Shot Online General Gameplay Guide

Shot Online General Gameplay Guide by Smashed

Ok I’ll start with putting.

I have to say it’s probably the most important aspect of the game. Driving’s for show, putting’s for dough!

1 – I prefer to navigate using the mouse, but you can use the cursor keys (left and right arrows).
2 – Best to practise this on the easy courses – Alf or Sosori as they have pretty flat greens.
3 – Get to know your putting distances by percentages, and write them down if you feel it helps.
4 – It’s handy to note that if putting from the Green Edge, use Alt + G to get the green contour.
5 – Remember that if you are putting from the Green Edge and your putt it over 12 yards, there is a high chance of a shank.
6 – If putting from the Green Edge, the ball will react more to the contours of the green – i.e. if you think its 40% 3 right, go 4 right and it will be a better aim.
7 – Uphill putts need more juice than downhill putts – i.e. a 6 yard downhill putt needs less % than an uphill putt.
8 – Uphill putts react less to green countours than downhill putts
9 – Try out different putters and see which one suits best

Now chipping – again pretty important

1 – Get a good set of wedges. I use Werdani wedges as they have a slow bar but are expensive to buy. Peacocks, Tempests and Hurricanes are also good.
2 – Chart your wedges REGULARLY. As your stats change, your distances will as well. There is nothing more frustrating than driving to within 10 yards fo the green and ballooning your chip 8 yards past!
3 – Use spin wisely. If chipping to a raised green, use backpin with caution. Play about with spin on your own and see what happens.
4 – Practise with imagination. Try using different wedges at different percentages and see the difference. A sand wedge has very little roll, but maybe an AW or PW hit at a lower % will achieve a better outcome.
5 – You can chip on the greens and use Alt + G to get the green contour. BUT BEWARE AS THE BAR MOVES AT LIGHTENING QUICK SPEED!
6 – Best used close to green, off the tee (once you get to a higher level) and occasionally on the green – if your partner leaves you a 40ft chance!

Iron play – the meat and veg of golf

1 – Try out different irons. Use the ones that feel best to you.
2 – Again, use spin wisely. The same principals apply to irons re spin as wedges.
3 – Chart your irons and get imaginative with shots – a 70% 7i can be deadly!
4 – Watch the trajectory and roll of your irons. As above, an underhit clubs might suit the shot better than a full strength shot that goes higher.
5 – Best used off the tee and on the fairway.


1 – As with the rest of the clubs, select a good set of Woods. Tornado or Hurricanes are the best in the game.
2 – Best used off the tee and on the fairway.
3 – Again, watch the way the ball flies and how is rolls in impact

Driver – the big stick!

1 – Get yourself a Tornado or Hybrid Driver. These are without question the best driver in the game for level 1 – 99. A Hurricane is good when at a lower level as it has a slow bar.
2 – Do NOT use your driver anywhere but on the tee.

OK, now weather and wind

1 – Rain will take around 12% off your shot – for a 100 yard shot, hit for 112 yards
2 – Clouds will take around 6% off your shot – for a 100 yard shot, hit for 106
3 – Temperature has a big effect on your shot. The lower the temperature, the shorter distance your shot will go. A shot hit at 30 degrees will land in the centre of the aiming circle. A shot hit at 21 degrees wil land at the bottom of the aiming circle.
4 – The ball moves more in the air if using side spin when raining and cloudy. Move a little more when aiming to compensate this.
5 – Wind has a different effect on every club. 1m/s side wind will move a wedge shot more than a wood. For SW I use 1 click for every 0.6 m/s side wind but for Driver it’s 1 click per 1.2 m/s wind. All other clubs are somewhere in between. Practise with different winds on the range and chart accordingly.

Spin (Skill Stat)

1- The skill stat allows you to shape your shots by applying spin to the ball using the red dot on on the ball at the bottom of the page. Play around with this until you are comfortable.
2 – Compensate for the angle the ball is coming from when aiming. When using spin, the ball IS NOT coming from a straight angle, and therefore may even be coming from 90 degrees if your skill stat is high enough. When the ball hits the ground it will continue on the path it was on and may even bend even more if on the green. I see high level players who don’t do this and it drives me crazy!
3 – The ball moves more when using spin on a cloudy or rainy hole. Remember this.

Stat setup

For a lower level, it is best to stick to a high power/ impact build. Power levels out at 65. Once you hit a power stat of 65, start adding to your skill. A skill stat of up to 35 is more than enough when still adding to power. ALWAYS KEEP IMPACT ABOVE POWER or it’s shank o’clock! I found that when a lower level, impact 2 above power was more than enough.

Stat clothes and club fittings

1 – Stat clothes will be incorporated into your stats as soon as you put them on.
2 – Club fittings are only applied when you have the club in your hand – remember this and set your stats accordingly. No point in having a +5 Power driver if when you use it your power stat becomes 3 above your impact.
3 – Fit all clubs the same. If you fit one with +5 Power, fit them all with +5 power. If you have any spare slots after fitting them the same, go for skill with th rest.

The aiming Circle

1 – The ball will LAND in the centre of the aiming circle if you hit it 100% with a perfect shot – weather dependant of course. Remember to allow for roll when aiming and hitting your shots.

And finally. Listen to others. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be shared in the game. If in doubt, ask someone and I’m sure they will point you in the right direction. That’s my War and Peace, someone please fill in the gaps!

Level 97 TP
-31 HC
Proud Member of OldFeckers

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3 Responses

  1. Blomster says:

    That guide will go after you get up to level 40 (I think). If you’re into golf games then you wont find better than this. There’s so much to master.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can adjust the aim by pressing right and left arrow keys or by dragging with the mouse

  3. Mark Jones says:

    I only had this game installed for an hour before I got bored with it. Putting is the problem.

    It seems that the only way to aim a putt is to hit the ball harder or softer.

    Your guide does not appear tp dispell this. Only having the option of how hard the ball is putted is rather tedious. I want to be able to aim it myself.

    Is there a way to do this?

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