Wakfu Air Iop Hybrid Guide

Wakfu Air Iop Hybrid Guide by MadMessiah

Ok, first of all this isnt technically a hybrid since you will be using mostly air, but you will be getting up all 3 elements for their defensive bonuses.

So lets get started.

Your main element is Air, the spells are as follows:

Jabs: Your main attack, you can use it 3 times a turn and although it starts weak it will soon start hitting for 30’s per hit.
Flurry: Good if you have 1ap spare or the enemy has low hp and you dont want to waste 2ap killing it.
Intimidation: Although this skill doesnt dish out much damage it is very usefull strategically, i will explain how this is usefull later.
Gutting Gust: If your enemy doesnt move you can have a free attack with this, one of the main 3 spells.
Uppercut: Again a free attack and one of the 3 main spells.

Earth spells:

Charge: Good if you have 1mp left and 1-2 away you can close in and use a jab/uppercut combo.
Devastate: Your strongest earth spell, If you’re surrounded by 3-4 enemies and this spell is the same level as your jab i highly suggest you use this instead.

Fire spells:

Iop’s Wrath: Stronger then devastate but it also eats 1mp and 1wp which makes devastate stronger with a uppercut/gutting gust
Super Iop Punch: Much like charge except it uses 5ap and no MP meaning if you’re out of MP and 1-2 away from target you can use this instead with a flurry.


Virility: Due to the new patch this is now useless untill end game. Don’t bother wasting points here anymore.

Compulsion: Good basic attack bonus but shouldn’t be leveled till after authority.

Authority: Turns the enemy around and adds a nice damage bonus to it which will be even more powerfull once you get the sive/wanton daggers. (This is now the priority specialty, get this to at least lvl 3 before you touch others)

Jump: Well after the update this can ONLY jump 2 squares, increasing its level only reduces the ap you spend to use it so its not really a neccessity till after authority and compulsion.


Do NOT be tempted to put any points into MP so you can use gutting gust twice, just wait it out and get the crow boots and untill you can, wear the tofu set.
Other then that i put ALL of my ability points into HP to compensate for virility being screwed, but now i have alot more hp thanks to it.

Ok those are the basic spells that will be of use to you, now onto what to level on and what equip to get.

Level Where to train

1-6 Incarnam gobblys/piwis
6-12 Incarnam Gobballs (Theres a single spawns far north of the archipelago that is perfect for you to train on)
12-25 Gobballs/Gobbettes/War chiefs (Best to find a group to join)
20-28 Tofurby (Again, best to find a group to join)
28-40 Drhellers

Now you’re level 28 the hybrid starts. The best way to level ALL 15 of your spells to a minimum of 20 each is Drhellers.

Drhellers always come in groups of 2 in caves or 1 with 2 larvas (AVOID purple lavas) If you can, find someone to train with as its alot easier with 2 untill you can solo them. Once in a fight, look for points on the map where you can trap them and they can’t move out, push the drhellers into that spot with your intimidation and walla, they can’t attack you and now you can spam 1hp damaging spells on them for as long as their 300hp can hold out.

I did this with my brother up untill we could solo them by killing 1 as fast as we could and then trapping the other to either kill for xp (Around 8k xp) or spam skills on to level.

40+ Kelba Bridge

The guard on the kelba bridge is a very tough enemy and you will need around lvl 38-42 to kill him. He respawns instantly so you can just sit down and heal then kill him again for a nice 12k xp

Lvl 0-15 Just get an adventurer set, you dont need them all as it isnt very important.
Lvl 15-42 Tofu set and gobball ring, these are all you need till level 40, the mp boost gives you a chance to use 2 gutting gusts and you gain 20% air damage bonus
Once you’re level 20 if you can get some sive/wanton daggers, 2 of those with +20% backstab and +5% air damage bring you up to 30% air damage
(Once you have authority these daggers really shine as i’m hitting 20’s with my jabs then when they get turned around i hit 30’s, thats an extra 10 damage
per hit and since you hit 5-7 times thats an extra 50-70hp damage)

Lvl 42+ Personalise your set, if you really want to know what i went with read on, but its alot more fun to find items that suit your gameplay (As for me it’s all about
maximum damage and hp)

My set after lvl 55 will be these items: (I’ve looked around for better items and tweaked my ultimate set a bit)

Arachnee Helmet – Lvl 40 – +35 health and +10% air damge (Dropped by Arachnees)
Arachnee Cape – Lvl 40 – +35 hp and +7 wisdom (Also gives +15% air damage with helmet)
Sour Amulet – Lvl 45 – +12% air damage
Ancestrial Daggers – Lvl 35 – +7% air damage and +14% backstab damage X2
Other Side – Lvl 45 – +60hp rings X2
Crow Breastplate – Lvl 55 – +50 hp and +20% air damage
Crow Boots – Lvl 55 – +1 MP, +75 Initiative and +34 dodge
Crow Belt – Lvl 55 – +70 Initiative and +6% resist normal (Also adds +20% air damage with the boots and breastplate)
Gobballer Shoulder Pads – Lvl 50 – +55hp and +35 tackle

In total this set should give:

HP – +295
Air Damage – 91%
Backstab Damage – 28%
Initiative – +145
Tackle – +35
Dodge – +34
Wisdom – +7
MP – +1

I challenge anyone to find a build that gives the same amount of damage bonus with that +1MP for an extra attack.

Got any questions? My ign is Stinister on Remington.

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