SWTOR Sith Inquisitor FAQ

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor FAQ by Verindel

1. Can an Assassin use only one lightsaber and still do competitive damage?

No, a Assassin cannot wield a single blade and be viable in any setting. If you want to play as a single lightsaber melee combatant, choose the Sith warrior Juggernaut Advanced Class, or if you are in for a more force/melee outlook the Sorcerer Madness tree might suit. A Sorcerer can only wiled a single saber, and an Assassin can only use a Double bladed saber.

2. Can the Inquisitor heal/tank/DPS as well as the other classes?

All classes that can tank/heal, can tank/heal as well as any other. DPS has been said many times to be as balanced as possible, (within 5% of each other).

Like any other MMO expect there to be buffs/nerfs due to balancing. So what is strong one patch might be weaker in the next.

Edit to clarify(thanks Queen_Ultima):
To be viable as a tank you would need to be an Assassin specced into Darkness, you will not be able to tank as a Sorcerer.

To be able to heal you would need to be a Sorcerer specced into Corruption, an Assassin will not be able to heal.

To be able to effectively DPS you will need to be specced into a DPS tree. These are Lightning/Madness for the socerer, and Deception/Madness for the Assassin

3. The armor is ugly. Can I just wear simple black robes?

There is some customization in game. We know we can use the more cloth like armour. Though remember this is a loot based game, so you may not always be happy with the items. Or will have to sacrifice stats for the look.

4. Do we have to wear robes? Or is there a pants option.

As above there is some customization with armour you won’t be forced into robes. Also as above remeber this is a loot based game, pants may sometimes require dropping in favour of a better stat-giving robe.

5. Can I hide my helmet? *Not seen this as much over here but it crops up so I’ll leave it in.*

Yes, there is an option to hide your helmet. This was previously confirmed as a “no” but the E3 coverage shows that Bioware has changed their mind.

However if your robes have a hood there currently is no way of lowering it.

6. Does my Sith Inquisitor have to be twisted and evil like Palpatine or Malgus?

In short no. “Light” sided Sith Inquisitors are an option. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN DEFECT TO THE REPUBLIC. Your Inquisitor is morally “good” as opposed to being “evil” you are still a sith in all ways though.

7. What lightsaber colors can I use?
Currently in game we have Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Yellow/black (SWTOR pre-order), Orange, Magenta, Violet/purple, White, Cyan, Black/red, Black/blue, Black/green and Black.

Purple has been our classes colour from the start, I wouldn’t be too shocked if our first saber is purple. Red is definate we will be able to use it.

Red colour crystals require that the player has not achieved Light 1 or above.
Green and blue colour crystals require that the player has not achieved Dark 1 or above. Weapons that come pre-slotted with a colour crystal keep that colour until you change it(if you want).

9. Can I unlock the “Darth” or “Lord” titles?

Yes, “Darth” and “Lord” have been confirmed as possible titles for your character, but the process involved in obtaining them is unknown; it has been hinted at that there is a significant challenge involved. There will be other possible titles. All titles are restricted when you create your character, so you may not add them to your character’s name at creation.

10. Will my alignment effect my characters looks?

Extreme dark will effect you characters looks (though there is an option to not show the change). Light currently does nothing.

Also being light/dark opens up some armour choices, neither are better, they just add to your characters look.

11. Can I change my Advanced Class from Sorcerer to Assassin or vice versa?

For launch no, the AC switching feature is out.

12. We’ve only had 2 companions officially announced and neither of them are attractive. Who do we romance?

Each class will have 5 companions. Ours are.
1) Khem Val (male Dashade “Force eater”)
2. Andronikos Revel (male, pirate)
3. Ashara Zavros (female Togruta, Fallen Jedi)
4. Talos Drellik (male Human)
5. Xalek (male Kaleesh, Sith Sorceror)

13. Can a Sorcerer primarily use their Lightsaber?

In short, no.

The Madness tree may allow you to use the lightsaber as a part of your combat but it wont be your main focus. The Sorcerer is mainly force based.

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