SWTOR Mercenary Hybrid Spec Build Guide

SWTOR Mercenary Hybrid Spec Build by Werdan

I’m posting my hybrid spec that I used for most of my time in beta with some brief commentary. Please note that I have not had a chance to review the live version of the skill trees for any changes so parts of thsi could be incorrect. I’ll update as needed.

For the most part I use High Velocity Gas Cylinder (HVGC) with Tracer Missiles, Explosive Dart, Fusion Missile, and Unload in hopes of critting to vent 8 heat. This keeps my heat down to respectable levels. I stack 5 Tracer Missiles to get the Power Barrier buff and heat signatures before mixing it up a bit with Power Shot and Rail Shot. I can heal very well without having to switch cylinders but can easily do so to be a main healer when needed. I tend to stack crit and surge towards end game for big hits and more procs.

I suggest the following path for the first 17 points in Arsenal.
Ironsights x3
Mandalorian Iron Warheads x2
Muzzle Fluting (for Power Shot at first, Tracer later)
Upgraded Arsenal
Stabilizers x3
Tracer Missile
Power Barrier x2
AfterBurners x2
Terminal Velocity x2

I suggest using Combustible Gas Cylinder until level 20 when you get Tracer Missiles which also happens to allow the use of Rail Shot. Switching to HVGC at this point reduces the cost of Rail Shot by 8. You could switch earlier but you’ll have less chances to use Rail Shot unless someone you’re teamed up with has a low cooldown dot.

Ok, lunch break is over. Time to get back in game. Again, I’ll do my best to keep this thread updated but I hope others can lend a helping hand.


Here’s my suggested leveling path for the remainder 24 points in Bodyguard. Please note that when you see a skill followed by “OR” it’s basically a tossup as to which you feel is more needed. Most times the first choice is what I had done in the past. Also, this gude can be used as a starter guide for those looking to be 31 point Bodyguards. My only exception would be to pick up Ironsights x3 first before starting Bodyguard. After Kolto Missile is bought I would get Mandalorian Iron Warheads x2 next.

Med Tech x2
Hired Muscle x3
Supercharged Gas (especially if you are going full heals)
Empowered Scans x2
Surgical Precision System x2
Kolto Missle
Kolto Residue x2
Improved Vents x2
Critical Efficiency x3
Heat Damping
Power Shield
Kolto Shell
Proactive Medicine x2
Reactive Armor

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