Shot Online Basic Club Guide

Shot Online Basic Club Guide by Jitter

Here is a basic club guide that should help beginners as well as more experienced players. I will go through all of the popular clubs, and list the pros and cons of each one, and hopefully you can choose what is best for you.

Lets start w/ the drivers.

Tornado Driver —– This is the best driver in the game bar none. It has excellent height and distance. It is roughly 10 yards longer than its nearest competition. This driver can only be acquired in lucky boxes, or in the square for NG.

Emerald Driver —– In my opinion, this is the second best driver in the game, and is great for beginners. It has the same distance as the tourmaline and spinel, but has better control and slightly more height. It is about 10 yards shorter than the tornado, and in big tail winds it will dip down very low (which is not good). You can buy this at the item mall, or in the square for NG.

Spinel Driver —– This driver is basically the same as the emerald. It has the same distance w/ just a hair less control. This can also be bought at the item mall or in the square for NG.

Tourmaline —– This is one of the most popular drivers, but I think it is over rated. People see the power stat and assume it is better, which is not true. This driver can be tough to control for lower lvls, and also flies lower than the spinel or emerald with the same distance. This driver can also be bought in the item mall or for NG.

Tempest —– I would not recommend using this driver. The bar is slow and it has good height, but you sacrifice a lot of distance. This driver is roughly 5 yards shorter than the Emerald and friends. Also the repairable version of this driver costs 20000 NG per hit. You can only get this driver in lucky boxes or for NG in the square.

Peacock —– This driver is very basic, and only a slight upgrade over the default driver. This driver is easy to control, but I would only recommend using it below lvl 21. You can buy this from the item mall.

Antique —– This driver is bad for any lvl. It flies extremely low, and is very tough to control. I am lvl 83 and tried this driver recently for fun and it was horrible. I have not tried the antique II version, but I cant imagine it being much better.

*Note: I have not tried or tested the Urd or Werdandi driver, but I believe the urd is like the peacock w/ a slow bar, and the werdandi has about the same distance as the tempest driver w/ a slow bar and less height.


Tempest —– The very slow bar on these is great for 1 click tournaments. They also have good distance (only a couple yards behind the tornados), and have 8 fitting slots instead of 5. The major con to these irons is that if you use the repairable version it costs you 25000 ng per shot. These irons can only be acquired in lucky boxes, or by trading in the square.

Tornados —– These irons are also very good. The bar speed is normal, but you gain about 2-3 yards over the tempest irons. These irons only have 5 spots for fitting tickets, and the repairable version costs about 12000 NG per shot. You can only get these from lucky boxes or by trading in the square.

LvL 59 —– These are the best in game (buy from Salvador) clubs. They have excellent distance and height. With proper stats these clubs are in between the tornados and tempests distance wise. The only drawback to these clubs is that you are required to have 21 stamina to use them.

LvL 57 —– I am not a fan of these clubs, but some people like them. They are pretty short distance wise, and don’t seem to go as high as the clubs listed above them. A major drawback is that you are required to have 65 power to use them. If you set your power to 65 at lvl 57 you will be severely lacking in impact which will effect your distance and accuracy. You can buy these from Salvador in the square.

LvL 51 —– These clubs are a good step up from the antique clubs. They will go about 10 yards longer, and you can buy them from Salvador in the square. The only problem w/ these clubs is they seem a bit sensitive if you miss 0. You can counteract this somewhat by setting your impact at least 7 higher than power. These clubs also have stat requirements, but by the time you get to this lvl you should have the requirements easy.

Antique —– These clubs are excellent if you don’t want to buy lucky boxes and try your luck. They go about 15 yards more than the peacock irons, and you can use the antiques from lvl 21 to whenever you want. I have seen some players in the 70s and 80s still using them occasionally. You can buy these straight from the item mall or trading w/ others in the square.

