ArcheAge Wars Information and Speculation

ArcheAge Wars Information and Speculation by Eligor

There’s isn’t really that much info regarding the different wars that happen in Archeage, but in this article I will try to list all the possible player vs player features of Archeage as well as go deep in some of them using known information as well as some speculations and thoughts.

Jake Song, the developer of Archeage has mentioned at least 4 types of Player vs Player interactions that can happen in game. These are:

1) Faction Warfare:

What we know about it:
The game has two pre-made factions that are at war with eachother. The players, will have to enlist at one of these factions at the start of the game but will not be restricted to it, it will not be permanent and you can jump factions whenever you want, as long as you follow a quest line that will redeem yourself to the eyes of the other faction. These two factions, the names of which we don’t know yet, occupy the main islands in the world of Archeage and as such you will need boats and good organization to attack one another.
Apart from these pre-made factions the game allows players to create their own factions, there is not however much information regarding these player factions other than the ability to wage war with eachother, or even become a pirate faction that is hostile to everyone.

There has been some talk about these factions having the ability to own the major cities in game, as well as build forts and other fortifications in the two main islands. Also a pirate faction will probably get the skull flag for their ships.

2) Expeditionary Force Warfare (Guild vs Guild):

What we know about it:
The game features a third and smaller island that expeditionary forces are allowed to occupy. This island is divided into smaller territories that Expeditionary Forces (EF for short) can occupy and develop. Jake Song, has however said that there is no way for one EF to control the whole island because that would require way too many resources that will not be easy to find.

We can see this becoming really big after launch, with tons of new features added to it in order to make it more interesting, and we might even see real resource control and management as see in games like Savage.

3) Player against Player: 

What we know about it:
There will be potentially types of servers raging from PvE to hardcore PvP to satisfy all needs for this kind of player interaction. PvP can happen anywhere if you are flagged in a PvE server or without being flagged in PvP servers. The developers have taken steps to reduce the ability of other players to ruin the fun of lower levels or easy targets though. If you kill a player, your notoriety points rise, with high enough notoriety guards will come after you and you will also suffer from various penalties depending on the server type. If you keep killing people then you might even end up in jail!

There has been a lot of talk in Archeage Source forums about this, with people in general splitting in two camps, those that want penalties and those who do not. But since you can escape jail with a spoon already, we can be quite sure that the developers won’t neglect to add some features to please everyone involved.

4) Sieges:

What we know about it:
Not much known yet about this, we do know you can build catapults and ships that can bombard player buildings and cities, and the gameplay videos also show some gameplay regarding sieges but still there’s no solid information other than it exists. This is probably tied to the other types of player vs player interactions as well as something that stands on it’s own. Jake has said that sieges between factions or EF will happen at scheduled times so that there won’t be any need for players to keep watch around their cities.

With the ability to actually create castles as a player, then we can safely assume that once this get’s polished enough it will be in the spotlight of a lot of the players’ attention. Due to the engine the game uses, we might even see sieges that evolve as time goes. We might even see the ability to hire mercenaries to help you defend.

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