SWTOR Smuggler’s Cant Secret Code Language Guide

SWTOR Smuggler’s Cant Secret Code Language Guide by AustinMark

Smugglers Cant Translator Version 1.1!
Thank you Gassygunslinger & La_Trix


Bo: a literal qualifier while speaking cant, ‘cant’ nullifier. The single word immediately following is NOT cant.
(While cleaning Biggie bo mynock for my hammock, Jack, Jill and I made friends with a Mynock.)



Alecake: Inexperienced/wannabe smuggler
(Alecake like that’s going to get himself shot)

Aunt (female) / Uncle (male): Jedi
(I wondering if uncle could help me out down stairs?)

Cap: Wealthy associate/patron
(I know a couple of caps that ain’t salty.)

Cookie: Member of the Imperial Military
(I hear that ship sold a bunch of cookies.)

Coupler: A hireling/companion
(Any couplers in the junkyard tonight?)

Death Stick: Sith
(We smoked a couple of death sticks over the night shift.)

Hammer: Someone with pleasing features

Joker: Hotshot pilot or driver
(Since when did you become such a joker?)

Keeper: a Fence, someone involved in the buying and selling of black market goods
(Listen, I got this hammock I would like to save for better days – do you know a Keeper?)

Kid: A Republic Soldier; Trooper
(Just keep the kids quiet, will ya, I’m playin’ Pazaak)

Masher: Astromech Droid
(Don’t mind him, that masher’s always had a gyro loose.)

Mynock: a bounty hunter
(The mynock had a coupler and hand for me.)

Ping: a nosy person, gossip, busybody
(It is always easy to spot a ping on a quiet radar. Don’t you think?)

Queen/her Highness: The Sith Emperor
(I hear her fluffy Highness send a whole pack of deathsticks to our lovely lady.)

Shark: Smuggler
(Just us sharks, then?)

Spanner: An essential specialist
(If we’re gonna play pazaak through the queen’s court, we’re gonna need a spanner.)


Neighbors: The Sith Empire
(The only thing worse than the neighbors picking on my old lady, is having them send me cookies.)

The Wife/Husband/Old Lady/Spouse: The Republic
(The old lady has me showing the kids around the Neighbor’s lot tomorrow.)

Grandparents/Grandpa/Grandma: Jedi Council
(Grandpa’s not gonna be happy about this.)


Apron: Belsavis
(I slammed into the apron.)

Beach: Tatooine
(Headed to the Beach, wanna come?)

Biggie’s: Voss
(I got a weekend planned at Biggie’s junkyard.)

Castle: Dromund Kaas
(Sometimes you gotta play pazaak in the castle to make your bones.)

Fair Lady: Nar Shaddaa
(I do miss that fine fair lady.)

Flower Shop: Alderaan
(Need to pick up something for my old lady at the flower shop.)

Ballroom: Ilum
(So there I was – having tea and cookies in the Ballroom)

Retirement Home/Rest Home: Tython
(Gotta hang out with granddad at the rest home.)

Graveyard: Hoth
(I took a jog through the graveyard)

Lot: Korriban
(you ever bothan downstairs at the lot?)

Nowhere/Limbo: Coruscant
(I will be bombing in limbo)

Marble: Taris
(I got a hammock waiting for me on the marble.)

Medic: Quesh

Paradise: Hutta
(Just another day in paradise.)

Pit: Ord Mantell
(Every shark I know started in the pit.)

Sister: Corellia
(Sister is waiting for the cake)

Widow: Balmorra
(Rounding some cubed turkey for the widow.)


Basement/Cellar/Downstairs: Prison or detention facility
(I hear they took that shark to the Fair Lady’s cellar)

Black: Outer space
(Had to burn that turkey black.)

Hill: a safe house, ship, or smuggler’s retreat.
(I need a nice quiet hill to work off all these cookies.)

Junkyard: Disreputable place of business
(Never an honest round for a shark in a junkyard.)


Bolt: commodity; item of value
(Favors, bolts or spice, no one flies for free.)

Bone/skull pop: Homemade or exceptionally inexpensive intoxicant (moonshine)
(Barkeep – pop two bones and keep those skulls near)

Cake: Legal or harmless cargo/supplies
(dealing in cake is cheap credits.)

Fixer: Top Shelf Liquor
(I got a fixer for the shark who can work the nightshift.)

Hammock: a particularly desirable business transaction
(At least with the hammock I got out of the neighbor’s lot will keep me ivory.)