Peacock —– In my opinion these clubs are a waste of money. They do not really go further than the default clubs and they don’t have much stopping power. You are better off playing w/ default clubs till you get to lvl 21 then switch to antiques.

*Note: As stated earlier I never hit the urd or werd irons, but from what I hear, the urds are like peacocks w/ a slower bar, and the werdandi irons are inbetween antiques and peacocks w/ a slower bar.
**Note: You can buy other clubs from Salvador, but I would not recommend it. Most of the irons from Salvador take away impact (which is bad). You are better off saving up all your money and buying something nice.


Tornado —– The longest and highest woods in the game
Tempest —– These woods are also very good. The are about 3 yrds shorter than the tornados, but they have a very slow swing meter which can come in handy. Another pro for these woods is that they have 8 fitting slots instead of 5 on the tornados.

LvL 59 —– These woods are as long as the tempest woods, and maybe a bit higher. The biggest problem w/ these woods is that you need 19 stamina to use them.

LvL 57 —– These woods are not particularly good. They are pretty short in comparison to the woods listed above, and you need 63 power to use them.

LvL 51 —– These woods are a good step up from the antique woods. They go roughly 12 yards longer, which makes a big difference on some cad and abel holes.

Antique —– These woods are very good until you get to lvl 51. They are almost 15 yrds longer then the peacock woods, and are very easy to control.

Peacock —– These are a good step up from the default clubs, but they do not compare well w/ the antiques. You should only use these if you cant get your hands on the antiques / tempests / tornados.

*Note: I would not buy any woods from Salvador other then the 51, 57, or 59 clubs. As I said earlier you are better off saving your money to buy better clubs. One exception maybe the Sirene Buff woods. The sirene buff compare well to the peacocks, except you need 12 stamina to use them.


This is a hard category because this is based mainly on personal preference. I will give my order

Tempest —– It would be hard to argue that these are not the best. They are the longest wedges, the swing bar is verrrrrry slow on all 3 wedges making them very accurate. Most importantly, the SW meter is slow in the sand.

Peacock —– Many high lvls still use this set of wedges because they get used to them and have been using them for many many lvls. The SW in this set also has a slow bar which is a must for Rufus.

Werdandi —– I have not tried these personally, but I hear they are good. All 3 wedges have a slow bar, and the SW is slow in the sand.

Urd —– These are about the same as peacock, but less durability, and slightly shorter distance. Plus I think they are very ugly looking!

Elgenubis —– these are the first clubs you should buy from Salvador. The SW has a slow bar in the sand which is great because you will be getting ready to begin your rufus adventures.

People also use the 59, 57, 51, tornado wedges, and even some others. The problem w/ these sets the the SW meter is not slow in the sand which makes it very tough on rufus.


This is also a tough category because this is truly personal preference.

Werdandi —– This is the putter I am currently using. It has the same distance as any semi or amateur putter, but the swing meter is very slow which makes it easy to hit where you want.

Tempest —– This putter is also nice, but I think it is very bulky looking. It has the same distance and bar speed as werdandi. If you use the repairable version it will cost you 20000 NG per putt which is ridiculous.

Urd —– This putter is same as werdandi except that it is a beginner putter which means you cant putt as far. If you are using a lvl 21 or higher putter I would not recommend switching to this one, but if you are still using beginner putter then I would give it a go.

Beginner —– The major pro of this putter is that it does not shank from the dreaded green edge. The major con is that it putts about 10 yrds shorter than the amateur or semi putters.

Jade —– I think these putters look nice, and the major pro w/ them is that repair cost is totally free. There are 3 versions of these putters, a beginner one, amateur one, and semi pro one. I can not tell any difference between amateur and semi one.

LvL 44 Aludra —– I like this putter as well because when you are off the green, the putt meter is slow (exactly how it is on the green). With all the other putters, if you try to putt from the FW and such, your meter will fly.

Basically you can use any putter you like just depends what you get used to, and what looks the best to you.

Hope this guide helps, and happy golfing


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