Tales of Pirates 2 Caribbean Treasure Map Guide

Tales of Pirates 2 Caribbean Treasure Map Guide by dwolfy

Level Restriction: Level 15 – Level 40

How to get it: Double click on New Sheepskin Scroll to obtain it (Those scrolls are dropped by all monsters of lvl 15 to 40, but the drop rate is low).

Where to use it: Pirate Hideout isle, on Treasure Gulf
*Notes about the isle*
On land: There are no monsters (unless one is summoned by a player using a Carribean map). There are several Pine Trees and Crystal Ores.
On sea: There are some fishing spots (specialy on the south east part of the map). Thre are also several salvaging areas all around the isle, but each one of them are guarded by a Spirit Ship, so it is not actually safe to salvage there.

How to get there: There are three portals to Treasure Gulf on Magical Ocean: Portal #1 – (877, 3756), Portal #2 – (2202, 2781) and Portal #3 – (1000, 375). Click on the portals to be teleported to Treasure Gulf. After getting there, head to (660, 1000) or (630, 935) to dock on Pirate Hideout isle.
*Be careful to avoid the Spirit Ships in the area.*

How to Leave: To leave Treasure gulf, just head to one of the portals to Magical ocean: Portal #1 – (734, 1032), Portal #2 – (606, 1083) and Portal #3 – (700,920)

Portals relation:
Portal #1 – Magical Ocean (877, 3756)    Treasure Gulf (734, 1032)
Portal #2 – Magical Ocean (2202, 2781) Treasure Gulf (606, 1083)
Portal #3 – Magical Ocean (1000, 375)    Treasure Gulf (700,920)

How to use it: Once on the island double click on the map to view the treasure coordinates. These will be displayed in the system message area above world and trade chat
Pirate Tip: Drag the map to one of the f hotkeys, then head to the coordinates listed, if it tells you to search the area just take a small step either north, south, east or west while pressing the map hotkey. If you’ve found treasure it will appear in your inventory.

When finding the “treasure”, you have X% chance to:
60% to get a random item (usualy equips, but you can get things like gems if you get lucky)
20% to obtain 10k ~ 200k gold
8% to fall into traps (that will make you lose a lot of HP)
7% to summon an agressive monster
5% to be teleported to another area (no harm done, and you will still have the map with you)

Important Notes:

  • You can only have 1 Carribean Treasure Map in you inventory when hunting for treasure (or else you won’t be able to you the map). Tip: take all your New Sheepskin Scrolls with you, and “open” one after each time you sucessfuly use a Carribean Treasure map (when you use it successfuly, after getting the treasure, the map will disappear)
  • If you get teleported out of Pirate Hideout (by using a ticket, by dieing or by using a treasure map), dont worry: you have NOT lost your ship. All you need to do to get it back is go to Shaitan City, talk to the Obscure Harbor Operator at (828, 3705) and choose to “set sail”. (If your ship had sunken, choose “salvage” first)
Maps, Pics and Video

Map of Magical Ocean with the location of the portals to Treasure gulf:

How the portals look like:

One of the docks:

Sort of a summarized video-guide (click to watch):

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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