Jack: blaster
(She had Jack on her hip and knew how to use him.)

Jack & Jill: one in each hand; esp. blasters
(He had Jack and Jill on me the moment he walked in the cantina.)

Jellysquid: A weapon or arms, usually illegal
(I got a case of jellysquid on my ship if your interested.)

Jimmy-Jack: Two-handed weapon, often a double-bladed lightsaber.
(Tell aunty to get her jimmy-jack out, it’s time to clean.)

Slim Jim: Lightsaber
(You never saw my uncle fight with slim jim?)

Shine/Shiny: Objective, purpose, or target. Often an item or mark of exceptional value
(Works spicy, and ain’t none of it cheap, but at the end of the round ya got a somethin’ shiny waiting.)

Slam: A heavily modified Smuggler ship.
(I got me a slam like you’ve never seen in marbles.)

Slug: Capital class ships
(Joking with her highness’s slugs can get spicy)

Tooth/Teeth: One Galactic Credit/ Credits
(With a smile like that, it’s a wonder no one’s stole your teeth.)

Turkey: Illegal, smuggled cargo
(Been a while since I had to cube a turkey for my wife.)

Wash: a job of great importance


Bone: Reputation; merit as a smuggler; esp. unit of measure for said merit.
(Round like that’s worth a bone or two.)

Cards: The Smuggler’s Cant
(‘Course I can deal the cards.)

Deadbox – dead to rights

Friend(s): agro; unwanted attention
(I like hanging out with my fair lady, but I got too many friends right now.)

Fuel: Motive
(What’s your fuel? Cause it sure ain’t smiles.)

Hand: a scheme or method of acting/doing; a plan
(Trust me, you got a 20 coming on that hand.)

Old Hat: The Force

Pazaak: Stealth
(The good shark knows when pazaak can be played, and when it can’t be.)

Tig: Waste of time
(it’s a tig making cake rounds to the beach and back)


Bomb (ing) (ed) : To relax
(After a few rounds past the Lot, I bombed out at a pretty girl’s moisture farm.)

Bothan: to acquire items and/or information covertly, via slicing a terminal or stealthy thievery.
(When I am done Bothan bolts I cube them in the slam.)

Burn (ing) (ed) : to come to be without; to cast aside or dispose of
(Let’s burn these couplers and make the Kessel)

Buy (ing); Bought: to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance
(So, the cookies bought some deathsticks; gave me the tickles all over.)

Clean (ing) (ed) : to beat or rough up
(Me and this joker cleaned a scrapyard by Biggie’s, floor to ceiling.)

Cube (ing) (ed) : to cover or conceal
(Turkey’s been squared on the manifest.)

Demise; Death, ect: to decide

Fin: to understand; comprehend
(You got a fin, shark?)

Hook (ing) (ed) : to capture
(I think cookies hooked your aunt’s ship.)

Haggle: to take cover

Jog (ing) (ed) : To seek a new opportunity or revenue stream
(Bought too many friends that last round, think I’ll jog for a bit.)

Joke (ing) (ed) : To pilot or drive in an irreverent or dangerous manner
(Quit Joking, this rounds not gonna tickle me unless we make it to Biggie’s or end up in limbo.)

Keep (ing) (kept): buying and selling of black market goods
(I heard about this guy on the beach who keeps these turkeys for sale)

Odds: to promise

Ping (ing) (ed): to investigate, snoop, ferret out
(So did you warn the alecake about getting caught pinging too loud when playing pazaak?)

Play (ing) (ed): to execute, act
(So is this really the way you wanna play it?)

Round (ing) (ed) : to smuggle
(I’m rounding out a case of jellysquid for the missus. She needs them at the flower shop, sparky.)

Scratch (ing) (ed): to do serious damage too; taking serious damage
(Gave that mynock a scratch on biggie’s he wont have time to forget.)

Slam (ming) (med): to land your ship on a planet.
(I will be slamming the beach for turkeys.)

Twilek: to con someone; a con.
(This dusty cap has got bad breath, so my horse Twilek should get a 20.)

Tickle (ing) (ed) : to be of little or no concern
(cookie thought I was scratched, but it just tickles.)


Cheap: Easy or effortless
(Trust me, pulling teeth out a cap like that is cheap work)

Dusty: Slow, as in speed, or slow as in mentally dull
(You’re kidding, right? Ship’s so dusty it wouldn’t out spark my old lady. Mynock’ll have you drinking tea in 12 parsecs.)

