Wakfu Rouge Bombs Guide

Wakfu Rouge Bombs Guide by GoldfishGod

What is this?
This is trying to be a basic guide to Rogue’s bombs… it is not an intensive breakdown of every possibility. Feel free to add more information, or corrections, etc.

Set up us the Bomb: planting bombs
Rogues have 6 types of bomb in total, 2 per element.

The first 3, gained at level 2 of each element, cost 3AP. The next 3 are gained at level 7 of each element, and cost 4AP. All bombs need spare Mechanics to cast (which you can get by levelling Bomb Master). Bombs cannot be directly placed on a pre-existing bomb.

If a bomb is throw directly at a target, it will simply explode, so if you want it to hang around, you need to drop it into an empty space. However, this explosive attack can also be used to immediately trigger bombs, and can make levelling bomb-spells easier.

Bombs don’t block movement, so you can walk through them, or even stand on top of them, nor do they obscure Line-of-Sight, so you can shoot through them… and the same goes for your enemies.

The Final Countdown: triggering bombs
Basic bombs have a 3 turn countdown (you can see by mousing-over the bomb’s cell). Pyrotechnist can increase this to 7 turns if you want.

Natural countdown: At the start of the caster’s turn, the countdown reduces by 1. If this causes the bomb to reach 0 and explode… this will take place before you can select the possible +mechanics damage from initiative (which is pretty dumb, lol).

Big Red Button: The Detonator spell can be used by a Rogue to cause a their own bomb to explode immediately. The Boombot summon can cast this spell as well as Rogues.

Damage acceleration: Anything which would damage a cell containing a bomb, like attacking someone standing in the same cell, or a damage area-effect, will reduce the countdown by 1 turn… and will immediately trigger the bomb if this puts it at 0.

Chain-reactions: If a bomb-explosion covers another bomb owned by the same rogue then that bomb will immediately explode as well, otherwise the bomb countdown will reduce as normal.

Double-trouble: Two bombs cannot occupy the same location. If you move a pre-existing bomb into the same cell as another bomb, both will explode. Acciobomb and Boombot’s kick can accomplish this.

Big Bada Boom: when things go bang
As said before, Rogues have 6 bombs, 2 bombs per element. All bombs do 2(27) damage in their respective element.

The main different between each element is the shape of the explosion.

  • Air produces a cross shape, that spread 3 cells away from the bomb’s centre-cell (i.e. 7 cells “long”)
  • Fire produces a big circle, 2 cells in radius.
  • Water produces a ring, between 2-3 away from the bomb’s cell. This means things on, or directly next to the bomb will not receive any effect.

One real benefit of Air’s Grenado is that it does not need Line-of-Sight to place, meaning you can throw it into the midst of your enemies.

The next difference is for the level-7 bombs, with each producing an additional effect based on how many other bombs have exploded within the same explosion (i.e. chain-reactions).

  • Air’s Tornabomb pushes 1 cell for every bomb in the explosion. This can be useful for moving a target into another bomb explosion, or onto powder.
  • Fire’s Burning Bomb inflicts the burning state, with an increasing rank based on the amount of bombs.
  • Water’s Bomb X inflicts a resist penalty based on the amount of bombs.

Fire is the easiest to hit something with, as both Air and Water can be easily “stepped out” of. But the shape of both Air and Water explosions mean you can more easily “thread” them around your allies (e.g. if you can stand “inside” water’s ring-shape).

Hot Spices: bomb-damage
Powder can be applied directly with the Powder spell (duh) or indirectly with Bomb Master (bombs can leave powder on explosion) or Powder Keg (gunshots can leave powder).

Powder increases the bomb-damage against anything in the same cell. Once it has triggered this way, it disappears (so if you want more, you have to re-apply it). Howver, it currently doesn’t seem to stack as the description suggests.

Pyrotechnist increase both bomb-damage, and adds even more damage to chain-reactions, while Explotection actively reduces damage your bombs deal to your own team.

boombots gone wild

Boombot is a summon, which you can directly control during its turn. It has 2 spells, detonator, and a boot-a-bomb. Detonate is the same as the Rogue spell, immediately exploding a bomb. Boot-a-bomb pushes a bomb 2 cells away, which can be useful for catching someone who has moved away. Both spells cost 2AP, but the Boombot is quite weak if attacked directly.

The boot-a-bomb spell will also push anyone standing in the same cell as a bomb.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass: some tactics
Some spells which don’t specific deal with bombs can still indirectly work well with your bombs. The two main ones are Tommy Shot and Napalm Shot.

The rule that reduces a bomb’s countdown every time it is attacked, works well with Tommy Shot’s low 2 AP cast-cost. The cost also fits well with the 4AP cost of the level-7 bombs. It is most useful when an enemy is standing in the same place as a bomb, since each shot decreases the countdown at the same time as dealing damage to the enemy. Tommy Shot also works well with Powder Keg since it makes it cheap to spread Powder around.

In the same way, Napalm Shot’s AoE and range can allow you to hit nearby bombs so that it hits an opponent in melee with you, while not hitting you, and knocks a point off the countdown (and perhaps triggers to bomb for more damage). Musket and Boomerang Dagger can perform a similar function, though it can be harder to place a bomb in a way where you can hit both bomb and enemy.

Because a single bomb can cause a chain reaction to multiple bombs, you can often set a “keystone” bomb. One that has a low countdown, surrounded by newer bombs. By reducing the countdown on a single bomb you can speed up the explosion of all those bombs, even without triggering it directly with detonate, or trying to nudge the countdown of each bomb individually.

It’s probably a good idea to pursue 8AP if you want to throw around a lot of Napalm Shot or the level-7 bombs.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

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