Pocket Legends Weapon Proc Guide

Pocket Legends Weapon Proc Guide by BeardedBear

What is a proc you say? Certain weapons in the game cause an effect (proc). These procs happen randomly when attacking your opponent with your weapon.

BleedCauses loss of hp regen
Stilleto (-4 h/s and stacks)
Brain-o-nator (-4 h/s and stacks)

Blinding ShotLowers target’s hit % ratio
Sunblessed Bow of Void
All BS Recurve Bows
Sewer King Scarab

Break ArmorLowers target’s armor
Spear (-15 and stacks 3x)
Trident (-15 and stacks 3x)
Harpoon (-15 and stacks 3x)
Blackmetal Claymore
Shock Lance (-15 armor, does not stack)
Plasma Axe (-1 armor every hit)
Limbchopper (-1 armor every hit)
Force Cutter (-25 armor and stacks)
Void Talon (-3 armor +3 dmg to target, and stacks)
Royal Sewer Battle Hammer (-4, unconfirmed if stacks)

Execute Performs a double attack; triggered by any skill that stun
Vibra Battlesword of Rift
Cyber Sword of Rift
Shadow Hax of Hate

FireFire element attack, causes additional/continual damage and/or AOE* damage
All fire themed staffs
Flaming Crossbow
Fiery Moon Axes
Gem Shard Wand
Gem Blast Staff (w/ AOE)
Keeper Staff (w/ AOE)

FreezeIce element attack, keeps target in place, unable to move, but can still attack
All ice themed weapons
Ice Block Hammer of Ahnold (plat store)
Snowlauncher (Chrismas holiday item)
Candycane Staff (Christmas holiday item)
Sunkiller Staff (w/ AOE)
Royal Sewer Battle Hammer

NightmareLowers target’s armor
Dark Staffs
Gemstone Wand

WeaknessLowers target’s damage and hit%
Dark Wands
Dark Staffs
Dark Block Hammer of the Bear (plat store)
Dark Blades (plat store)
Rose Wand (Valentine holiday item)
Gemstone Wand

StunStuns target, unable to move or attack
All Hammers
All 2h Swords

*AOE or area of effect does damage to and around the targeted enemy.

Feel free to add, as it will be beneficial for everyone!

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