Gill(s)/Gilly: Appearing to be assembled hastily or from whatever is at hand; looking makeshift
(This hand’s got gills. Just remember I told you so, when it goes 27.)

Hard: valuable
(The round won’t be cheap, but my friend says its got hard bolts)

Horse: optimal; ideal
(A junkyard ready with fixer would be horse.)

Ivory: Well-to-do or lavish
(Rather ivory clothes for an Uncle Joe)

Expensive: Difficult or challenging
(This job’s a bit too expensive, )

Republic (Style): worthless; of no use, importance, or value.
(Ha! That old Jack is so Republic!)

Salty: Selfish
(You don’t be salty like your friends, here.)

Spark: fast, or able to move with speed
(That is one sparky shark.)

Spicy: dangerous
(The round’s spicier than I anticipated, but it’s that or a jog for me.)

Uniform: Combat-Ready
(As soon as the kids are in uniform, we’ll sell this cookie factory.)


Aces and Eights: according to plan; possessing ‘good luck’
(It’s all been Aces and Eights this round)

Beer and Pie: Work for someone with a smuggler’s skills.
(All the jog got me was hungry for beer and pie)

Buy(ing) Bought Tea : To kill, often by contract
(That mynock tried to buy me tea.)

Deal The Cards: Speak in the Smuggler’s Code
(Let’s deal the cards)

Deuces and Sevens: possessing ‘bad lucky’; failure
(Nothing on the throne but deuces and sevens.)

Drink(ing) Drunk Tea : To die, often by contract
(I made the mynock drink tea.)

Get a Twenty: To complete a job with no problems or complications
(I got a twenty on the hammock)

Make the Kessel: To flee
(Let’s grab the bolts and make the kessel)

Play Pazaak: To sneak or look around
(I’m just going in to play some pazaak)

Playing Old Soldier: foolishly or rashly dangerous without tactic or strategy
(Look at that kid. There he go playing an old soldier again)

Pulling Teeth: looting a corpse of credits
(I’ve been buying tea for friends and pulling their teeth for most of the day)

A Row: as in a ‘row of teeth’ Ten Thousand Credits
(Cap offered me five rows for this round.)

Work the nightshift: To engage in space combat
(Had to work the night shift around Biggie’s)

Flipping coins: Bored, nothing to do.
(I was flipping coins in the rest home when I got word of beer and pie in paradise.)

Bad breath: Untrustworthy
(Every bo Bothan I’ve met’s got bad breath.)

Game of Chance: to make sexual advances to a new acquaintance or stranger
(That Alecake’s hitting the games of chance pretty hard.)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is cant?
    A: Cant is doublespeak, it is way of sharing something without sounding suspicious or being easily understood. It is not a straight code, it is much moreso a living language. Cant is the jargon, argot or cryptolect of a group, often used to exclude or mislead people outside the group. The phraseology peculiar to a particular class, party, profession, etc. The private language of the underworld.
  2. Q: Isn’t this just ‘slang’?
    A. No. Slang is the substitution of informal words in place of formal wording.
    Slang is very informal usage in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language.
  3. Q: This isn’t going to go anywhere.
    A: Not a question, and not helpful. If you think we’re wasting our time you don’t need to tell us.
  4. Q: Can I come up with something?
    A: Sure! In fact, you are encouraged to contribute. Just follow the previous examples on how to post.
  5. Q: Should I theme words?
    A: yes and no. More themed words are easy to flow in a sentence. But it shouldn’t be overdone, we don’t want another oral fixation situation. Some themes make more sense from a smuggler view as well.
  6. Q: When would I use this?
    A: Good question! Well, if you feel like feeling good about yourself, you can use them on these boards. Also, in game. You’ll probably really enjoy using this if your an in depth RPer but you could enjoy using it as a not as serious RPer as well. At the end of the day you can always whisper if you want to share information in private with someone so its in no way needed.
  7. Q:Should I try to include Star Wars references?
    A:To quote Yoda “Try not, do”. This is an inuniverse Cant, as such everything should be something that could be found in the Star Wars Universe, whether there is direct knowledge of it, or it isn’t too much of a leap. Out-of-Universe (Or OUT-OF-TIMEFRAME-we don’t want death star references) references that only make sense from an out-of-universe (or timeframe) standpoint should be kept to a mininum.

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