RAN Online Brawler Hybrid Dex Pow Vit Guide

RAN Online Brawler Hybrid Dex Pow Vit Guide by Dusty

Level 157 Dex Pow Vit brawler
2 alloy rings(lvl 120 +7 pow) 2 jade rings (lvl 120 +7 dex)/Qiling (elec+, fire+, ice+poison+)(+5dex, +5 accuracy, +7attack), Heavy Iron Gauntlets (Lightning, Blaze, Glacier, Venom)(+5 pow, +5 accuracy, +7attack),any brawler’s enhanced set below level 121 (with +20 dexterity whole set) prepare obli potion and scrolls for pow and etc. tab.
– use obli potion (make sure you have 208 available skill points or more)
– equip 2 alloy rings and Heavy Iron Gauntlets with +5 pow then pump your pow stat to 225.
– learn all pow skills indicated below
– equip 2 jade rings, enhanced set and Qiling with +5 dex then pump your dex stat to * 423 @ Level 157, 429 @ Level 173.
– learn all dex skills indicated below
– rest of the stat points will go to vitality, including level stats (level 158 onwards)

* Enough to use Xuan Wu Gauntlets with elem.. I personally don’t recommend White Tiger Gaunts. My recommendation would be.. use Tough Gauntlets (RARE with +30HP 290 dex requirement), and have it upgraded to +9 and +20rv.. or if it costs too much, just upgrade it manually to +7.. If you want to use elemental weapons for duels.. Go with Qiling(Low Dex requirement) Ice+ or Elec+ and Xuan Wu(Additional Attack) Ice or Elec.. And if you’re willing to spend some cash.. Use Premium 30 day weapon(Lite White Tiger Gaunts, 406 Dex requirement)

Pow Tab
Sidekick(skill point/s required 1)
Level 4
Skill points used 4

Spinning Kick(skill point/s required 3)(Level 4 Sidekick)
Level 2
Skill points used 4

Concentration(skill point/s required 5)(Level 2 Spinning Kick)
Level 5
Skill points used 9

Power Kick(skill point/s required 9)(225 Pow requirement)
Skill points used 17

Dex Tab
Heavy Punch(skill point/s required 1)
Level 4
Skill points used 4

Weapon Mastery(skill point/s required 1)
Skill points used 9

Tokkan Punch(skill point/s required 3)(Level 4 Heavy Punch)
Level 4
Skill points used 6

Mirage Punch(skill point/s required 5)(Level 4 Tokkan Punch)
Level 4
Skill points used 8

Evasive Dance(skill point/s required 8)(Level 4 Mirage Punch)
Skill points used 16

Critical Punch(skill point/s required 9)(Level 2 Mirage Punch)
Level 2
Skill points used 10

Shintendouchi(skill point/s required 11)(Level 2 Critical Punch)
Level 3
Skill points used 13

Deadly Seven(skill point/s required 12)(Level 3 Shintendouchi)
Master or Level 1
Skill points used 20 or 12

Dance of the Warrior(skill point/s required 14)(Level 2 Shintendouchi)
Level 3
Skill points used 16

Taichi(skill point/s required 15)(Level 2 Critical Punch)
Level 6, Master @ Level 163
Skill points used 20

Taishi Wave(skill point/s required 15)(Level 3 Dance of the Warrior)
Level 1 @ Level 157, Master @ Level 173
Skill points used 15 or 23(When mastered)

Etc. Tab
Fist Mastery(skill point/s required 1)
Skill points used 9

Evasion(skill point/s required 6)
Skill points used 14

Titan’s Will(skill point/s required 0)
Level 7 @ 150+, Level 8 @ 170, Master @ Level 190

Sonic Craze(skill point/s required 1)
Level 1 @ 160, Level 2 @ 170, Level 3 @ 180, Master @ Level 190
Skill points used 1

Titan Force(skill point/s required 0)
Level 1 @ Level 191, Master @ Level 199

****** UPON REACHING LEVEL 173-175
Learn the following skills: (2 types)
1. Duel TYPE (3 skills can be learned when you reach Level 175)

Chain Kick(skill point/s required 5)(Level 2 Spinning Kick)
Level 2
Skill points used 6

Sonic Slash(skill point/s required 7)(Level 2 Chain Kick)
Level 2
Skill points used 8

Agility Boost(Skill point/s required 9)(Level 2 Sonic Slash)
Level 1 or up to Level 4 depending on your skill points available
Skill points used 9 or 13

Force Punch(Skill point/s required 13)(Level 2 Shintendouchi)
Skill points used 21

Total Skill Points used @ Level 157 = 194
Total Skill Points used @ Level 173-175 = 216-226

– Dynamic Set with Energy Value
– Platinum Earrings, Mystic Rings, Bandana, Beidas Rings, and Headgear with + evasion(for ep items), +4 vanish rings, +6 space rings and beidas necklace(Rare) for non ep items
– Qiling Ice+/Elec+, Tough Gauntlets(Rare with +30hp), Xuan Wu gauntlets Ice/Elec

** I would recommend you to use EP items with HP-MP-SP recovery in order for you to use POWER KICK FREELY, or if it costs too much. Try using your pet skill (HP-MP-SP recovery) then use +6 space rings for level modes.
***Use EP items such as Platinum Earrings/Mystic Rings/Baseball Caps, etc. for PK and CW mode..

Excellent Lurer
Low “Pots” usage(if you’re using EP items with HP-SP-MP recovery or if you’re not using POWER KICK)
High % cancel skills
Great in duels

Low HP
Expensive in terms of EP items usage (If POWER KICK is used frequently)

This thread is open to all constructive criticisms, suggestions and comments. Thanks. I hope this guide will be a great help to all.

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