SWTOR Engineer Sniper Build Guide

SWTOR Engineer Sniper Build Guide by Karaokelove

So after some pretty extensive research and planning, I think I’ve finally put together a respectable Engineer build. The build is based primarily on information provided here, with that information edited to fit my playstyle. You can view the build here, as well as check out the level progression below:

Most of the choices are self-explanatory, with a few notable exceptions.

I wasn’t really keen on investing points into Vitality Serum because I can’t imagine an extra 4% of a Sniper’s hp is going to be a significant increase. Since I needed to put in 2 points to get to the higher skills, it was between that or Vital Regulator, which I figured I could just ignore via medpacks.

Because I wasn’t keen on the Vitality Serum points, I decided to hold off and use that as my opportunity to get in my Marksman tree skills. That way I could go ahead and start taking advantage of the awesome Ballistic Dampers skill as early as possible.

When it came time to decided between Cover Screen and Marksman, I decided on Cover Screen because I wanted to max out the defensive possibilities of the build, but it really could have gone either way.

Once my Marksman skills were out of the way it was time to get back to pumping up those Engineering skills. I knew I was going to eventually take all 3 levels of Lethality, and I decided to do this during levels 33-35, right before taking Experimental Explosives. This allowed me to get the most effect out of Experiment Explosives when I was finally able to take it at 36. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have taken Lethality until level 47, which would have limited my damage output significantly.

I was only in the final weekend of beta, so all of my choices were based almost solely on info I was able to find on these forums and in the above-posted blog. If you know something that I don’t, or have any helpful suggestions or criticisms, I’d love to hear them. Thanks for reading!

[edit] I have decided that Vital Regulators is a much better skill choice than Vitality Serum, and have adjusted my build accordingly. Please keep this in mind, as I won’t be updating the photobucket image above. Thanks!

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