Shot Online Irons Guide

Shot Online Irons Guide by Munkey505

This is a tip for the newer players wondering about the better irons in the game:

The Best Irons For you:

Before I get into the comparison, this is about the best irons in the game (Tempest and Hurricane) for beigginers and pros alike. They both generally hit the exact same yardage. If it isn’t the same its off by like .5 or so. I noticed the tempest hit about 0.8 further with 3 iron in driving range. So it’s not even a matter of which is better for distance/height/spin etc.

Tempest Irons
– The Good: The thing with tempest is, it has a slow bar. That’s really nice for hitting your right % on power you want without doing click after click after click with a faster bar (especially a 3iron or 4iron) to get that perfect %.

– The Bad: However, with the tempest irons, if you don’t hit the 0 or close to it, you WILL notice the shank with a medium to low impact build with high skill, it’s not even arguable.

Hurricane Irons
– The Good: Pretty much the opposite of Tempest. You can have your high skill build with medium to low impact and have good results on missing the zero. When I say missing the zero, I mean anywhere inside the yellow area almost acts as just missing by a couple of pixels (big plus).

– The Bad: If you’re running low on time and need to hit that % you want, it wont always end up that good. The 3iron and 4iron have the fastest bar of any of your clubs if I’m not mistaken. Generally it will take a few attempts to get the % you want before you end up happy. This can be annoying at times.

– General play: If you’re doing wagers or just playing EXP rounds with friends. I would say the Hurricanes are the best way to go, period. Unless you run high impact build which you can use the tempest no problem.

– Tournament play: For the one-click tournaments or 45 second clock, Tempest irons are no doubt the winner in these. If you need to hit 105 for a shot, you can’t trust the Hurricanes too much, if you go over on accident you’re done, you can’t redo it.

– If you have to keep one: I think the clear winner is the Hurricane set. You can learn to use the faster bar petty easily since most of your other clubs are anyway. The goods surpass the bads for leveling up.


Hope that tip helps people out

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