PlanetSide Tower Dropping Guide

PlanetSide Tower Dropping Guide by Mohawk

* I’ve never written a guide before so if you think iv missed anything feel free to add you comments *

The Drop

Alot of people do this wrong, well not wrong.. but there is a better way of dropping

as you go over the tower, sharply turn in one direction and upwards

you plane should ben in this sort of position

If done correctly then after bailing you character should look like this

*Note there is no blue cusion under the player

If you drop like this then as soon as you land you get no “splash” animation and you ready to fight if needs be

On The Tower

Now you have landed on the tower you need to repair/med youself if injured on the drop

this spot shown below is a great place to do this because you are immune from any enemy fire

once you are fully healed you should scan the roof of the tower for enemies, if it is a hot tower then there will be quite a few so

decided which ones pose the most threat and kill them first

This is also a good time to EMP if you are CR3 and have brought a CUD with you

if however it is not a very hot tower then you may want to wait for a minute or two, the enemies inside

will have heard you drop and will probly be coming u to kill you, if u wait ontop and they come out the doors

you will have the advantage of knowing exactly where they are

standing in this position you have a good view of the top of the tower, but be warned the enemy can also see you

this is also a good position to look for mines, as you can see there is a friendly mine in the corner of the doorway

Entering The Tower

Now, if no enemies come out to get you, you will need to hack the door and get inside

the best way to do this is to get ontop of the door frame, so if the enemy try kill you when they hear the door being hacked

you will be above them and be able to pull out your weapon and kill them

You also should take note of of the side of the tower im entering

if you go in the other door you will be running right into the enemies LOS (Line Of Sight)

Inisde The Tower


good Engineers like to place Boomers in sneaky places, i have highlighted places were boomer can be placed

it is a good idea to throw a jammer through the door before you run in

You are now inside the tower, after going in through the correct door you should be standing in a position like this

WARNING: You will be in a prime position for the enemy to fire plasma at you

i recommend if you see an enemie with a thumper you run as close as you can to him, thus when he fires he also hits himself

Before you go rushing down the tower should should take note that alot of people like to be

sneaky and place boomers on the stairs, to counter this should should bring a jammer nade in you pack

* My Backpack can be seen later on in the thread *

After throwing the jammer, if there is no explosion then its safe to run down

you may also want to throw at jammer at the very bottom of the stairs incase there is an enemy

stood in 3rd person, this will disable his implants and will give you a greater chance of killing him

now you are ready to run down, should run down sticking to the outer wall if using an MCG Range if your friend

If using a Jackhammer you want to be close as you can so run down the near wall

You may now proceed down the tower kill all who stand in you way

My Backpack

Your backpack is very important, if you dont have the right equiptment for the job your gunna get nowere

there is no *set* backpack for tower dropping, each will be different because we all have different preferances

this is mine

Types of Tower

There are 3 types of Tower

Air Tower

Gun Tower

Watch Tower

The Tower in this guide was a Watch tower

Watch Tower

Possibly the most easy to attack, it has no fixed gun positions

Gun Tower

The name says it all, it has 2 guns on oposite ends of the tower

In Addition to the things you need to do when dropping on a watch tower you should check to see

if the guns are active, if they are either wait for them to be detroyed before hacking the door or jammer them

WARNING: Turrets dont jam for long and if you arnt quick enough in hacking the door then u will be killed 

from this position you can see if a turret is active or not

Air Towers

The hardest tower to attack

unlike Gun or Watch towers were the enemy cant get you if you are at the very top (unless in agile)

they have full acess to the roof via stairs, you should also be aware of enemy aircraft coming for repairs

Air Towers arnt all bad though, there are a few positions on air towers which are very useful

the one below is great for repairing and healing as you have a full view of the tower and anybody coming up the stairs

This is also a good position to jump out from onto an enemy but be warned if they come behind you you are exposed

Well thats about all you need to know about Tower Dropping

Remember this is just a guide to the basics, as u drop more and more you will develop you own way of doing things

thanks for reading


BR23 CR5


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