Shot Online Level Up Guide

Shot Online Level Up Guide by zoomzoom3

to all beginner,

the most important thing in this game is to gain experience points, and to level up as fast as you can. the best way to lvl up as a beginner is to play “stroke” mode and play ALWAYS on RUFUS ARENA with a higher Level, and always with 4 people in the room, Even if u are very bad at the game, the higher level players can help u gain experience if they birdie or eagle. so even if u play cruddy, if ALL 3 of the other players birdie, u can gain much exp point AND also learn from their play style, and even occasionally ask a Question. Chatting is allowed in this game because its a great way to make Friends and its there so Everyone, beginner or not, can learn from others. there is Always room for improvement, so asking for help from a more experienced player is always going to help you greatly. It helped me, and now im a proud member of the Shotonline community, lvl 70 Tour Pro. ask me for help in game, im always there for tips and help. MclarenF1! -ingame name.

additional experience related TIPS on Which Courses Help the most for Leveling FAST.
(lvl 1-20 beginner players)

#1 Rufus Arena (sandy with tough lies and hard greens to putt and to make approach on, but very rewarding when played with higher levels. about 2,700 exp a birdy)

#2 Fensalir (overall easy approach and easy putting but a pretty long distance course. but it also gives a lot of exp per bird. about 1,100 a birdie)

#3 Sosori (a nice peaceful course thats designed for lower levels, and very easy greens, large greens for an easier approach and a over all great place to get a few birdies. about 540 a birdie)
*note* the exp points vary with items, but with a bare minimum, and with a Semi Pro in the room, you will get the above experience points. its “about” that much. but you can still see the difference Very Happy )

there is one extraordinary way to level, but its difficult to pull it off.

if You were referred to this game by a friend, then he/she can help you with this, MAYBE.

if your friend is a level 60 or higher, and is a Semi Pro, your friend can level you up on a different course called GLEIGER.
now, most..and i repeat MOST SPro’s or even Tour Pro’s stay away from this course due to its difficulty, but if he/she was willing to help you level there, here is how it will work:

step 1: have your friend set the room as a normal AMATEUR/BEGINNER COURSE.

step 2: when YOU have joined the room, have your friend change the COURSE SELECTION TO “GLEIGER”.

step 3: now ready your golf bag and start playing!

*note* IF your friend birdies or eagles, you will get about 1,000~ 1,500 experience point for just being there. bottom line, YOU dont have to do much. you can play terrible, but u can still make MORE than on any other course, because if the rest of the 3 players make birdie, even if YOU holed out, they will get you 3,000~ 4,500 experience points!

but again, if you are a beginner in this game with no special help, then just refer to my 1st TIPS and play on Rufus Arena, and please do “Stroke” mode. “Four-Some Match will NOT get you enough points, untill you turn a amateur)

well, gl and hf! and enjoy leveling in the game… the higher the level, the funner it gets! Cool

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