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Wakfu Frequently Asked Questions by Knonaut

The English Beta

Is Ankama’s International Beta the same as Square-Enix’s North American Beta?
No. In addition to that, you can only play in the Beta assigned to your region. NA players cannot join the Int Beta, nor vice versa.

How do I play on the International server?
At the login screen, change your server to Wakfu-INT (Remington).
I have money, and want to buy a subscription!
Wakfu is still in Beta. As such the whole game is currently free to play as you are helping test it. You do not need to pay as you can go everywhere, and fight everything.

I heard there will be a wipe, and I will lose all my stuff. Is this true?
Yes. This is due to the game having a lot of changes. The only way to clear out some older problems is to clean the server so it’s back to a “newly opened” state.

Final Release
When is the game coming out?
There most recently announced release data is February 2012.

Will Ogrines work in Wakfu?
Ankama plans to use Ogrines in Wakfu, in the same way they are used in Dofus.

How do I move around?
Left-click where you want to go on the screen.

How do I interact with things?
Right-click the thing and a bunch of options will pop up for you to choose. Some things, like profession resources, require you to have that profession unlocked first.

How can I fight monsters?
Right-click a monster and select the sword icon that appears. Some aggressive monsters can start fights with you instead.

What are the penalties for dying?
When you die, you are returned to your spawn-point, and suffer a temporary penalty to health and damage.

Where’s the Fire of Love?
go to the graveyard, there is a hidden gap under the bridge which leads to a strongish ecaflip who attacks with a rose… haven’t beaten him yet, but it looks like the correct answer

Can you tell me more about each class?
You can learn about the classes on the Wakfu Wiki

Why can’t I play Sram or Masqueraider?
Those classes haven’t been released yet. Testing the specific classes is not the only point of the current Beta. The Beta is gradually rolling out each class.

How can I learn a profession?
You can learn all the professions by finding the appropriate Clan Member to teach you (which one, is shown on the map). They’ll give a manual to read through, and then you can attempt their multiple-choice quiz. If you get all the answers right, you’ll unlock the new profession, and be given the appropriate tool if needed.

One of the books says I can’t do crafting and gathering with the same character. Is this true?
Nope, you can learn every single profession available on the same character. But it will be difficult for you to level them all.

Can I reset my skill points after I’ve spent them?
No, currently the game has no ability to do this.

Can I change my nation after I’ve chosen?
Not right now.

Where can I get my Haven Bag?
Talk to Jonk in each Nation.

How can I pass items between my own characters on the same account?
Currently there is no way to do this directly. You can either pass it to a character on a different account, or drop it on the floor and quickly switch characters in the same location.

Where are NPCs to sell stuff to?
Wakfu doesn’t have merchant NPCs. You can only sell to other players.

How do I change Wakfu into English?
Before logging in, you can select “EN” in the top-right hand of the client-window.

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