hurleydroid

Quick guide to get the most out of your game time.

1) Add as many neighbors as you can, Neighbors can be a great source of materials.
(when you harvest materials in a neighbors both of you get the rewards) this is a great way to save energy and build a stockpile of wood or stones

2) Have as many crafting building as possible. I run all my crafting buildings with exploration crystals while im away and use my play time to make the shorter times crafts.

3) [SPACE] you can never have enough of it. What i do is move all my trees to as little area as is possible as well as my rocks. Don’t forget to move your harvesting buildings close by for the bonus

4) Bonus! Irrigation,Courtyard, Trees and rocks.
-Make sure to place your items in the bonus area .
-Buildings on courtyard get 15 more coins when harvested.
-You can get up to 20% faster crop yield if your plots are between two sets of water
(i have seen 25% but i have not been able to duplicate it)
-Harvesters (tree and rock) can get a 50% bonus

5) Let your friends do it! Explains itself but i almost never feed my animals. my friends do it for me. the same goes for buildings and materials.
Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you out.

Get your Good morning America bonuses! just type “Castleville incentive rewards” into your Facebook search.

Happy villeing!

Helpful Hints by afurrywabbitwolf

Here are a few things you can do in the game to help you level faster, make more money, or whatever you make from it. Many may already know a lot of these, but I thought I would post them anyways for newer players.

1. Extra XP/Faster XP: There are a few things you can do to gain a little extra XP. The main thing is to make the most out of your energy. Use your energy on things that will get you something in return. For example, you may need logs, however, this is much better done at lower level neighbors on your list who are trying to clear trees as is.

a. I find that one of the best things to use energy on are your chickens/cows. You can make hard boiled eggs, bread dough, and many other things using these ingredients that give you XP/energy in return.

b. Grow crops for materials/money. Some of the best crops to grow are wheat, tomatoes, chili peppers, and corn.

c. Make hard boiled eggs, chicken and corn chili, fried fish, and bread rolls/pizza in your kitchens. These items tend to be the easiest to get supply for and offer decent energy/XP in return.

2. Beasties: Have a beastie pen where neighbors CAN attack. When neighbors attack and kill the beasties, you get energy for free. You can easily spawn a new beastie to take it’s place.

3. Tree Farms: Have a tree farm. This one is something I have come up with, atleast on my list. When neighbors tend trees, you get XP. Make an area filled with tend here signs where neighbors can water your trees for free points to you. You should also stock up on super choppers to remove them after they have grown.

4. Crop Boosts: Have a 40/50% farming area. This is done with a few different methods. They take up space, but it is well worth it. Surround your crops with rivers, moats, or water pumps(no space between the water).

5. Spending Hearts: Use your hearts wisely! Stock up on super clubbers and hyper crafts so that you can beat your beasties without losing energy. Beasties are free XP if you use weapons.

I hope this helped some of you…I could write forever but this is long as it is!

Enjoy and have fun.

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